Monster Paradise
1500 Xiu Mu, or Xie Lin?
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1500 Xiu Mu, or Xie Lin?

Since Lin Huang's opponent did not have much reason left, this meant that his opponent's battle style would probably lean more toward instinct rather than intelligence. If that were the case, the simplest counter would be to make use of the other party's lack of intellect to defeat it.

This was the tactic that Lin Huang was utilizing.

The aberrant species would repeatedly dodge Lin Huang's attacks time and time again out of instinct. However, after each evasion, its fury also rose higher and higher.

Outside the secret territory, the spectators watching the monitor screen all felt that Lin Huang was walking a tightrope.

This was because sooner or later, Bright Cosmos would abandon evasion and break through Lin Huang's defenses full force.

However, there were a few people who managed to catch an inkling of what was going on.

After being forced backward seven times by the telekinetic flying daggers, Bright Cosmos—who had very little remaining reason—finally reached a point beyond rage.

The killing intent radiating from its entire body had already reached its peak.

It pounced again—this time, it moved much faster than any of the previous times. 

Lin Huang's expression remained calm as if he were completely unfazed by his opponent's monstrous killing intent, which was practically tangible.

The next instant, the aberrant species charged toward Lin Huang.

The Heavenly God spectators gasped in astonishment at its invincible demeanor.

Lin Huang's expression remained calm, just like before. With another flick of his sleeve cuffs, hundreds of blood-red gleams shot out again.

However, this time, the aberrant species did not dodge at all and continued charging toward Lin Huang.

Lin Huang's lips curled upwards imperceptibly. An instant later, tens of thousands of red lightning bolts poured forth from his cuffs at terrifying speed. Each lightning bolt was imbued with lightning sequence power; they were so fast that Bright Cosmos had no time to react at all.

In the void, the figure of the aberrant species was completely engulfed by the blood-red lightning bolts, and it let out a howl that was dismal beyond measure.

The howling lasted for less than three seconds before abruptly ceasing.

Outside the secret territory, the Heavenly Gods stared wide-eyed at the monitor screen, the entire place falling so silent one could hear a pin drop.

After a long while, someone finally turned to Buried Heaven to ask a question.

"Senior Buried Heaven, where did you find this bad*ss, who's actually managed to condense god sequence chains at true god-level?!"

Buried Heaven remained expressionless and did not answer, merely glancing at the Heavenly God who had posed the question. However, inwardly he muttered, 'I had absolutely no idea that this lad had already condensed god sequence chains either…'

Seeing that someone had broken the silence, everyone started discussing once more.

"Turns out this Xiu Mu fellow was intentionally provoking Bright Cosmos right from the start. He was waiting for the moment it completely abandoned evasion to deal the fatal blow!"

 "He played this hand beautifully! Given Bright Cosmos' speed, if this attack had been carried out right off the bat, it would've been nowhere near as effective—in fact, a good half of it would have come to nothing. I have to say, he truly chose the most suitable moment to execute a perfect blow!"

"I suddenly feel that if I were Bright Cosmos, I might also have been ground down by Xiu Mu's IQ. Being forced to retreat repeatedly seven times—if it were me, I wouldn't be able to stand it either…"

As soon as this was said, many Heavenly Gods began to reflect on whether or not they themselves would have been fooled by Xiu Mu's tactic.

The result was that most of them realized they would have fallen for it as well.

Lin Huang was unaware that his strategy had stirred up so much reflection from the Heavenly God team leaders.

After putting away both telekinetic flying daggers and Bright Cosmos' corpse into his space storage, he began heading toward his next target while checking his gains from this battle.

In his inner world, a wave of new sequence power surged in, followed by a massive number of Rule Bending Powers along with sequence powers. The original forty-odd thousand rules instantly skyrocketed to more than fifty thousand.

In addition to this, an unusual wave of energy surged into the world will, strengthening the gravel world's world will within Lin Huang and starting a new round of expansion of his inner world's territory.

The strength of the Divine Fire within him also increased.

However, Lin Huang could clearly feel that he was still far from breaking through to second-rank true god-level.

'I don't know how many Heavenly Gods I need to hunt for my combat level to undergo another breakthrough.'

Lin Huang himself was not very sure what the specifics of his advancement process were.

However, killing Heavenly Gods made him stronger, which meant that hunting Heavenly Gods was the correct thing to do. As long as he continued hunting, his combat level would achieve a breakthrough sooner or later.

With this thought in mind, Lin Huang continued hurrying toward his second hunting target.

Outside the secret territory, the wager was over. One by one, the dealer transferred the god sequence relics into Buried Heaven's storage ring, his expression sour.

The remaining Heavenly Gods who had lost the bet also wore unpleasant expressions.

This was especially true of the leaders of the several grade-7 organizations. They had originally thought that since the several geniuses in their organizations possessed the ability to kill Heavenly Gods, those geniuses would put up a splendid display during this prisoner hunt. Even if they only killed one or two Heavenly Gods throughout the entire trial, it would still be enough to impress everyone.

Nobody had expected that Lin Huang would manage to achieve a fatal blow on the first day itself.

Not only had he managed to occupy first place on the Hunter's Gold Leaderboard as soon as he had joined the trial, but he had also even managed to kill a heavenly god-level prisoner less than two hours after the start of the hunt. From an unknown dark horse, he had become the main focus of the entire trial!

Lin Huang's every move had become the focus of attention of many Heavenly Gods from the outside world. Not many of them were even paying attention to the other trial participants at all.

Inside the secret territory, although no one could see the monitor screen, the changes on the leaderboard were immediate.

Once a kill was completed, the kill points on the leaderboard would reflect that practically the next instant.

The second after Lin Huang had completed killing Bright Cosmos, his kill points on the Gold Leaderboard shot straight up to 100 points.

He had already been occupying the top spot on the Gold Leaderboard all this while. This sudden surge in points was instantly noticed by all the trial participants.

Everyone knew what a sudden increase of 100 kill points meant.

An increase in points like this only happened for a kill of a higher level.

For the kill points of this fellow named Xiu Mu to suddenly surge by 100 points, there was only one possibility—at his current true god-level, he had successfully killed a first-rank Heavenly God.

When the trial participants saw the changes in Lin Huang's points, practically all of them were stunned.

Even the few who had originally not taken a dark horse like Lin Huang seriously at all narrowed their eyes.

"In less than two hours, he's already killed a Heavenly God?! Who would have thought that apart from Virtuoso, another bad*ss character like that would emerge from Death Sickle!"

"Looks like I underestimated this newcomer previously. I thought that given his rate of killing ten ninth-rank True Gods in an hour, I would easily overtake him as long as I killed Heavenly Gods. I never expected that this newcomer would have the ability to kill Heavenly Gods as well!"

Virtuoso stared at the first name on the Gold Leaderboard for a long time, then suddenly muttered to themselves, "Sure enough, you haven't disappointed me… Should I call you Xiu Mu then, or Xie Lin?"


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