Monster Paradise
1499 Uglier Than Expected…
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1499 Uglier Than Expected…

In the void, Lin Huang was able to see his first heavenly god-level hunting target from afar.

"It's even uglier than I expected…"

Earlier on, he had read about Bright Cosmos' appearance in many True Gods' memory images. However, when he actually saw Bright Cosmos in person, he could not help but lament out loud.

He did not know if this additional hideousness was because the aberrations of Bright Cosmos' physical body had gotten worse or because of some other reason. 

Lin Huang could clearly see that the exposed areas of its body were covered with mucus-filled pustules of various sizes. Its head was so swollen that it gave the impression it might explode at any moment.

From head to toe, there was not even a shadow of its original angel form.

If Lin Huang had not obtained information about Bright Cosmos from reading numerous True Gods' memories, he would have even suspected that this aberrant species before him was an abyssal monster from birth.

Even the Holy spear in its right hand had completely turned inky-black after being contaminated by Abyssal energy, to where it had even formed some special sort of integration with its aberrant body. 

To a certain degree, Bright Cosmos was no longer an angel. It had even abandoned part of its living characteristics and become a fusion of living and dead matter.

Lin Huang also noticed the abnormality of its aura but did not probe further into this aspect.

He had seen many Heavenly Gods but had never fought against them before.

This aberrant species before him was his first Heavenly God opponent.

Therefore, Lin Huang was very much on his guard.

This was the first time he had been so serious since entering this encaged space.

Outside the secret territory, the eyes of almost every Heavenly God there were glued to the monitor screen showing where Lin Huang was. At this moment, all the other trial participants had completely lost the attention of the Heavenly God spectators outside the arena.

In the video projection, after the two of them met, there was not even so much as an opening remark before the battle kicked off right away.

The one who attacked first was Bright Cosmos, who did not have much sanity left.

In its current state, it had already utterly lost the ability to distinguish between friend and foe. Without hesitation, it would attack any living being that encroached upon its territory, and of course, Lin Huang was no exception.

On its back, dozens of bat wings suddenly fluttered. The next instant, its figure vanished, leaving behind a swirling wind in its place, which spread out in all directions like water ripples.

"It's fast!" Someone among the Heavenly Gods watching the battle suddenly exclaimed.

Although Bright Cosmos was only a first-rank Heavenly God, the speed it currently displayed was practically the same as that of a third-rank. 

The moment Bright Cosmos displayed its astonishing speed, there were even many Heavenly Gods watching the battle who thought that Xiu Mu would be the one killed this time. 

However, this did not happen.

Lin Huang had been prepared for the sudden attack by Bright Cosmos. He had anticipated that his opponent would most likely make the first move right away.

The moment Bright Cosmos moved, so did he.

He shook the cuffs of his sleeves slightly, and hundreds of lightning-like red gleams shot out at a speed that was in no way inferior to that of Bright Cosmos.

When the Heavenly Gods watching the battle in front of the monitor saw this happening, many could not help but gasp. 

"Xiu Mu's flying daggers are really that fast?! Their speed has entirely surpassed true god-level—they're as fast Bright Cosmos' movements!"

"Each flying dagger has been compounded with hundreds of types of control-level Rule Bending Power! He's actually mastered these many rules at control-level?!"

"The power of his flying daggers has elevated by more than one level since the last round. Even at this level of power, the control of his telekinesis over the flying daggers is still accurate to such an extent. His Divine Telekinesis has probably reached heavenly god-level!"

Seeing Lin Huang in action, most of the Heavenly Gods were fulsome in their praises.

This was because there were truly not many Heavenly Gods who could do what Lin Huang just did.

However, there were a few Heavenly Gods who still did not look favorably upon the outcome of Lin Huang's battle.

"At his current level of ability, he might still stand a chance against ordinary first-rank Heavenly Gods. However, that said, his current opponent is Bright Cosmos who can restrain him. At least for the present, I still don't see any chance of him winning."

"He's compounded the telekinetic flying daggers with so many levels of Rule Bending Power. Every boost will have massively depleted his Divine Power. Moreover, he's also controlling hundreds of these flying daggers at the same time, which will consume even more of his Divine Power. How much longer his Divine Power can last is an issue, not to mention whether or not an attack of this strength will be able to injure Bright Cosmos."

On the monitor screen, Lin Huang's hundreds of flying daggers formed a large net in the void, heading straight for Bright Cosmos to envelop it.

In the void, Bright Cosmos' figure flickered successively, dodging all the blood-red lightning bolts and continuing to approach Lin Huang.

Hundreds of lightning-like red gleams shot out from Lin Huang's cuffs again, forcing Bright Cosmos back a certain distance.

However, after dodging the attack from the second wave of flying daggers, Bright Cosmos spun around and headed toward Lin Huang again.

The aura around his entire being was less stable than before, evidently due to the negative emotions produced by being forced backward. 

However, Lin Huang was completely unfazed. After Bright Cosmos approached again, he shook his sleeve cuffs once more, and hundreds of blood-red lightning bolts shot out.

Bright Cosmos dodged yet again, evading the incoming attack of the flying daggers.

After three successive waves of passive response, many Heavenly Gods outside the secret territory frowned.

"Is he so passive already? It looks like he's being restrained in terms of speed."

"Continuing like this is a very bad thing. Xiu Mu can't keep attacking this way indefinitely. What's more, Bright Cosmos' negative emotions will increase as it keeps getting forced back. Sooner or later, it will forcefully charge over regardless of the attacks by the telekinetic flying daggers. Judging from the current power of Xiu Mu's daggers, the most they can inflict on Bright Cosmos in terms of damage is a bit of bruising."

The team leader from God Capital also could not help turning to Buried Heaven. "Senior Buried Heaven, do you want him to withdraw and choose another target?"

Buried Heaven's gaze was fixed on the monitor screen, his expression unreadable. When he heard the question from God Capital's team leader, he shook his head. "I believe he knows what he's doing."

On the monitor screen, Lin Huang had already used the same method to force Bright Cosmos to retreat more than a dozen times.

It looked as if he did not have any other way of dealing with his opponent's attack, but strangely enough, his expression revealed not a single trace of panic. In fact, he still looked rather calm.

Watching Bright Cosmos charge over, dodge, then retreat time and time again, its fury rising after each encounter, Lin Huang remained extremely calm.

Faced with a heavenly god-level powerhouse as his opponent, from the very start, he had not intended to kill his opponent so quickly.

Even though he currently could do so if he were to go all out, he was not planning on revealing his trump cards while he was being monitored.

As a matter of fact, earlier, when he had chosen Bright Cosmos as his hunting target, his mind had instantly formulated a hunting strategy for Bright Cosmos.

Now, everything was turning out exactly the way he had anticipated…


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