Monster Paradise
1498 Aberrant Species—Bright Cosmos
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1498 Aberrant Species—Bright Cosmos

The border area of the secret territory was generally very clearly delineated.

This was actually a buffer zone purposely set up by God Capital to prevent hunting trial participants from accidentally entering an area that was beyond their cultivation level.

Under normal circumstances, if hunters were to set foot in an area where prisoners were extremely scarce, they would soon realize that they might have already crossed into the border area.

Of course, following the setting up of this border area, prisoners also rapidly learned to make use of it. Some injured prisoners would hide here to nurse their wounds. In order to avoid excessive internal friction between the prisoners, God Capital tacitly condoned this type of behavior. However, after recovering from their injuries, prisoners had to leave this area.

As time went by, the border area turned into a gathering place for the disadvantaged, such as the elderly and the frail. The prisoners here were less likely to provoke hunters of their own accord.

Amongst the hunters, there was usually a tacit agreement not to spontaneously attack prisoners in the border area either.

After all, everything they did would be seen on the outside. It would be too unbecoming to target the disadvantaged.

Furthermore, the individuals who participated in the secret territory hunts were the pride of the various major organizations. They would not stoop to something as low as that, not just because of their organization's reputation, but for their own sakes as well.

Bullying the disadvantaged was something that would make them a mockery for ages if word got out.

Of course, Lin Huang knew the unspoken rules here. From the moment he set foot into the border area, his Divine Telekinesis had sensed the presence of scattered prisoners within its probing range, but he chose to bypass them.

He was not doing so for the sake of his reputation, but simply because he felt that it was meaningless to bully the disadvantaged.

One by one, many prisoners in the border area sensed Lin Huang's presence. Of course, they knew that individuals who passed through this area were too dangerous to provoke. All of them hid their own auras and minimized their presence to avoid being noticed by the other party.

Although the chances of the other party attacking were not high, they might encounter a hothead who would do anything to hunt and accumulate points, even hunting in the border area.

Once they sensed Lin Huang's aura leaving the area they were in, the prisoners who were recovering from their wounds were finally able to heave a huge sigh of relief.

Following the memory information scoured from the minds of many True God prisoners, Lin Huang spent more than ten minutes passing through the border area before finally entering the Heavenly God domain of the secret territory. 

Once he set foot in the Heavenly God domain, he immediately extended the probing range of his Divine Telekinesis to its maximum and scanned his surroundings, his mind quickly discerning his exact location currently based on the terrain in front of him.

'I didn't stray from the location I anticipated. Around two hundred kilometers ahead from here, I should encounter that bat monster.'

After ensuring that there were no issues with his coordinates, Lin Huang's figure immediately rose into the air and sped toward his first heavenly god-level target.

The first hunting target that he had locked in on was an aberrant species prisoner with bat-like wings.

This prisoner was originally an angel. After being corrupted by Abyssal energy, its body underwent severe deformation. Its former snowy-white wings shed their feathers, turning into ugly bat wings that were covered in warts. Even its appearance changed from one that angels took pride in, turning into an ugly aberration covered in festering pustules, to the point that its skull bone structure had become deformed as well.

Even more twisted was its soul, which had almost completely been corrupted by Abyssal energy. If one were to check using Law Bending Powers of the soul probing-type, they would see that its life essence was no longer that of an angel, but an abyssal monster through and through.

Although it retained a certain degree of its original consciousness, its current consciousness was occupied by madness and hysteria most of the time.

It had even attacked angels of its own tribe more than once and infected others with the Abyssal energy within its body.

Most of the heavenly god-level prisoners in the secret prisoner territory would not attack hunters of their own volition, but there were some prisoners similar to this aberrant species who had already lost their fundamental sanity and would attack any living being close to them.

This was also why God Capital wanted to make a clear division between the Heavenly God and True God domains, to prevent trial participants from entering by mistake.

Outside the secret territory, once the numerous Heavenly Gods saw Lin Huang's flight path, they soon knew what his hunting target was.

The expressions of more than a few Heavenly Gods turned rather peculiar.

Even Buried Heaven could not help but frown slightly.

"Senior Buried Heaven, do you want to suggest that he change to another hunting target?" The Heavenly God team leader of God Capital noticed Buried Heaven's barely perceptible reaction and could not help asking.

For hunters who were hunting Heavenly Gods, God Capital gave every organization the authority to issue a one-time notification to trial participants via special equipment, notifying them of information or suggestions.

However, in actual fact, there were not many who used this authority. 

It was usually when trial participants chose unsuitable opponents that their team leaders would suggest that they change their targets.

Buried Heaven deliberated for a moment but shook his head in the end. "It's not necessary; he should know what he's doing."

He had also noticed that Lin Huang had read through the memory information of many True God prisoners, and there must have been information regarding this Heavenly God prisoner. Since Lin Huang was heading straight for the other party, this meant that he had to be quite sure of himself.

Buried Heaven's refusal was something that everyone had not really anticipated.

This was because no matter how one looked at it, the battle was not in Lin Huang's favor.

This aberrant species was once an angel. It was definitely proficient in rapid speed rules and sequences. Those whose path was rapid speed were extremely good at restraining psychics. 

On the other hand, this aberrant species had little sanity left and could erupt into madness at any given time. It was highly likely that its abilities would show an abnormal increase, per its abnormal mental state. Therefore, it posed a far greater danger than ordinary Heavenly God prisoners.

Everyone was hotly discussing this battle that Lin Huang was about to initiate. Most of them were not optimistic about him, even though they had been repeatedly defeated by Lin Huang previously.

Right at this moment, another nosy Heavenly God jumped up.

"Since everyone's having such a heated debate, let me start a wager. For this round, we'll bet on whether Xiu Mu wins or loses…

"Those who want to bet on Xiu Mu winning, place the items you want to wager in the storage ring on my left hand. Those who want to bet on Bright Cosmos winning, your items go into the storage ring on my right hand…"

A new round of betting started again.

Everyone placed their wagers into the storage rings one after another, but more than 90% of them chose the right-hand storage ring. There were only two people who placed their bets on Lin Huang in the left-hand ring, and each of them only put in a beginner-stage god sequence relic.

Once everyone had more or less cast their bets, Buried Heaven glanced at the crowd of people who were looking at him and once again took out his storage ring from earlier.

This storage ring not only included the ten high-level god sequence relics he had bet on in the previous round, but all the items he had won from that round as well.

Upon seeing Buried Heaven place such a large bet, everyone could not help raising their brows.

Those who had already placed their bets instantly felt slightly uneasy.

There were several others who had not yet placed their bets; they immediately followed Buried Heaven in betting on Lin Huang. However, they did not dare to place a big bet and only threw in one or two beginner-stage god sequence relics.

The round of betting had just been closed when the monitor screen showed that Lin Huang had already entered the aberrant species' territory…


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