Monster Paradise
1496 The First Person to Earn Hunting Points
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1496 The First Person to Earn Hunting Points

Seeing the dramatic changes in his opponent's body, Lin Huang did not immediately make a move but patiently waited for the other's transformation to be completed.

Various thoughts rushed through the minds of the Heavenly Gods who were staring at the surveillance video.

If it were not for Buried Heaven wagering ten high-level god sequence relics during the betting, they might have all thought that this newcomer from Death Sickle had been frozen in shock by the scene before him, and had forgotten to seize the opportunity to either attack or escape.

However, most of them did not think that way now. They felt that this fellow named Xiu Mu was deliberately waiting for his opponent to complete his transformation so that he could exhibit his power by defeating a perfect enemy.

While it was true that Lin Huang was deliberately waiting for the other's transformation to be complete, it was definitely not because he wanted to display his strength in front of all the Heavenly Gods. In fact, he did not actually want his every move to be monitored, so that he could unleash his full ability.

He was deliberately waiting for his opponent to finish transforming, only because he felt that the other was too weak before it, which really failed to pique much of his interest. After the transformation, at least the other's defensive powers would be stronger, so Lin Huang would need to utilize his brain a little to estimate how many layers of rule power he should compound onto his telekinetic flying daggers.

"If I remember, in the information submitted by this little brat named Xiu Mu, it stated that he was a psychic. Against a combat cultivator such as Ba Lin, he'll definitely find himself restricted." Standing in front of the surveillance video, the Heavenly God team leader of God Capital suddenly laughed. "I'm guessing this fight will be very difficult for Xiu Mu."

"Yes, psychics are restricted to a certain extent in the secret prisoner territory. Taking into consideration Ba Lin's strong defenses, it's really hard to tell who will win or lose in this fight..." another Heavenly God responded.

Both of them had put their bets on Ba Lin as the winner.

Buried Heaven was silent, not bothering to say anything to this group of people.

He knew that Lin Huang would definitely give him a pleasant surprise.

In the secret prisoner territory, Ba Lin's aura had rapidly reached its peak after completing his transformation.

He had extreme confidence in himself currently. He was born with extremely strong defensive capabilities—his body was comparable to top-tier rule armor—in addition to the compounded effects of more than ten Control-level defense-type rules and Elemental Enlightenments. He was confident that as long as he did not encounter a top-tier true god-level powerhouse, he would be invincible. Even the vast majority of True Gods were unable to break his defenses.

Looking at Lin Huang, who was waiting nearby for him to complete his transformation, Ba Lin's face twisted into a smirk.

"What an arrogant fellow!"

The next moment, he suddenly exerted force with both legs at the same time that his blackish-purple bone tail flicked toward the ground.

A huge crater instantly formed on the spot where he had been standing, and his figure vanished completely.

In a flash, he appeared right above Lin Huang as if he had teleported.

Evidently, his speed and flexibility had not diminished in the slightest, even after his physique had expanded. On the contrary, he had become even stronger than before.

Appearing in front of Lin Huang in the mere blink of an eye, Ba Lin drew back his lips in a grin, his killing intent surging. He raised his huge palm high and brought it down toward Lin Huang as if he were swatting a fly.

At this moment, however, the hitherto-stationary Lin Huang suddenly moved.

His actions were so minuscule that it had seemed like he had only shaken his sleeve slightly.

Almost simultaneously, a blood-red gleam shot out at a terrifying speed, resembling a ray of lightning as thin as a strand of hair flashing in the air.

The red gleam was so faint that it was barely perceptible, but the group of Heavenly Gods watching from the outer perimeters of the secret territory were all taken aback.

"That was so fast!"

"The attack speed of this telekinetic flying dagger is probably comparable to that of a heavenly god-level psychic!"

"Ba Lin's been killed…"

As soon as someone within the group of Heavenly Gods said that, on the surveillance video, Ba Lin's movements suddenly stopped, as if his image had completely frozen.

A second later, a gush of blackish-purple blood spurted out from his solar plexus, and a hole the diameter of a bucket appeared in that area. The hole had pierced through his chest and completely wiped out his life force.

"Seems like I used a bit too much power..." Lin Huang muttered in a low voice, then extended his telekinetic threads to twine them around Ba Lin's dead body.

Lin Huang's figure slowly floated over and stopped in front of Ba Lin's head. His pupils turned a dark blue like that of a starry sky.

The Control-level god rule "Brain-read" immediately went to work. 

Outside the secret territory, a group of Heavenly Gods was discussing the recent fight.

"Xiu Mu's attack just now was enhanced with more than twenty types of Rule Bending Power. Not only was it able to break through Ba Lin's defense so easily, but it was even able to kill him within seconds?!"

"Yes, it stands to reason that an attack like this that's been boosted with more than twenty Control-level rules would certainly be able to break through Ba Lin's defense, but it shouldn't have been able to kill him instantly."

"You're both not wrong about the number of rules or about them being at Control-level. However, that's not the issue—it's that telekinetic flying dagger." At this moment, a Heavenly God spoke up and reminded them, "If I'm not mistaken, that telekinetic flying dagger is a god sequence relic."

The conversation suddenly flagged, but more enthusiastic discussions followed soon after.

Inside the secret territory, Lin Huang's instant killing of Ba Lin made him the first hunter to earn hunting points.

On the Hunter's Gold Leaderboard, the name "Xiu Mu" directly appeared at the top of the list. Although he had merely accrued 1 point, his was still the only name on the list.

Currently, there was no name on the Hunter's Silver Leaderboard for Virtual Gods, which was below the Gold Leaderboard.

The whole process of entering the secret territory, locking onto his target, and killing it had actually taken Lin Huang less than ten seconds.

In such a short time, most hunters had not even located hunting targets yet, let alone killed them.

Therefore, the fact that Lin Huang had successfully carried out a hunt so quickly immediately attracted the attention of many hunters within the secret territory.

"So fast?! That kill was completed in less than ten seconds after entering?! What good luck that fellow has, running into a hunting target right off the bat!"

"The kill was carried out extremely quickly, and the fact that no accidents occurred means that the opponent was immediately eliminated. If he can kill off a fellow ninth-rank, this fellow called Xiu Mu is definitely no weakling!"

"Xiu Mu, I've never heard of this name before. Which organization is this newcomer from?!"


Lin Huang was not aware of the commotion that he had caused. After killing Ba Lin, he had immediately read through the memories in the other's mind.

Although he had obtained quite a lot of information about the secret territory from Buried Heaven, the secret territory was quite vast. The range of Lin Huang's Divine Telekinesis had been severely restricted from the moment he was teleported in, so he had no idea where he was or what the situation around him was like.

After spending a few minutes reading through Ba Lin's memories, Lin Huang quickly figured out his current coordinates as well as which direction he should head for next.

"Before meeting Kylie and Bloody, I have to hunt down some Heavenly Gods and obtain a grade-5 Advance Card..."

The purpose of his trip here was very clear. Participation in the hunt came second; the most important thing was to meet up with Kylie so he could use the grade-5 Advance Card to help her complete her advancement to pure spirit-level rank-6. This was also the single most reliable way to help Kylie get out of her current situation.


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