Monster Paradise
1492 Whenever He Had An Idle Moment, He Would Snack On Something
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1492 Whenever He Had An Idle Moment, He Would Snack On Something

After advancing to Sword Dao heavenly rule-level, Lin Huang used four days' worth of time to learn a further one hundred and twenty thousand supreme god-level sword skills. Next, he spent another day fully mastering and consolidating all the sword skill inheritances below supreme god-level that he had obtained.

Only then did he start shifting his focus toward a Holy sword skill in Great Heaven's inheritance memory…

Twenty-two days later, the Time Cabin transformed into glimmers of starlight that dissipated, but Lin Huang still sat cross-legged in the same spot, continuing to derive that specific Holy sword skill…

For the next twenty days or so, he remained seated in this position on the floor of the Great Heaven Palace and did not move an inch, as if he had turned into a stone sculpture.

He did not use a Time Cabin Card any further—instead, he continued deriving at the normal speed of time.

It was not until three days before the opening of the secret territory that Lin Huang finally opened his eyes.

He exhaled a long breath. "At least I've gotten that seen to before going into the secret territory!"

Li Huang was not referring to the cultivation of his Holy sword skill. He had actually used less than a week to derive and cultivate it successfully.

Since then, he had been reading through thousands of Holy sword skills stored in Great Heaven's inheritance memory. He did not cultivate these sword skills, however—instead, he specifically searched for methods of using Sword Dao heavenly rule that were contained within the skills. Then, he did a round of practice and inference in his mind, which was why he had used up more than half a month on this.

Glancing at the time and noting that there were still three days left before the secret territory opened, Lin Huang then rose immediately and opened the doors to step outside.

"Lord Swordmaster!" Sensing Lin Huang's aura, astonishment flashed through Sword1's eyes. As a powerful sword cultivator, he could clearly feel that Lin Huang's Sword Dao had already broken through to heavenly rule-level.

He was instantly shocked—the swordmaster had only been in closed-door cultivation for over a month, and his abilities had already undergone such terrifying improvement!

Lin Huang paid no attention to Sword1's astonishment and merely greeted him, before teleporting himself straight out of the Great Heaven Territory.

After putting on Thousand Face and a new identity ring, Lin Huang transformed himself into Huang Mu.

At present, he appeared to be around twenty-seven or twenty-eight years old. He now had a beard; he also wore black robes and had long hair, giving off a dispirited vibe.

Wearing a hood gave him a somewhat treacherous air.

His manner was completely different from that of Lin Huang himself, as well as the previous Xie Lin.

He felt sure that no one would be able to make the connection between this identity and Xie Lin.

Prior to entering the secret territory, he did not need to prepare anything.

His weapons, armor, and other equipment were God Weapons that possessed the potential for growth. When he evolved to true god-level, they had automatically transformed to Rank-3 and were comparable to top-notch god sequence relics.

He could use them to fight beginner or intermediate-stage Heavenly Gods; furthermore, the highest combat strength allowed into the secret territory was only ninth-rank true god-level.

However, he still made a trip to the marketplace in Devil Hunter Star Zone to see if he might be able to pick up any treasures there, but his main purpose was to buy some food.

Actually, true god-level powerhouses were able to survive in a vacuum, and for a long time as well. The ones who had mastered Light Rule were even able to rely on reflected light from planets; they did not require direct light from stars. With just this, they could survive till the end of their lives.

Lin Huang had stopped needing food or water a while back, but he still maintained his original eating habits.

Although he could not really be counted as a true gourmet, he could genuinely be considered an epicure.

At present, eating had turned from a necessity into a sort of hobby.

Whenever he had an idle moment, he would snack on something. After all, he would not get fat.

Lin Huang spent one day strolling around Devil Hunter Star Zone. Apart from buying some food, he did not really find anything else of note, so he made a detour directly to the assembly point that Buried Heaven had mentioned—the Undead Shelter.

The Undead Shelter was a grade-6 shelter, which was also the headquarters of a grade-6 organization known as Undead.

Although Undead was one of the more ordinary grade-6 organizations, it had a good relationship with many grade-5, grade-6, and grade-7 organizations. Many major organizations had established their own branches at the Undead Shelter.

Death Sickle also had a branch here, and the Undead branch was one of the three largest branches apart from Death Sickle's headquarters itself.

Besides the dozen or so grade-6 organizations, including Death Sickle, the three major grade-7 organizations—Divine Clapnet, Precious Treasure Pavilion, and the Combat God Temple—had also established branches here.

In addition, the Undead Shelter's extremely prosperous service industry and its excellent customer service had rapidly led to it becoming one of the top grade-6 shelters.

Even heavenly god-level powerhouses frequently appeared here as well—numerous ones, in fact.

Upon arriving at the Undead Shelter, the first thing Lin Huang did was not to look for a hotel but to stroll around the various marketplaces.

After visiting Precious Treasure Pavilion's marketplace, Lin Huang went on to visit several small marketplaces until nightfall, then went to look around the black market.

In the end, he remained empty-handed.

It was not that there was a lack of good items. Lin Huang saw a great many excellent items but did not make a bid for them.

On one hand, they were non-essential items.

In the section for weapons, armor, and the like, there were excellent god sequence relics. Lin Huang even saw two sets of telekinetic weapons that tempted him slightly. However, the problem was that he currently already had God Weapons and no longer needed these things.

On the other hand, he did not see any hidden treasures that might interest him.

Whether at the marketplace or the black market, all the good items he saw were priced appropriately. As for the cheap bargains, using his keen eye and the strength of his Divine Telekinesis, he did not find very much that was good among them.

Perhaps there might have been good items there earlier, but they could have already been snapped up by others.

He strolled around the marketplace for the entire day. By the time he left the black market, it was already past nine o'clock at night.

Lin Huang had great difficulty before finally managing to book a good hotel. By the time he checked in, it was nearly ten-thirty.

He stayed at the Undead Shelter for a night. Only after having his breakfast the next day did Lin Huang set out unhurriedly for the Death Sickle branch.

Upon arriving at his destination, Lin Huang walked straight into the first-floor conference room.

This was the assembly point that Buried Heaven had arranged.

As he entered the conference room, Lin Huang discovered that there were people present already.

There were even many familiar faces. 

As both Virtual Gods and True Gods were able to enter the secret territory, Fallen Star, Destiny, and Twin were all on the invitation list as well.

In addition to the three people he knew, Lin Huang also recognized Virtuoso, who was ranked first on the White Sickle Leaderboard.

They looked the same as before, wearing black robes that enveloped their entire body and a white mask on their face.

As soon as Lin Huang pushed the door open and walked in, everybody's gaze shifted to him.

This was because those who had received an invitation letter from Death Sickle were practically the strongest powerhouses on the Black Sickle and White Sickle Leaderboards, so everyone was acquainted with each other.

As for Lin Huang, everyone present was completely unfamiliar with his face and could not remember when such a fellow had joined Death Sickle.

Under normal circumstances, Lin Huang would have definitely taken the initiative to go and greet everyone. However, his current identity set-up was that of a dispirited youngster who was not interested in anything. He merely glanced at the others, walked straight to a front-row seat away from the rest, and sat down by himself.

Behind, he could hear several people gossiping about him, but he chose to ignore them.

"This guy must be new, right? I don't think I've seen him on the ranking list."

"His aura isn't weak. He's a ninth-rank True God, but I don't know how strong his abilities are."

"Is that new guy so snobbish that he won't even come and say hello?"

However, what Lin Huang did not notice was that as everyone else was busy discussing among themselves, Virtuoso kept staring at his back, gaze unwavering…


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