Monster Paradise
1491 Sword Dao Heavenly Rule-level!
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1491 Sword Dao Heavenly Rule-level!

Sitting cross-legged in the Time Cabin, Lin Huang cultivated Seamless this round.

After all, since he wanted to appear as a psychic, he intended to make use of this period—just over a month—to strengthen his Divine Telekinesis so he could face the upcoming trip to the secret territory.

After his cultivation of Seamless advanced to the eighth level, the speed by which his telekinetic threads lengthened had reduced to 2000 per hour. However, in comparison to before his elevation to true god-level, this speed was already a lot higher.

His past three days of cultivation had already allowed his telekinetic threads to surge to 370,000.

Now that he had entered the Time Cabin, he did not have a minute to lose. He even completely disregarded his times for eating, drinking, and sleeping, devoting himself entirely to cultivating Seamless.

The telekinetic threads increased at a rate of 48,000 every day.

In just thirteen days, the number surged to one million, elevating him to a new level of Seamless—the ninth level!

At this point, the speed at which Lin Huang's telekinetic threads lengthened dropped once again to 1000 per hour.

Despite this, Lin Huang did not stop cultivating.

The daily speed at which his telekinetic threads lengthened was maintained at 24,000.

In the Time Cabin, time passed day by day.

It took Lin Huang less than eighty-four days for his telekinetic threads to surge to three million, and he finally made another breakthrough in his cultivation of Seamless, reaching the legendary tenth level.

At this point, Seamless, which Lin Huang had obtained from Qi Muxiong, had reached the end of its cultivation process.

As a matter of fact, when Qi Muxiong derived the ten levels of Seamless back in the day, he himself had only cultivated it till the ninth level. He did not know what the tenth level was like.

However, at this moment, Lin Huang's impression of this level was deeply profound.

He could clearly sense that after reaching the tenth level, his Divine Telekinesis seemed to possess the ability to split itself; he did not need the guidance of his consciousness at all for him to put Seamless into use.

Even the speed at which his telekinetic threads were lengthening had not slowed down in the least, maintaining a rate of 1000 per hour.

Based on this kind of speed, Lin Huang estimated that the number of his telekinetic threads would automatically exceed ten million within a year.

His cultivation of Seamless had entered autopilot mode, and Lin Huang was extremely pleased to see this.

If this were the case, as long as no problems arose, he could allow Seamless to cultivate on autopilot mode completely, and he could devote his time and energy to other matters. He only needed to check on it from time to time.

After coming out from the automatic cultivation state of Seamless, Lin Huang crushed another Time Cabin Card, extending the time to one hundred days.

After scrutinizing the autopilot mode of Seamless for several minutes and ensuring that there were no issues, only then did he shift his attention toward his Sword Dao.

Although his disguise in the God Territory this time did not allow him to openly use swords, Sword Dao was his main cultivation path. Since he had extra time, the first thing he thought of, naturally, was upgrading his Sword Dao.

Immersing his consciousness into Great Heaven's inheritance memory, Lin Huang rapidly began learning even more sword skills.

He did not know whether it was because of his elevation to true god-level, or because his cultivation of Seamless had caused his Divine Telekinesis to strengthen greatly—or even perhaps because his Sword Dao had evolved to True Self Level, or because of some other reason… Lin Huang now realized that his speed of learning for sword skills was astronomically faster than before.

Originally, at most, he could only learn around 350 types of mythical-level sword skills in a day. However, he basically only needed a single glance to learn a new skill now. This was because, with one look, his mind could automatically deduce the workings of the entire sword skill, even to where he could automatically correct and modify the original skill itself.

Within the mere space of a day, he learned more than eighty thousand mythical-level sword skills—practically almost one skill every second.

He only used less than nine days to increase the original number of sword skills he had mastered from three hundred thousand to more than a million.

Although the number of sword skills he mastered had exceeded one million, Lin Huang still could not manage a further breakthrough to reach Sword Dao heavenly rule-level.

He was not bothered by this, merely glancing at the number of sword skills he had mastered before shifting his attention to even higher-level sword skills—supreme god-level sword skills!

His learning speed for supreme god-level sword skills reduced visibly, and he only mastered around one thousand five hundred skills in an entire day.

Lin Huang had few complaints about this kind of learning speed. After all, these were supreme god-level sword skills that contained rules.

It was difficult for ordinary True Gods to master hundreds of sword skills, even if they specialized in sword cultivation.

However, he could learn thousands of sword skills in a day.

He closed his eyes and meditated, flipping through these sword skills in his mind while simultaneously running through implied simulations with them in his head.

The number of supreme god-level sword skills he mastered kept increasing as well. 

Inside the Time Cabin, two months passed by in the blink of an eye.

The number of supreme god-level sword skills Lin Huang had mastered finally broke through to the one hundred thousand mark.

At that very moment, it was as if he had pierced through a barrier in his mind. In an instant, he had an even clearer perspective of Sword Dao. 

Within him, the True Self Level of his Sword Dao true meaning was shattering inch by inch, transforming and condensing into a force of will similar to the world will of the gravel world.

At this point, the Sword Soul within Lin Huang's body opened its eyes and roared, its body expanding at a rate that was visible to the naked eye.

After breaking through to True Self Level, the Sword Soul had originally been almost exactly the same in height and form as Lin Huang, but now it expanded into a towering giant within a mere few seconds. The blood-red battle sword in the giant's hands also grew larger.

On the massive blade, the golden seal tactics lit up once again, and the living creature-like golden patterns began undergoing minuscule changes that were visible to the naked eye. A moment later, the golden glow on the sword blade gradually faded away. The seal tactics slowly re-emerged on both sides of the sword hilt in relief form. Although they were similar to the ones before, they had visibly become more complicated.

Lin Huang tried to look at the seal tactics again, but he still became dizzy and immediately withdrew his gaze.

"Is this Sword Dao heavenly rule-level?!"

After sensing the changes in himself, Lin Huang could clearly feel that his Sword Dao had strengthened countless times over.

He felt that he would be invincible as long as he had a sword in hand.

However, he also knew that this was a normal illusion.

There were three levels of Sword Dao heavenly rule, namely Heavenly Sword, Heavenly Heart, and Heavenly Dao.

What was regarded as Heavenly Dao-level was an invincible level where there could be only one sword to conquer all.

Of course, one was not truly invincible, but this was the state of mind at this level.

Once they had reached Sword Dao heavenly rule-level, sword cultivators would automatically condense sword force.

In this world, sword force was not an illusory thing such as described in novels, but a type of substantive power derived from spiritual-layer oppressive power. More precisely, it was a spiritual-layer attack technique derived from Sword Dao. 

Sword cultivators at heavenly rule-level only needed to release their sword force without even lifting a finger, and this was enough to severely injure several true god-level powerhouses whose soul strength was weaker.

To put it another way, Sword Dao heavenly rule was actually a type of god sequence chain, but a more unique one.

Its level divisions were completely different from that of god sequence chains. Besides having power similar to that of god sequence chains, it also possessed many characteristics of the sword itself…

After sensing the Sword Dao changes within him, Lin Huang glanced at the time remaining in the Time Cabin. There were 27 days left.

He did not intend to waste this time and continued to sit cross-legged with his eyes closed, learning more sword skills and strengthening his newly-evolved Sword Dao heavenly rule.

Now that he had advanced to Sword Dao heavenly rule-level, he also became aware that his sword skill cultivation speed had increased. Based on the time he took to learn a sword skill, he roughly estimated that the one thousand five hundred supreme god-level sword skills he could initially learn in a day had now skyrocketed to thirty thousand a day…

He was even able to vaguely comprehend some of the Holy sword skills that he had initially been completely unable to understand.


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