Monster Paradise
1488 Lin Huang, the G.O.A.T.
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1488 Lin Huang, the G.O.A.T.

Title Translator's Note: G.O.A.T. stands for Greatest Of All Time

 "Host: Lin Huang"

"Gender: Male"

"Age: 21"

"Combat Strength: True God-level (first-rank)"

"Goldfinger: Xiao Hei, Stone Tablet, Eternity Fire, Yin Yin"

"Integration Item: Origin God's Heart, One Page Sword Scripture, Galactic Hive, God Weapon, Great Heaven Palace (Initial Integration)..."

"God Territory: Monster Paradise"

"Godly Right: Unnamed"

"Inheritance: Great Heaven, Sword2, Sword8, Sword10, Sorcerer Goddess…"

"Divine Ability: Substitute, Golden Cicada…"

"God Rule: Superhuman Strength, Seraphic Speed, God-slaying Power..."

"Elemental Enlightenment: Instant Flash, Sun Shadow, Heavenly Roc, Traceless, Lightning God, Heaven's Punishment, Tattooed Demon, Hell..."

"Sword Dao: True Self Level (Possesses Sword Heart, Sword Soul)"

"Sword Skills: 300,000 types"

"Minor: Twisted Fate Scripture, Seamless…"

"Monster Skills: Divine Telekinesis, Divine Regeneration, Holy Power, Elemental Immunity, Leech Pods, Absolute Control, Divine Purification Light, Revival, Immortal Warrior Body, Vampire Particles, Divine Strength, Divine Defense, Lightning Lord, Mirror, Doll forbidden skill, Punishment, Divine Witchcraft, Knight, Integration, Mechanical Building, Mechanical Recovery, Evil Blood Substitute, Divine Disguise, Demon Flame, Hellish Fire, Abyssal Fire, Lightning God, Phoenix..."

"Summon Authority: Activated (Pure Spirit)"

"Available Number of Summons: 100"

"Remarks: Almost at the standard of a qualified host (๑¯³¯๑)"


After checking his personal panel, Lin Huang was quite satisfied overall. "What on earth is this kaomoji in the remarks?"

After more than five years, he had actually long since gotten used to not looking at Xiao Hei's remarks about himself. This time, he had merely glanced at the remarks and noticed the strange kaomoji but did not ponder over it any further. 

After evolving to true god-level, not only had his summon authority been activated to Pure Spirit rank-6, but the upper limit of all his mythical-level imperial monsters' combat strength had been unsealed to heavenly god-level (the imperial monsters' combat strengths were not directly elevated to heavenly god-level), and Lin Huang's available number of summons had increased from the original 50 to 100.

In addition to the changes in his imperial monsters, on the Great Heaven Territory's side, Lin Huang's authority over the Sword Servants had also increased. Initially, he only had control authority over the Sword Servants whose numbers came after Sword100, but now he had gained control authority over Swords11 to 100 as well. Excluding the strongest—Swords1 to 10—control authority over the remaining Sword Servants was now fully unsealed.

Moreover, the upper limit of the Sword Servants' combat power had also been unsealed even further, and they were now at first-rank heavenly god-level.

Lin Huang clicked on the Godly Right in his card and checked the details.

"Godly Right (Unnamed): Godly Right constructed from more than three thousand types of Rule Bending Power."

"Godly Right Effect 1: When inside the God Territory, the Godly Right user can use all rules, sequences, and Odylic Forces within the God Territory without limitations."

"Godly Right Effect 2: When outside the God Territory, the Godly Right possessor can borrow at will any rules, sequences, and Odylic Forces within the God Territory that is within the range of the physical body and spirit strength to withstand." 

"Godly Right Effect 3: When inside the God Territory, the Godly Right possessor can lend all rules, sequences, and Odylic Forces within the God Territory to inhabitants inside the God Territory for a short period of time."

"Godly Right Effect 4: Under the influence of the Godly Right, the Godly Right possessor can learn all rules, sequences, and Odylic Forces within the God Territory at epiphany speed."


"Remarks: This Godly Right was not constructed using god sequence chains, but by borrowing the Rule Bending Power of other True Gods within the God Territory to create a completely open rule network. Due to this unique openness, the World Rules of this God Territory are no longer limited by the god sequence chains and can accommodate all types of Rule Bending Power."


The effects of the Godly Right were entirely what Lin Huang had anticipated, as basically all Godly Rights had similar effects. 

It was just that due to the difference in the fundamental construction of the Godly Right, the final results that appeared would definitely be different.

Just like the description given in the remarks section, Lin Huang's Godly Right had been created using a large number of Rule Bending Powers, which was why he could borrow all the Rule Bending Powers of the entire God Territory.

As for other Heavenly Gods who used god sequence chains to construct their Godly Rights, the World Rules of the God Territory within their bodies could only be integrated with the rules derived from the god sequence chains, and their Godly Right would also be restricted accordingly.

After reading the description of his Godly Right, Lin Huang had more thoughts about the matter.

He had now advanced to true god-level, and his Sword Servants all had their powers unsealed to first-rank heavenly god-level. If one included the hundred Sword Servants over whom he had just unsealed his authority, there were three hundred and fifty-eight of them in total. Even if each of them only unsealed one god sequence chain, the number of god sequence chains in the World Rules within his body would still increase by at least 358.

Furthermore, under the effects of the Godly Right, he could borrow these god sequence chains any time he wanted as long as his physical body and Life Soul strength allowed for it.

Lin Huang's original estimation was that at his current first-rank true god-level ability, he should be able to contend against a second-rank Heavenly God, but still have a slim chance of defeating a third-rank Heavenly God.

However, now that his Godly Right had been constructed, he felt that with his physical body and Life Soul strength, he should be able to borrow four god sequence chains without any major problems. 

One could say that with this round of advancement, his strength had increased exponentially. 

Even so, what surprised Lin Huang even more than this were the changes in his God Territory.

"God Territory: Monster Paradise"

"God Territory Ability 1: After a summoning beast dies, the dead summoning beast's soul will return to the God Territory with its body reconstructed with Divine Power and revived. Those that have broken souls will have their broken soul pieces recalled and recovered."

"Remark 1: Unlimited number of revivals."

"Remark 2: If killed by an Odylic attack, it will truly die and cannot be revived."

"Remark 3: Each revival requires the consumption of a certain amount of Godly Right Power (the consumed Godly Right can be replenished)."

"Derivative Ability: If the God Territory possessor dies, they can choose a summoning beast to substitute death." 

"Remark 1: The number of substitute deaths per day depends on the number of summoning beasts. Each summoning beast can only die in place of the host once within 24 hours."

"Remark 2: If the God Territory possessor is killed with Odyl, they will truly die and cannot be substituted by a summoning beast."

"Remark 3: After a summoning beast dies in place of its host, it will return to the God Territory to be revived."


"God Territory Ability 2: The God Territory possessor can borrow any skills, divine abilities, rules, and sequence powers of all summoning beasts at any time."

"Remark 1: The borrowing of Monster Skills already possessed by the God Territory possessor is invalid and will not produce compounded effects." 

"Remark 2: The number of borrowed skills is not restricted by the upper limit of the God Territory possessor's number of Monster Skills." 


After the advancement of Lin Huang's God Territory once more, the biggest change was that all summoning beasts could theoretically be revived an unlimited number of times.

As long as they were not assaulted by the Odylic attack of a lord-level powerhouse, they would not be truly killed.

Of course, such revivals were not without a cost; a certain amount of Divine Power would have to be expended. However, to Lin Huang, such a cost was nothing to him, because as he continued to grow stronger, his Godly Right would also grow stronger along with him.

In addition, he could borrow the skills, divine abilities, rules, and sequence powers of all his contract monsters at will, without any restrictions. This made his Monster Skill bar seem a bit like a mere decorative item.

With that said, however, Lin Huang knew that he had actually improved upon some of the skills in his Monster Skill bar, and the effect was better than his summoning beast's original skill.

It was just that there were also many skills that had not been modified. Since he could borrow them at will now, Lin Huang intended to get rid of the unmodified skills one by one and replace them with skills that were more powerful and more suitable for modification.


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