Monster Paradise
1486 He Wanted Even More Than That…
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1486 He Wanted Even More Than That…

Lin Huang immersed his consciousness into his inheritance memories, quickly scouring for memories related to the construction of a Godly Right, and hoping to find something to use as a reference.

The first thing he had a look at was the Great Heaven inheritance.

As the Heavenly God who dominated the God Territory for an entire epoch, Great Heaven's many experiences were a treasure for Lin Huang. That was why the first thing that occurred to Lin Huang was to check Great Heaven's inheritance memories regarding the construction of a Godly Right.

After setting the timeframe of Great Heaven's memories to the point before the construction of a Godly Right, Lin Huang rapidly scanned through this segment of memory.

The more he went through these memories, the more apprehensive he felt.

Great Heaven was undoubtedly an egotistical powerhouse. He had already mastered nine types of Rule Bending Power at Fullness-level early on when he was a ninth-rank True God. 

To construct a Godly Right, his idea had been to condense all nine god sequence chains in one go and directly advance to ninth-rank Heavenly God, after the nine types of rules had reached Fullness-level and been condensed into god sequence chains.

However, things did not progress as smoothly as he had imagined. When the second series of god sequence chains condensed, his body and soul began undergoing massive internal pressure. He resisted this pressure valiantly; however, he only ended up condensing four god sequence chains before he had no choice but to give up. This was because the construction of the fourth god sequence chain had already caused his body and soul to start showing signs of disintegration, and even the God Territory within him had begun to collapse.

If it had not been for the timely suppression by Yin Yin, his Goldfinger, he would have died immediately. 

This proved that Great Heaven's method was not feasible.

Furthermore, at Lin Huang's current strength of body and soul, it was impossible for him to accommodate nine god sequence chains in one go.

After condensing the four god sequence chains, Great Heaven used them as the trunk and their Rule Bending Powers and Elemental Enlightenment as the branches and leaves. He integrated them into the God Territory within him and constructed its World Rules…

After looking over the construction process of Great Heaven's Godly Right, Lin Huang deliberated over it. 

After a moment, he closed Great Heaven's inheritance memory and got up. Pushing the doors open, he walked out of the Great Heaven Palace.

Seeing Lin Huang step out from the Great Heaven Palace, Sword1 immediately stood up with a flicker of astonishment in his eyes.

Only two short days had passed, and Lin Huang had already advanced from virtual god-level rank-6 to the limits of virtual god-level rank-9 in one go… From the looks of things, it was possible that he might break through a step further to true god-level any time now.

What surprised Sword1 even more was that although Lin Huang's aura was restrained to the maximum, he emanated a faint sense of danger. 

Without waiting for Sword1 to greet him, Lin Huang spoke first, "Please summon all the Sword Servants within the region of the Great Heaven Palace."

"Yes, Lord Swordmaster!" Sword1 answered quickly, without even asking why. 

Once Sword1 had issued the announcement about the assembly, less than a minute later, Swords1 to 100 all arrived at the scene; not a single one of them was absent.

All the Sword Servants present were filled with trepidation, as well as anticipation. They were completely unaware as to why the Swordmaster had summoned them over here all of a sudden.

Lin Huang's gaze swept over everyone present. He could see everyone's uneasiness and hopefulness and immediately declared loudly, "I summoned you all here this time because of cultivation needs. I would like to look at the construction processes of your Godly Right. You don't have to give me the cultivation inheritance—I just want to have a look at your memory images between the condensing of the god sequence chains and the construction of the Godly Right."

Upon hearing Lin Huang's words, many people displayed astonishment.

Of course, they could clearly sense that Lin Huang's current combat level was not at true god-level yet. Logically speaking, he was still miles away from the construction of a Godly Right.

However, since the Swordmaster had made a request, as Sword Servants, naturally, they could not refuse.

Whatever the reason, the Sword Servants were willing to contribute these segments of memory if the Swordmaster so required.

Sword1 was the first one to step forward and replicate this memory. He touched Lin Huang's palm with a finger, and the memory images instantly poured into Lin Huang's mind.

Lin Huang did not click it open to check; he merely nodded at Sword1, signaling to the next Sword Servant.

After that, Sword2 came, followed by Sword3… one by one, the Sword Servant stepped forward and transmitted a copy of their memory images into Lin Huang's mind.

After the last transmission from Sword100 had been completed, Lin Huang nodded slightly at everyone present. "I'm going back into closed-door cultivation. You may go now."

The Sword Servants left in twos and threes, while Lin Huang once again turned and went back into the Great Heaven Palace.

Once within the Palace, Lin Huang immediately sat down cross-legged. He closed his eyes, immersed his consciousness into his Ocean of Consciousness, and began looking through the Sword Servants' memory images.

The segments of memory images unfolded before Lin Huang's eyes like VR images, every single detail crystal clear.

Lin Huang checked out each of the one hundred Sword Servants' Godly Right construction processes, and his thoughts gradually became clearer.

"On the surface, the construction of a Godly Right looks like it's based on god sequence chains, but it's actually based more on the inner God Territory. The construction process of a Godly Right is essentially structuring World Rules within the inner world, artificially creating a world will, then integrating one's individual will with the world will…

"The Heavenly Gods' god sequence chains and the various derived rules aren't part of constructing the Godly Right—they're vehicles for the Godly Right…

"A Godly Right is essentially the world will of a God Territory and is also the individual will of a Heavenly God, which makes the Heavenly God the absolute master of the World Rules in the God Territory…

"The enhancement of a Godly Right requires not only the personal cultivation of the God Territory's owner but also the participation of the other creatures within the God Territory. Every Rule Bending Power they master, even if repeated, will become part of the World Rules and a vehicle for increasing the power of the Godly Right…"

After reading through one hundred Sword Servants' Godly Right construction processes, Lin Huang finally managed to obtain a general line of thinking. 

"My God Territory has already integrated with the gravel world; the various types of Rule Bending Power within me have already become the World Rules of the gravel world, and even my will has been integrated into the gravel world's world will itself… To some extent, my integrated gravel world will is the weakened version of a Godly Right. The reason why it hasn't condensed into a true Godly Right is that these Rule Bending Powers are still not powerful enough—or not numerous enough—to allow the world will to condense into a Godly Right…

"That means if I want to construct a Godly Right, either I condense a god sequence chain to provide both energy and a vehicle for the world will, or I put enough rules into the God Territory so that their power is comparable to that of a god sequence chain…"

For Lin Huang currently, constructing god sequence chains presented no great difficulty.

At most, it was a matter of a few Epiphany Cards.

After all, he had already mastered Rule Bending Power at Control-level, and it was not difficult to reach Fullness-level. If he wanted to make a further breakthrough, he could do so by using a few Epiphany Cards.

However, Lin Huang did not really want to take this path as he had seen the limitations of it from the Sword Servants' Godly Right construction processes.

Normal heavenly god-level powerhouses could only condense nine god sequence chains at most.

For normal individuals, this number was sufficient as not many people were able to master multiple rules to the level of Fullness, much less make a further breakthrough to condense god sequence chains.

However, for true genius powerhouses, this was a huge limitation.

An example was a powerhouse like Great Heaven—when he was a ninth-rank True God, the number of rules he had mastered surpassed even Lin Huang. He had even condensed nine types of Fullness-level rules and hundreds of Control-level ones.

The reason Great Heaven had pursued a way to condense nine god sequence chains in one go was that there were only nine chances to condense god sequence chains at heavenly god-level.

He was able to dominate an entire epoch because he was able to condense at least four god sequence chains every time. By the ninth sequence, he had forty-two god sequence chains within him, far surpassing that of most people by at least four times over.

This was not a mere fourfold increase in abilities! It was an increase of hundreds—even thousands—of times!

What Lin Huang wanted was even more than that…


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