Monster Paradise
1485 Virtual God-level Rank-10
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1485 Virtual God-level Rank-10

Upon coming out from the core layer of the Battlefield of the Dragon Abyss, Lin Huang quickly located Lin Xin and the others by using Divine Telekinesis. He greeted them and advised them once more in passing before leaving the Battlefield of the Dragon Abyss right away.

What Lin Xin and the others found slightly bewildering was that Lin Huang had left them for less than half a day, and he was already done hunting.

Lin Huang was comfortable with Lin Xin and the others remaining in the Battlefield of the Dragon Abyss because, for one, Lin Xin's team was being guarded by Witch—this was certainly enough to handle many dangerous situations. For another, Lin Xin currently possessed the Goldfinger of the Emperor's Heart within her, so her safety was essentially something Lin Huang did not need to worry too much about.

As for Chan Dou's team, although their combat level was not high, two of them had already mastered Rule Bending Power. As long as they did not recklessly venture deeper into the outer layer, there should be very little in the way of problems.

Lin Huang teleported out alone from the gateway of the Battlefield of the Dragon Abyss, and the registrar who saw him was taken aback. Lin Huang ignored the registrar's scrutiny and swiftly departed in a flash.

Watching Lin Huang leave, the registrar's mouth twitched. "As expected, seven of them went in, and only one made it out alive."

Given that too many similar cases had occurred in the past, the registrar assumed that Lin Huang's team had perished when he saw Lin Huang leaving on his own and that only one survivor had escaped alive.

Naturally, Lin Huang was not aware that he had given rise to such a misunderstanding on the registrar's part. Of course, even if he had known, he would not have cared.

After going some distance away from the gateway of the Battlefield of the Dragon Abyss, Lin Huang located an uninhabited planet, then opened the entrance to the Great Heaven Palace and stepped through it. 

In front of the Great Heaven Palace, Sword1 sat cross-legged. He was clad in a long white robe and had his eyes closed.

Sensing Lin Huang's return, he immediately opened his eyes.

"Lord Swordmaster." When he saw Lin Huang step out from the portal, Sword1 stood up to welcome him.

"Sword1." Lin Huang nodded slightly.

He knew that Sword1 was sitting here, not because he was looking for Lin Huang for any particular reason, but because he was guarding the Great Heaven Palace.

Clapping a hand on Sword1's shoulder, Lin Huang reached out to push open the great palace doors. "I'm going into closed-door cultivation for some time. If anyone has anything to bring up, you can tell me when I finish cultivation."

"Yes, Lord Swordmaster!"

Sword1 bowed slightly, raising his head slowly only after Lin Huang had stepped into the big hall, and the doors had closed behind him. Turning around, Sword1 once again resumed his cross-legged sitting position in front of the entrance, eyes closed, resembling an immovable Taoist priest.

Once he entered the Great Heaven Palace, Lin Huang immediately sat down, cross-legged. He merely conducted cursory sensing on the condition of the Divine Fires within him before retrieving a Time Cabin Item Card right away.

With only minimal pressure from his fingers, the card transformed into golden points of starlight that condensed into the form of a cabin, not too far away from him.

Without any hesitation, Lin Huang pushed the door open immediately and walked right in.

Inside a four-star card Time Cabin, the speed of time could, at most, be a hundred times that of the outside world.

Moreover, there were no shortcuts for refining Divine Fire; one had to expend time to do so.

Inside the Time Cabin, the wooden door slowly closed and transformed into a white wall.

Since Lin Huang was already sitting cross-legged, without delaying even a second longer, he immediately expedited the Divine Fires within his body to refine furiously and to integrate…

Inside the Time Cabin, time passed one day at a time.

The progress rate of Lin Huang's Divine Fire refinement increased day by day as well.

In the blink of an eye, three months had gone by, and Lin Huang's combat level had also made a breakthrough from Virtual God rank-6 to Virtual God rank-9.

However, Lin Huang also discovered that his Divine Fire was refining the fifth-rank Divine Fires at a much slower pace than before.

Looking at the ten days remaining, Lin Huang crushed another Time Cabin Card to extend the time to 110 days.

He then closed his eyes and continued refining the last ten fifth-rank Divine Fires.

He did not know what would happen to him after these ten fifth-rank Divine Fires had been refined, but he knew that he was on the right track.

As time went by a day at a time, the level of refinement of the ten fifth-rank, multi-colored Divine Fires became increasingly higher. Lin Huang's own Divine Fire also turned a more intense shade of red until it became the color of blood.

This refinement process lasted for one hundred full days, even longer than the thirty Divine Fires from seventh to ninth rank combined, that Lin Huang had previously refined.

Seeing the last Divine Fire completely integrate into his scarlet Divine Fire, Lin Huang could not help but exhale in a long sigh, "Finally I've finished refining…"

He could sense that the Divine Fires within his body had completely merged together, to the point where he could feel a sense of flawless perfection. These ten Divine Fires seem to have reached their limits and could no longer become more powerful. 

Following the complete merging of the Divine Fires into a fully integrated state, the Divine Power within Lin Huang's entire being began swiftly returning to his Divine Fires for further refinement. This refined Divine Power then began to cycle back into his body, transforming every single cell, even at the atomic level. Not only that, each particle that made up his soul also underwent rapid transformation as if it were under the workings of a catalyst.

Almost every day, Lin Huang could clearly feel himself becoming stronger.

The entire process lasted for ten days. Lin Huang's Divine Power was refined hundreds of times by the ten Divine Fires before it finally reached its peak. After ten rounds of repeated refinement and transformation, Lin Huang felt that he was more than ten times stronger than before; he even vaguely felt that his current physical strength was probably comparable to that of a Heavenly God's body.

Immersing his consciousness within his inner world, Lin Huang savored his transformation.

He knew that he had not advanced to true god-level yet, but he also knew that he was much stronger than other True Gods.

"Is this virtual god-level rank-10…"

After a glance at his character card, Lin Huang knew that he had advanced to a previously uncharted level—virtual god-level rank-10.

In the past, cultivators and Virtual Gods could reach rank-9 at most; beyond that, they would be at true god-level already.

However, Lin Huang had already reached the pinnacle of virtual god-level—virtual god-level rank-10.

"In that case, after this, how do I achieve a breakthrough to true god-level?"

Lin Huang had just asked himself this question when a strange idea surfaced in his mind—he could create a Godly Right!

"Create a Godly Right?"

Of course, Lin Huang had heard of a Godly Right before. It was something only Heavenly Gods possessed.

Under normal circumstances, elevation from True God to Heavenly God required the mastery of at least one type of rule at Fullness-level, followed by a further breakthrough and condensing invisible god rules into concrete god sequence chains.

Establishing god sequence chains was tantamount to stepping across the threshold of heavenly god-level.

Once they possessed god sequence chains, Heavenly Gods would further integrate these into their inner worlds and use them to derive sufficient rules. After that, they would use the god sequence chains as a trunk and the derived rules as branches to construct a rule network throughout their inner world. The will of this rule network that permeated the entire inner world was a Godly Right. Actually, to a certain degree, it was also a type of world will. It was considered a non-natural, man-made world will.

At heavenly god-level, one could construct nine god sequence chains at most, but only one Godly Right.

These nine god sequence chains were the nine backbones of a Godly Right, and the various types of rules derived from the nine sequences were all part of the Godly Right as well.

Logically, the construction of a Godly Right would come after heavenly god-level. 

At this moment, however, it became the way for Lin Huang to elevate to true god-level.

"I'm only a Virtual God; how do I go about constructing a Godly Right?" Lin Huang deliberated with his brows furrowed, not even noticing that the Time Cabin was dispersing around him.


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