Monster Paradise
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1484 Completion

After killing the Night Devil's team of three monsters, Lin Huang did not stir up very much activity.

This was something he had done quite deliberately.

Even if there were monsters nearby that sensed the energy fluctuations from the battle, it was only a fleeting thing.

On top of that, the hunting grounds near the core source were divided by using their respective Divine Telekinesis sensing range limits as boundaries and did not overlap with each other. Even the Divine Telekinesis of the owners of the two nearest hunting grounds could only probe the respective boundaries of their own hunting grounds, so it was impossible for them to learn what had happened in the hunting grounds of the Night Devil's team. 

Having witnessed Lin Huang beheading the Night Devil's trio, Shadow Wing put aside its scheming thoughts entirely.

In the beginning, when it took the initiative to lead the way for Lin Huang, it did not have the best intentions.

It had brought Lin Huang to the Night Devils' team here because it felt that the three of them together would not be that much weaker than Lin Huang. If both parties fought against each other, there was a high chance that both would suffer and lose. This way, it would stand to reap benefits from both sides.

What it had not expected was that Lin Huang's abilities far exceeded its wildest imaginings.

Even a strong team like the Night Devil's trio had been easily killed off in an instant.

One should know that while the Night Devil's small team of three was not the most powerful in the core layer, the three members complemented each other very well. Their overall strength was also extremely impressive, almost in the top five among all the teams in the core layer.

This was also why the three of them were able to occupy an area of hunting ground outside the core source.

Sensing the extra three fifth-rank Divine Fires within his body, Lin Huang was basically sure that his previous guess had been correct.

His fourth-rank Divine Fires were saturated, but fifth-rank Divine Fires could still continue to be absorbed.

'I've already accumulated eight fifth-rank Divine Fires. Based on the Life Wheels' inherent behavior from before, they should be fully saturated after another two…' Lin Huang made some mental calculations.

"What's the situation with the next wave of prey?" Lin Huang asked via voice transmission as he followed swiftly behind Shadow Wing.

"The next target I've picked for you is a two-person team. One member is a Devil Giant, and the other is a Rotten Soul…"

Lin Huang was not unfamiliar with these two types of monsters because they had been described in the monster guide.

A Devil Giant was a giant with black hair covering its entire body and a height of around ten meters on average. The reason why it was referred to as a Devil was because its face only had a single organ—a gigantic mouth with six petals that could open up like a blooming flower. The insides of each mouth were full of razor-sharp teeth. Aside from this, there was also a tongue full of poison needles in each mouth. This tongue was an offensive weapon that could shoot out from the mouth and extend for thousands of meters; it was a hundred times more agile than an elephant's trunk.

Its defensive abilities were also astounding—four thickset, muscular arms covered in black hair. As for its hands, they resembled the steel claws of a fierce bird and were frightening to behold.

As for the Rotten Soul, it was a green monster with a shape similar to swamp sludge, its entire body emitting foul-smelling bubbles at any given time. It could even change into any form it desired when it had to fight, but its most common form was that of a pool of sludge with countless tentacles.

Its body contained countless deadly toxins. Even if lightly pricked by the protruding tentacles, the toxins produced in an instant were enough to poison creatures of the same level of combat strength.

This team of two monsters could be considered quite formidable. Their team ranked third in terms of overall strength within the core layer.

Although they were only two individuals, their abilities were a step up from the Night Devil's three-member team.

Lin Huang followed behind Shadow Wing; after only two or three minutes of swift travel, they arrived at the territory of the Devil Giant and the Rotten Soul.

Even before Lin Huang saw the two monsters, he could smell the stench in the air from afar.

This was the smell emitted from the Rotten Soul's body. Not only was it foul in the extreme and nauseating to the point of causing others to vomit, but it was also highly poisonous.

Even if the toxins were not taken into consideration, probably apart from the Devil Giant, very few individuals were willing to team up with the Rotten Soul. This was because most of the Abyssal creatures would not be able to stand the noxious odor alone, whereas the Devil Giant had no sense of smell, and its body was immune to a majority of toxins.

Lin Huang hurriedly shut down his body's external respiratory system; only then could he block out the nauseating smell that was making him want to throw up. The truth was that his tolerance for foul odors was extremely high, so even when faced with different types of rotting corpses and internal organs, he did not react much. However, this kind of stench given off by the Rotten Soul's body would directly assault the physiological limits of many creatures' sense of smell, causing them to involuntarily vomit. This was no longer a matter of whether or not one could bear the smell.

Standing off to one side, Shadow Wing used Divine Telekinesis to envelop its entire body, unwilling to allow any part of itself to come into contact with this odor.

"If you knew this would happen, why did you choose such a prey?" Catching a glimpse of Shadow Wing's reaction, Lin Huang cursed inwardly.

A moment later, both of them saw the two monsters below.

The Devil Giant, which had originally been sitting with its back against a small hill, stood up and raised its featureless face in the direction where Lin Huang and Shadow Wing were in mid-air.

Not far from it, a pool of bubbling green sludge also extended its tentacles one by one like germinating young shoots.

The next instant, hundreds of tentacles suddenly surged up and shot toward Lin Huang and Shadow Wing.

Almost simultaneously, the Devil Giant leaped upward.

Although massive in size, its speed was by no means slow, and it appeared above Lin Huang and Shadow Wing almost instantaneously.

Lin Huang had not expected that these two monsters would choose to attack first.

He was momentarily surprised but reacted immediately. 

The battle sword in his hand was swiftly withdrawn from its scabbard, immediately transforming into two completely different sword gleams.

One of the sword gleams, which resembled an ocean of blood, rolled with earth-shattering, crushing force toward the Rotten Soul below. Meanwhile, the other sword gleam transformed into a blood-colored crescent moon that surged up into the heavens to take on the Devil Giant above. 

The waves from the ocean of blood crashed down upon the Rotten Soul like a tsunami. Wherever the waves passed, all the Rotten Soul's tentacles were obliterated in an instant. Before the Rotten Soul had time to escape, it was completely submerged by the blood-colored waves. Its ear-piercing shrieks of agony only lasted for less than two seconds before abruptly ceasing.

On the other end, the terrifyingly sharp blood-colored crescent moon attacked the Devil Giant.

The Devil Giant seemed to be aware of the danger of this attack and quickly retracted all four limbs in front of itself, stacking them in the shape of a shield and supplementing them with dozens of types of Rule Bending Power.

From its point of view, given its own naturally terrifying defensive abilities as well as Rule Bending Powers, it was confident that it would be able to defend itself against the attacks of any powerhouses, except for top-tier true god-level powerhouses.

The next moment, however, its expression suddenly changed drastically.

This was because he saw that when the blood-red arc touched its arms, the dozens of types of Rule Bending Power it had supplemented itself with disintegrated layer by layer, providing no defense at all. 

The blood-colored crescent moon encountered no resistance whatsoever, directly slicing off the Devil Giants's four retracted limbs in front of its torso, before continuing on to slash through the Devil Giant's body as if it were cutting up tofu…

It was another crushing instant kill!

Shadow Wing looked at Lin Huang with increasing awe and respect.

At this point, Lin Huang was ignoring his surroundings. He sank part of his consciousness into his inner world and looked at his ten Life Wheels. 

In the ten Life Wheels, the ten fifth-rank Divine Fires—all rank-9— were fully complete. 

Lin Huang had originally wondered whether or not he still needed to hunt and kill one or two more monsters after these two, just to see if he could continue absorbing Divine Fires. However, he now knew that it was unnecessary as he could sense the satisfaction that was transmitting from his Life Wheels.

After the ten fifth-rank Divine Fires entered the Life Wheels, his true god-level had reached a state of completion. 

The rest just needed to be refined and absorbed…

Withdrawing his consciousness, Lin Huang glanced at Shadow Wing by his side. "You're free to go now."

Shadow Wing was startled when he heard this. "Don't you need to continue hunting?"

"Not anymore." Lin Huang shook his head. "I'm about to leave the Battlefield of the Dragon Abyss."

After saying this, he did not look at Shadow Wing again. He sent out his telekinetic threads and gathered up the loot on the ground before making a beeline straight toward the exit of the core layer. 

Shadow Wing remained rooted to the spot in a daze, watching Lin Huang's departure. Only after Lin Huang had left the sensing range of its Divine Telekinesis did it snap back to reality, muttering to itself under its breath, "I'm afraid the humans are about to produce an exceptional prodigy in this epoch…"


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