Monster Paradise
1481 The Symbiotic Creature of the Abyssal Fountain
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1481 The Symbiotic Creature of the Abyssal Fountain

As Lin Huang faced the three monsters, he was not planning on holding back anymore.

Since the aberrant species from before was a sword cultivator, he had spent more time on it because he was thinking in terms of a sword cultivator improving his skills. Of course, no one knew what the aberrant species might have been thinking.

However, this time, none of the three monsters were sword cultivators, and Lin Huang only needed one last Divine Fire before he successfully retired from the battleground. Naturally, there was no need to waste any more time.

The blood-red battle sword made a series of horizontal slashes, and three brilliant rays of scarlet light as bright as the noonday sun suddenly lit up, instantly illuminating the dim world into blood-red day.

When the three monsters saw the blood-red suns rising, their expressions immediately changed dramatically.

They had initially thought that Lin Huang's final slash when killing the aberrant species was his final move. They had not expected that he might not have unleashed his full power in the earlier battle. These three seemingly casual slashes looked several times more powerful than the previous one.

Lin Huang had compounded forty Control-level Rule Bending Powers onto the three slashes and integrated them with True Self Level Sword Dao as he made his attacks.

Rule compounding power was not simply adding on in terms of numbers. With each Rule that was compounded, the power of Lin Huang's sword increased by leaps and bounds. When he killed the aberrant species, he had only compounded twenty-eight layers of Rule Bending Power. Right now, compared to previously, the power of his current three slashes was twelve times the strength of his earlier slash.

The three monsters had initially thought that this was going to be an easy win; it had never crossed their minds that they might be serving themselves up as easy meat.

"We're going to die! We're going to die! We're going to die..." The demon baby shrieked in a strange voice, flapping its so-called wings and fleeing the scene at a frightening speed.

However, as fast as he was, he could not outrun the speed of the blood-red sun's rays. Under the brilliant blood-red beams that illuminated the entire sky, the various shapes and sizes of arms that made up its wings melted swiftly at a speed visible to the naked eye, like ice melting under the hot summer sun. They melted together with its body…

"Don't kill me, I surrender..." The nine-headed ape yelped dismally as he frantically fled.

It used its nine pairs of upper and lower limbs together. Every time it used the void as a stepping stone and jumped, it traveled a certain distance like a flash in space. It was as fast as the demon baby with wings.

However, its escape was still in vain. The blood-red rays quickly melted its limbs and head like a lighted candle.

Of the three monsters, only the blackscale monster did not try to escape.

Instead, the black scales all over its body stacked up in front of it, turning into a pitch-black shield.

Only now did Lin Huang notice that its scales were actually a kind of liquified black crystal. Not only could the black crystal absorb energy, but it also reflected and refracted energy.

At least fifty percent of the power from Lin Huang's blow was deflected by it.

It was then Lin Huang finally saw the monster's figure, sans the covering of black scales.

It was a well-built human male who appeared to be around forty years old. Except for its completely jet-black eyes that were without whites, it was almost no different from a human being.

After being besieged by the blood-red sword gleams for about ten seconds, the shield created by the black scales finally could not withstand the energy impact and retreated back within the body of the middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man violently spat out a mouthful of fresh blood, and his entire body was sent flying backward.

Lin Huang noticed that the man's body had not completely melted away; it was merely in the condition that it would be in the aftermath of an extremely high-temperature inferno.

"A combat cultivator?!" Lin Huang could not help but raise his brows. When this monster was still a human being, he had probably been an extremely powerful combat cultivator.

However, the fact that he was able to survive was not entirely due to his strong physical body, but also because the black scales integrated into his muscles and bones after retreating into his body, taking at least half the subsequent impact from the blood-red rays.

Even so, at a glance, Lin Huang guessed that the combat cultivator's physical strength was probably close to that of a first-rank Heavenly God. Otherwise, he would not have been able to withstand the power of Lin Huang's assault.

The three slashes killed two of the monsters within seconds, and although one was not dead yet, it had completely lost its ability to fight.

When Lin Huang glanced toward the blackscale monster in the distance whose Divine Power had been completely exhausted, his expression suddenly changed to one of slight puzzlement. 

This was because he sensed that the Divine Fires within the bodies of the two slain monsters had all been absorbed by his Life Wheels.

"What's going on? Why did they absorb eleven Divine Fires?!"

According to his previous experiences from Virtual God rank-1 to Virtual God rank-8, every transition of rank would only allow absorption of ten True God Divine Fires. Virtual God rank-9 should have been no exception.

However, his Life Wheels seemed to have absorbed an eleventh ninth-rank Divine Fire; this was entirely unexpected.

However, his doubts only lasted for a moment. Lin Huang then turned his gaze in the direction of the blackscale monster again.

"Since I can absorb more, then I'll continue hunting until my Life Wheel stops absorbing!"

He did not bother racking his brain any further over what might have caused this change.

His figure flickered, and he appeared beside the blackscale monster—more precisely, beside the naked middle-aged man whose body had entirely cast off its black scales.

"Your consciousness seems to have preserved its state of awareness, which is rare among polluted individuals." While Lin Huang carefully scrutinized his opponent, his Divine Telekinesis also made a sweep of the other's body. "It seems to be in an unusual state of symbiosis..."

After studying the blackscale monster, Lin Huang did not spare it. He raised his sword and beheaded his opponent right away.

"Congratulations to the host on obtaining the entire monster card set for the Symbiotic Creature of the Abyssal Fountain (Supreme God)" 

"I obtained a complete monster card set?!" Lin Huang immediately took out the card to check it.

"Monster Card: Symbiotic Creature of the Abyssal Fountain"

"Rarity: Supreme God"

"Monster name: Blackscale"

"Type of Monster: Unique Species / Unknown Tribe"

"Bloodline: Golden Fountain (Unawakened)"

"Combat Level: Sixth-rank True God (Ninth-rank True God)" 

"Major: Combat Cultivator, Parasitism, Water Elemental Enlightenment…" 

"Major Skills: Immortal Being of the Cosmos…" 

"Combat Dao: True Self Level"

"God Rule: Tenacious…"

"Summon Authority: Activated"

"Card Remarks: Trainable!"

"Remarks: An extremely rare and unusual symbiotic creature type!"

"Even Xiao Hei thinks it's rare?!" Lin Huang glanced through the card information and quickly noticed the final remarks. This was the first time Xiao Hei had specifically emphasized that a card monster was rare.

"Xiao Hei, do you have any suggestions about how its training direction should go?" Lin Huang asked immediately.

"There is insufficient information; it is not possible to give training suggestions ."

Xiao Hei's answer also surprised Lin Huang a little.

"Alright." Lin Huang did not bother to pursue the matter further. For him, obtaining this supreme god-level monster card was already an unexpected thrill. 

He also noticed that after slaying Blackscale, his own body had absorbed the monster's Divine Fire. At that point, he had absorbed twelve ninth-rank Divine Fires into his body.

"I don't know if I can continue absorbing..." Lin Huang felt a little helpless. He did not know what was going on with his body or why the absorption of ninth-rank Divine Fires did not seem to satiate his Life Wheels. "Whatever. I'll just keep hunting until my Life Wheels refuse to absorb any more!"


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