Monster Paradise
1478 Arriving at the Core Layer
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1478 Arriving at the Core Layer

"You've all mastered Rule Bending Power, but from what I've seen in the previous battles, there's still a lot of room for improvement in how you utilize it.

"The use of Rule Bending Power consumes a large amount of Divine Power. At your current combat level, you can't use Rule Bending Power limitlessly. Therefore, you need to learn to accurately judge when to use it and which type of Rule Bending Power to use...

"Based on the last few battles that I saw, Lin Xin was the one who used it most accurately, even though she's only mastered one type of Rule Bending Power. Of course, this is also because she has only mastered one type of Rule Bending Power, so she only needs to determine the timing of her actions. Furthermore, having a good grasp of timing is a must for a firearms master.

"Lin Xuan, you've mastered the most number of Rule Bending Powers—six types, in fact—but your utilization is the poorest among the three of you. Not only did you make mistakes in the utilization of the rules themselves, but sometimes you also hesitated so you could think. This is a cardinal sin in battle...

"My personal suggestion is that you categorize the Rule Bending Powers that you've mastered so you can significantly cut down on the time used for thinking when in combat. When I first started out, I categorized the rules that I had mastered into three main types—strength, speed, and others. Whatever type of rules that I needed in combat, I would directly extract them from one of these categories and use them. Even if it's not suitable, you still won't be too far off if you use a similar type of Rule Bending Power.

"As the number of rules that you master increases, you can branch out from the main categories to divide them into different subcategories and group the rules with similar effects together...

"Of course, there are many people who find this troublesome—they would rather gain experience from actual combat. However, this will depend on individual potential. Most people take a longer time to master Rule Bending Power because it takes repeated practice to be able to make instant judgments in battle..."

Lin Xin, Lin Xuan, and Mr. Fu listened attentively as Lin Huang discussed his experiences because, in the long run, the number of rules that they mastered would increase constantly, and this categorization method would become useful sooner or later.

"Since using Rule Bending Power consumes a large amount of Divine Power, and the Divine Power within you is limited, you can't activate the rules each time you attack. The rules should be utilized within the area of your blade..."

Lin Huang continued to analyze their problems for them, and the three also listened to him very carefully.

Unlike Chan Dou's group, the overall abilities of Lin Xin's team were pretty much at the lowest level within the inner layer areas. To put it bluntly, almost all the other hunting teams in the inner layer were stronger than them.

After all, although the combat level of Chan Dou's team was not high, both Chan Dou and Xiao Mo had mastered rule power, so even if they were to encounter an intermediate-stage Virtual God within the outer layer areas, they were capable of protecting themselves.

However, in the inner layer areas, there was practically no one who had not mastered rule power. Furthermore, their combat strength was stronger than Lin Xin's team.

That was why Lin Huang could not help worrying about the three of them, and also why he let Witch hide off to one side to watch over them.

During their journey afterward, Lin Huang helped the three of them review their battles and pointed out issues. He also gave suggestions regarding the use of rule power based on the actual combat situation.

Under Lin Huang's guidance, the three of them started to become more and more familiar with the use of rule power after every battle.

Lin Huang only accompanied them for one day. During this period, the four of them also encountered an attack by a team of Abyssal hunters, the leader of whom was a fourth-rank.

Although Lin Xin's team was not able to turn the tide even after going a round against them, their performance was clearly miles better than when they had first entered the area.

In the end, Lin Huang stepped in and finished the team off.

Early the next morning, Lin Huang bid farewell to the three of them and headed toward the inner layer area alone.

The reason he could be at ease leaving the three of them behind was that they were being guarded by Witch. Furthermore, after a day of guidance and special training, their utilization of Rule Bending Power was now at a satisfactory level. It would be meaningless for him to continue accompanying them.

After separating from Lin Xin's group, Lin Huang swiftly headed toward his destination.

When the Thousand Snake Sect invaded the gravel world previously, he had actually collected enough seventh-rank and eighth-rank Divine Fires, but he only had six ninth-rank Divine Fires.

This time, his purpose in entering the Battlefield of the Dragon Abyss was to hunt for the remaining Divine Fires so he could break through to Virtual God rank-9 in one shot.

While following the path shown on the map, Lin Huang was also attacked by some true god-level monsters along the way. He casually killed them off, then used Divine Telekinesis to put the spoils into his space storage, not letting anything go to waste.

It took him the better part of half an hour to travel across the entire inner layer area. At the speed that Lin Xin's group was traveling within the inner and outer border area, it would probably take them at least half a month to cover this distance.

To avoid any unnecessary problems, Lin Huang disguised himself as a True God rank-9 using Thousand Face.

The Battlefield of the Dragon Abyss was not without solo travelers, and the core layer was no different. However, traveling solo was usually a sign of powerful ability.

Even in the core area where True God rank-9s were everywhere, most powerhouses still came in teams.

The core layer of the Battlefield of the Dragon Abyss was not located in the same space as the inner and outer layers but in an ancillary space. To be precise, it was on another battlefield fragment. However, this fragment that comprised the core layer was smaller, and it was embedded into the Battlefield of the Dragon Abyss, forming a structure similar to an ancillary space.

Although such a combination of two battlefield fragments was extremely rare, it was not unheard of. Some were formed naturally, while some were created artificially.

The Battlefield of the Dragon Abyss was said to have been formed naturally.

It might have been that the two battlefield fragments had collided together and formed this mosaic structure by chance.

Standing on the edge of a cliff, Lin Huang lowered his head and looked down.

More than ten meters below his feet, everything was shrouded by a layer of gray fog, preventing any kind of probing.

 Even his Divine Telekinesis could not pass through, much less his line of sight.

"This should be it..."

Lin Huang put the map away. He knew he had found the right place.

At the bottom of this cliff was the entrance to the core layer.

According to the information given out by Mysterious Item Pavilion, the core area was quite different from other parts of the Battlefield of the Dragon Abyss.

As this battlefield fragment of the core layer region had been the battlefield of two other Lords, not only was the material on the battleground more stable, but its gravity was also greater, and Space Rule could not be used.

Besides that, the density of Abyssal energy was also greater. Even the energy in the air was of the type that humans could not absorb at all; it had to be isolated using Divine Power. If a cultivator of insufficient ability were to enter, they would be corrupted in the extreme, to the point of becoming demonic or even deformed.

However, such an environment was an excellent place for Abyssal creatures to cultivate. As a result, there were a large number of abyssal monsters in the core layer, and the number of hunters from the Abyss was far greater than human hunters.

Lin Huang attempted a probe. He found nothing, but he had already expected that.

Taking a deep breath, he took a step forward, plunging down the cliff in free-fall…


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