Monster Paradise
1476 Lin Huang Leaves The Team
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1476 Lin Huang Leaves The Team

Upon hearing Lin Huang's prompting, Chan Dou and the other two were startled.

Right at this moment, the four Abyssal hunters behind them rushed over. 

All four had clearly sensed the fluctuations from the battle here. They had not participated because, on one hand, they did not think their teammates needed help, and for another, they wanted to block Lin Huang and the others' escape route.

Once the battle fluctuations had ended, they were too lazy to even use Divine Telekinesis to check on the outcome before charging straight over to this side of the battleground.

This was because, in the eyes of the four Abyssal hunters, this hunt was nothing to be concerned about; to them, it was entirely a one-sided massacre.

The disparity between Virtual God rank-3s and rank-5s was not something that could be offset easily. Moreover, this human team had also brought along a Virtual God rank-1 who would only be a liability. One did not need to be a genius to know what the outcome would be.

Moreover, the battle had only lasted for no more than half a minute, something that the four Abyssal hunters had expected. 

As the quartet ran toward the battleground, they were thinking about how to divide the spoils, but when they arrived at the scene and saw that Lin Huang and the others were still alive, they were immediately stunned.

A single question popped up in the minds of all four Abyssal hunters almost simultaneously, namely, 'What on earth is going on?!'

Right at this moment, Chan Dou sent a voice transmission to Xiao Mo without hesitation, "Now!"

Taking advantage of the four Abyssal hunters' momentary stupefaction, Chan Dou's figure once again transformed into a golden ray of light. Using his remaining Divine Power to boost his Light Elemental Enlightenment, he targeted the Virtual God rank-6 with the highest combat strength among the quartet.

Almost simultaneously, Xiao Mo also made his move, unleashing his full power, his figure once again disappearing into thin air…

The four Abyssal hunters were only briefly taken aback, but before they could recover their equilibrium, they saw a golden streak of light pierce through the body of a Black-armored Monster among them.

Not too far away, another Multi-eyed Monster—a Virtual God rank-5—was also being entangled by a dark shadow.

"Save me…" The Multi-eyed Monster entangled by the shadow struggled wretchedly, calling help from the remaining two hunters all the while. 

The two Abyssal hunters that had not been attacked were visibly shocked upon seeing what was happening. As one of them was hesitating over whether to come to their teammates' aid, the other abandoned its companion without hesitation and turned to flee.

Although this Virtual God rank-5 could not figure out what had happened and why these two humans would suddenly manifest such abilities, its two comrades with more powerful abilities than itself were both in jeopardy right before its very eyes. Also, three of its comrades up ahead were now all dead, so it decided it would choose to escape instead.

Seeing its companion decisively abandon it and flee, the Virtual God rank-4 that had initially been hesitating lost its courage and immediately turned to flee in the other direction.

On the battleground, although Chan Dou had succeeded in beheading the virtual god-level rank-6 Black-armored Monster, his Divine Power was completely depleted, and he no longer had even an ounce of strength left in his body to move.

On the other side, the Multi-eyed Monster was being slowly swallowed up by the dark shadow. Although Xiao Mo still had some energy left, he could not catch up with the two fleeing monsters.

When Lin Huang saw this, he finally took action. Two blood-red gleams shot out from the cuff of his sleeve; these instantly pierced through the void and impaled the bodies of the two Abyssal hunters that were frantically running away.

Once Lin Huang's telekinetic threads wrapped around the two corpses and brought them back, Xiao Mo finally completed his kill over on this end.

Xiao Mo was slightly out of breath. Although his Divine Power was not completely depleted, it was not enough to support him in calling up a third round of Rule Bending Power.

His condition was slightly better than Chan Dou's.

Seeing that Lin Huang had killed the last two monsters, Chan Dou lay flat on the ground, face-up, panting heavily.

Lin Huang used Divine Telekinesis to scan both of their bodies. Although Chan Dou had seriously overexerted his physical body, there were no residual effects. Xiao Mo had nothing much wrong with him either.

"Let's call it a day for today's battles then. We'll find a place to rest for a while." As soon as Lin Huang said this, Huang Wuji took the initiative to carry Chan Dou on his back, glancing at Xiao Mo.

"I'm alright; it's just that my Divine Power has been depleted a bit more than usual." Xiao Mo quickly waved him off.

After cleaning up the battleground, Lin Huang led the three of them to find a cave for temporary shelter.

Placing Chan Dou on the ground, Huang Wuji appeared slightly worried. "Is he alright?"

While he was carrying Chan Dou along the way, he felt as if the latter was unable to lift even a finger.

"He's alright, just extremely overexerted. A good rest, and he'll be fine," Lin Huang explained.

Xiao Mo also sat down beside Chan Dou while leaning against the wall of the cave, his expression one of exhaustion.

In truth, he was also aching all over, but his physical body had not reached the point of overexertion yet.

"Let me give all of you a review of your battle just now.

"First of all, you're not vigilant enough. Although the probing range of your Divine Telekinesis isn't as wide as the other team, you still have other probing methods you can use. If you notice anything unusual, you should immediately adopt other probing methods to see if there are enemies ambushing you, so that you can prepare in advance…

"The second point is one that I think you all managed quite well—making decisive moves with no hesitation. Master Chan and Xiao Mo's cooperation was actually very good, and they already have a tacit understanding between them. Not only that, but they also trust each other. This is an excellent thing.

"My third point is one in which Master Chan committed a serious error. There's nothing wrong with fighting to the death. At any given time, however, one must always leave oneself a chance of survival. I know you were worried that a single strike wouldn't be enough to get rid of the enemy, so you didn't dare hold anything back in your third attack. However, this resulted in you utterly losing any means of self-preservation. Since your Divine Power was completely depleted, even if you had a life-saving trump card, you might not have been able to use it. In terms of the appropriate apportioning of Divine Power, you still need more combat experience.

"If I hadn't acted just now, once the two fleeing monsters realized that no one was pursuing them, they would definitely have come back to check. That's because in this kind of hunting ground, even if one person has energy left, they'll chase down any remaining enemies to avoid bringing even more trouble upon themselves. It's normal to fail in any pursuit, but both of you didn't even chase after them at all—this would most certainly have roused their suspicions. Once they'd had a chance to calm down, there's a high possibility that they would have returned to check the battleground; they might even have pursued you in return..."

Lin Huang conducted a post-mortem of the whole battle, pointed out some of the group's issues, then took out three storage rings from his space storage, which he tossed to each of them in turn.

"There are some Divine Crystals inside these—not many, but they should be enough for you to replenish your Divine Power during this trial."

Lin Huang finished, then continued, "Personally, my suggestion is that you shouldn't go in any deeper for the time being. It's best that you withdraw a certain distance. If you can elevate your combat level, elevate it; if you can upgrade your abilities in other aspects, then do so. Obtain resources steadily and surely; don't rush in. If you keep going in any further, not only might there be intermediate-stage Virtual Gods, but even teams of high-level Virtual Gods might show up."

After a day's rest, Xiao Mo was back to peak condition. Although Chan Dou's body was not fully restored, he had also recovered eighty percent of his abilities.

Lin Huang gave them a few more words of advice before taking his leave of them, swiftly traveling on his own toward the deeper reaches of the battleground.

After Chan Dou and the other two watched Lin Huang leave, they took heed of his suggestions and turned around, heading back in the direction from which they had come…


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