Monster Paradise
1473 Kids Who Are Digging Their Own Graves
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1473 Kids Who Are Digging Their Own Graves

After ending his conversation with Bloody, Lin Huang pondered for a while and decided to bring forward his intended hunting time.

"Your other materials can be put aside for now; you can look at them when you've come back from the hunt. Today, memorize the monster guide—tomorrow we're going hunting first thing in the morning!"

After sending this message to the newly formed chat group, Lin Huang tagged everyone. 

"What happened? Why are we suddenly in such a hurry?" Mr. Fu was the first one to pop up and ask.

He had only achieved his breakthrough to true god-level not too long ago and was still adjusting to the novelty of coming to the great world. He had only just begun to relax and had not expected Lin Huang to bring the originally-scheduled hunting time forward. 

"Kylie has run into some problems on her end, so I need to upgrade my combat level to true god-level as soon as possible," Lin Huang explained briefly.

"When you enter the battleground this time, you don't necessarily have to kill tons of abyssal monsters. Your main focus is on familiarizing yourselves with the environment." In reality, Lin Huang could enter the battleground entirely on his own but he was a little uneasy about letting Lin Xin and the others charge into the battleground without his supervision. Therefore, after some deliberation, he still ended up choosing to bring forward the entire itinerary so he could take them in to explore first.

After chatting a bit more in the group, Lin Huang closed the chat group and went to the branch of the Mysterious Item Pavilion alone. 

After buying a copy of detailed information about the Abyssal battleground nearby, Lin Huang immediately began going through it carefully.

This expanse of battleground where Demon Hunter Star Zone was located went by the name of the Battlefield of the Dragon Abyss. It was originally the main battleground where a Lord from the Dragon Tribe and a Lord from the Abyss engaged in combat. It was currently the off-peak season for battles, and entry to the battleground was restricted by the Lords of the Dragon Tribe and the Abyss—only powerhouses below heavenly god-level could go in to hunt. 

The reason for preserving this sort of battleground was mainly to train up new blood for various major organizations.

To prevent geniuses who had not yet grown into maturity from encountering more powerful enemies, the battleground was further subdivided into the outer, inner, and core layers.

Only Virtual Gods could enter the outer layer. The inner layer was the battleground for True Gods, while the core layer was where the topmost-tier True God powerhouses clashed. 

The core and inner layers were connected, but the powerhouses in the core layer usually could not be bothered to enter the inner layer to battle with low to medium-rank True Gods.

On the other hand, the outer and inner layers were connected, but only one-way. Virtual Gods in the outer layer were able to enter the inner layer; conversely, however, True Gods from the inner layer were unable to enter the outer layer to hunt Virtual Gods.

As a result, in the Battlefield of the Dragon Abyss, some virtual god-level peak powerhouses would hunt along the border area between the outer and inner layers and occasionally fought against True Gods. If they were to find themselves in a situation, they could immediately escape to the outer layer to avoid being hunted down by True Gods.

'Looks like I'll have to go around the inner layer first, hunt enough seventh and eighth-rank Divine Fires, then enter the core layer.' Lin Huang's goal was very clear. 'I just don't know whether there'll be any True God peak powerhouses showing up in the core layer…'

After carefully reading over the information once, Lin Huang sent a copy of it to Lin Xin and the rest of the group.

"All of you, take a look through this information. There's no need to read it all—just read the relevant information about the hunting area you'll be in, and that will do."

After making these arrangements, Lin Huang closed his eyes right away and began cultivating Seamless, patiently awaiting the start of the hunt.

At eight o'clock the next morning, everyone met together at the agreed time.

"Has everyone done their pre-battle preparations?" Lin Huang's gaze swept over everyone present. He could sense that, apart from Lin Xuan and Chan Dou, everyone else was more or less slightly nervous, including Mr. Fu.

Lin Xuan was not nervous, perhaps due to the last few years of hardship that had formed his unflappable character.

On the other hand, Chan Dou was not nervous because, as one of the five princes, he had almost never failed while growing up. This gave him massive confidence.

Mr. Fu being nervous was something Lin Huang could understand. After all, Mr. Fu had not utilized his full abilities in many years, much less hunt in ruins. Moreover, after coming to the great world this time, he had seen a large number of True Gods, which had made him more cautious on some levels. 

As for Lin Xin and Xiao Mo, they had minimal combat experience, and both of them had never been to any ruins while growing up.

Huang Wuji was nervous because he had just elevated to virtual god-level and had yet to officially cross swords with other virtual god-level powerhouses.

"There's no need be nervous—the main purpose of going in this time is to familiarize yourselves with the environment," Lin Huang reassured them with a smile, "Let me brief you about the specifics of the arrangement now.

"Master Chan and Xiao Mo, realistically there shouldn't be many Virtual Gods who have mastered Rule Bending Power in the outer layer area. So, my suggestion to both of you is not to use Rule Bending Power unless absolutely necessary, and try your best to find rank-3 and rank-4 Virtual Gods for combat practice, otherwise, the experiences won't bring much in the way of results. Also, I did consider that Wuji is a Virtual God rank-1, so he'll find it more difficult to hunt alone. He'll still need you both to accompany him, which is why I don't recommend delving deep into the outer layer area."

After Lin Huang finished talking, he turned to look at Lin Xin, Lin Xuan, and Mr. Fu once again.

"Xiao Xin, although you're only a Virtual God rank-9, with your equipment, running into low-rank True Gods shouldn't be a huge problem. You can follow Teacher and Da Xuan into the inner area and be their reinforcement because both of them can't enter the outer area…"

Only after arranging the itineraries for both teams did Lin Huang set out with all six of them and enter the dimensional portal to the battleground area.

Once they stepped out of the portal, the seven of them appeared right away at the battleground entrance.

From afar, Lin Xin saw groups of men holding hands and walking through the entrance to the battleground.

"What are they doing?" Lin Xin looked astonished.

"This is to allow teams to be teleported to the same coordinates. If they don't hold hands, everyone will be teleported to different locations."

"Alright then…" Lin Xin nodded, but suddenly asked, "We have both Virtual God and True God combat levels so, if we all hold hands, will we also be teleported to the same coordinates?"

"Yes, we'll all be teleported to the inner layer." Lin Huang nodded. "Virtual Gods can enter the inner layer area; it's only True Gods who can't enter the outer layer area from the inner layer. If True Gods and Virtual Gods teleport together, they will all be teleported to the inner layer area.

"Girl, you definitely must not have read the materials carefully yesterday," Lin Huang commented in some irritated.

"I did read them!" Lin Xin's voice faltered, "It's just that I didn't really look at the details…"

There were not many people lining up at the battleground entrance to register. In front of Lin Huang and the others, there were only three teams left, all of which consisted of only True Gods.

Seeing that there were several Virtual Gods on Lin Huang's team, the other teams began discussing quietly amongst themselves.

A female member of the team in front looked at Huang Wuji and a few others before hesitating a moment and walking over regardless.

"The danger level for this battleground is extremely high. The outer layer area is even more chaotic than the inner layer area. I would suggest that unless you're a high-rank Virtual God, it's probably best you don't enter." After the woman finished, she intentionally eyed Lin Huang, who was a Virtual God rank-6, obviously insinuating, "You shouldn't enter either."

"Thanks for the reminder; we're just going in to have a look. If it doesn't work, we'll come back out," Lin Huang replied with a smile, knowing that she meant well. 

Upon seeing this, the woman merely frowned slightly but did not say anything further before turning around and going back to her team.

"Why do you bother about them? They're willing to dig their own graves…" A male member of the team grinned at the woman. 

The man intentionally did not use voice transmission, so even the other two teams in front looked over as well.

Lin Huang and the others naturally heard him loud and clear but ignored him and continued to line up.

In less than two minutes, the three teams in front finished registering themselves and entered the battleground holding hands.

Registration for Lin Huang's team was also completed very rapidly. 

"Team NF404…" The registrar watched as Lin Huang and the others split into two groups and held hands to go through the battleground entrance. His lips twitched in resignation, "Another bunch of kids digging their own graves…" 


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