Monster Paradise
1400 His Majesty’s Return
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1400 His Majesty’s Return

As soon as Lin Huang hung up the call, there was a spatial fluctuation not far away. He looked up, and Mr. Fu stepped out of the portal with a smile on his face.


After seeing Mr. Fu again after a year, he felt like it was as though he was seeing his relative.

"Kid, you don't seem like you've changed much. Seems like you got a little firmer..." Mr. Fu looked at Lin Huang up and down carefully. "I can't see through the intensity of this aura though..."

"I used something to cover my aura. My actual combat level is only Virtual God rank-3." With Mr. Fu, Lin Huang had nothing to hide. Besides, his combat level was not a secret that could not be shared.

"Not only did you break through the virtual god-level in one year, but you've also been promoted to rank-3. The progress of this kind of cultivation is already very fast." Mr. Fu was envious of Lin Huang's cultivation speed.

"Teacher, your aura has become more stable, and it seems like you look younger than a year ago." Lin Huang also noticed that Mr. Fu's condition was better compared to a year ago. One year of recuperation had completely stabilized his Virtual God rank-9 combat strength, and he even made little progress.

"Well, with our relationship as master and apprentice, we are not outsiders, so we don't have to flatter each other." Mr. Fu smiled and shook his head. "Let's go back first and talk about it when we get to Emperor City."

After he had finished speaking, he pulled Lin Huang and stepped into the portal again.

A moment later, there was a wave of spatial fluctuation in the conference room No. 1 of the Dynasty headquarters.

Then, two figures stepped out from the portal.

When they saw Lin Huang, everyone in the meeting room stood up.

Lin Huang glanced around, smiled, and nodded. "Let's sit down."

Huang Baiyu and Huang Haoyang, who were sitting on both sides of Mr. Fu, immediately moved their chairs to the side. Huang Tianfu and the others also moved back. It was only then did everyone take their seats.

After Lin Huang and Mr. Fu took their seats, Lin Huang asked Huang Tianfu in surprise, "Why are there so many people today? What's happened?"

"It's regarding the matter of you destroying the space crack barrier. When it was discovered that the barrier was broken, the Union Government panicked and immediately notified the cooperative forces. They asked us to convene the virtual god-levels as quickly as possible, saying that we would jointly kill the invaders." Mr. Fu, who was on the side, explained.

"Well, I'm sorry for the trouble that I've caused." Lin Huang was a little dumbfounded. He had not expected the Union Government to be so sensitive.

"Then, while everyone is here today, let's have a meeting together. After all, I have been away for a year. Let's talk briefly about what has happened this year." Lin Huang went straight to work.

"After Your Majesty left, our general direction has always been in accordance with the one-year plan left by Your Majesty. There is basically no change except for some adjustments based on actual conditions.

"This year, the cooperation between all organizations and us has been deepening. The trading market and mission zone that we have established have fully developed and become the world's largest trading market and mission zone. Through the efforts that Dynasty has put into this year, we have secured the position of the sixth giant.

"In the past, we were all doing our own thing in the exploration of the ruins and wastelands. In recent months, for some ruins and wastelands, the Union Government, the Hunter Association, Misery, and the heretics have all had joint explorations with us...

"Although there are some organizations secretly searching for the news of the return of Your Majesty, there is basically no actual action being taken. This year, everyone as a whole is still abiding by the rules of the game. Occasionally, individuals who break the rules appear, and we deal with them in the first instance...

"Due to the richness of resources, the number of god relics owned by the major organizations has increased to a certain extent. Many demigods have been promoted to the virtual god-level through Mr. Fu. The number of virtual god-levels of the major organizations has also increased.

"Also, several imperial-levels were successfully promoted to virtual god-level due to the influence of the ancient era cultivation practices. Both the Union Government and the Hunter Association have begun to promote the ancient cultivation practices on a large scale internally..."

As he listened to Huang Tianfu's report for the year, Huang Wunan, who was next to him, would add explanations from time to time. Lin Huang now knew about the various things that had happened this year.

"You guys did a good job, much better than I expected." Lin Huang nodded in satisfaction. "After I return, there is no need to change the general direction. Just follow the plan from before."

The reason why the general direction would not be changed was that the general direction had originally been set by Bloody. Now that Bloody was not there, Lin Huang did not intend to make any changes.

Although he still had Supreme Intelligence's Grimace as his apprentice, Lin Huang would rather not change his plan as he felt horrified when he thought about letting Grimace provide an idea.

"The invasion crisis may come at any time, so we still can't relax. Try to improve your own ability in all aspects before the crisis really hits, even if it's just enhancing your life-saving ability..."

"I have been in the God Territory of the great world for a year, and there are many powerhouses with solid abilities. The virtual god-level is only the starting point for cultivation. In the God Territory of the great world, the virtual god-level can only guard grade-1 and grade-2 Shelters. Only high-level Virtual Gods are qualified to guard grade-2 Shelters. There are even many guardians of grade-2 Shelters who are Virtual God rank-9s. As for the high-rank grade-3 Shelters, the guardians must be at least at true god-level..."

Lin Huang's description of the great world immediately commanded the full attention of everyone present.

"In grade-5 and grade-6 organizations, the virtual god-level can only act as the outermost member, and some even only have the qualifications to become a reserve member..."

"Your Majesty, above the True God, is there really a stronger heavenly god-level powerhouse?" A Duke could not help asking when Lin Huang was drinking and resting.

"Of course there are Heavenly Gods. Even in the great world, heavenly god-level can be considered powerhouses. The guardians of the grade-5 Shelter and the leaders of the grade-5 organizations are basically Heavenly Gods. For organizations without any heavenly god-levels, the Shelter and the rating of the organization can't reach grade-5. As for the grade-6 organizations, the leader is basically the peak-stage of Heavenly Gods, and they may even be an ultimate powerhouse who has reached half-step Lord."

"As for the higher-rank Lords, they are definitely the peak-stage powerhouses in the great world. Protoss is one of the most powerful races in the great world, but the number of Lords in the entire God Territory is only about seven people..."

Lin Huang only gave a simple explanation, but everyone's heart was already surging.

This meeting lasted almost two hours. Except for Huang Tianfu who introduced the changes in the gravel world this year, the rest of the time was basically Lin Huang's Q\u0026A time.

Regarding the great world, the people of Dynasty had too many questions and curiosities.

Finally, after encountering Lin Huang who had returned from the great world, all kinds of weird questions naturally emerged.

Lin Huang was patient and answered all the questions that he could answer.

Later, it was Huang Tianfu who really could not stand it anymore, so he stopped everyone's questions and urged for the meeting to end. If they kept on asking, this meeting may not end at all.

This may also be the first meeting since the establishment of the Dynasty where everyone was reluctant to leave...


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