Monster Paradise
1399 Someone Come And Get Me
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1399 Someone Come And Get Me

After he watched Lin Huang leave, Qi Hong's mind was still bewildered.

A few minutes ago, His Majesty was still casually chatting with him about anything and everything, completely ignoring the threat posed by the True God monster that was in front of them.

However, at the moment when the true god-level undead completely emerged from the dimensional gateway, a red dot appeared between the eyebrows of the monster with a terrifying aura. Its huge body then fell to the ground, disrupting the dust on the ground. 

From beginning to end, His Majesty did not seem to have made any moves. He had not even moved from where he stood.

After that, Lin Huang walked over to put the corpse away. He then walked to the cliff to squeeze out the complicated handprints and re-sealed the space crack. The whole process took less than a minute.

Even until Lin Huang said bye to Qi Hong before he left, Qi Hong had yet to fully recover.

When he had fully recovered, Lin Huang had already disappeared without a trace.

"Does this world really have such a powerful existence? He could even kill a True God within seconds..."

Still reeling in from shock, Qi Hong contacted the head of the Agency EA again.

"Qi Hong, how is it?" Seeing that his subordinate from EA3 was dialing his number again, Guan Zhong knew that the matter had probably been resolved.

"His Majesty has killed the undead and repaired the space crack." Qi Hong immediately mentioned the result of the matter.

Guan Zhong was silent for a moment before asking, "Is there a record of the battle?"

"No." Qi Hong helplessly shook his head.

In the video projection, Guan Zhong frowned and was about to ask why Qi Hong did not make a record when Qi Hong continued speaking, "It was an instant kill. I didn't even see him make a move or see him move at all when that undead died..."

When he heard that, Guan Zhong's lips trembled slightly. He took a deep breath and said to Qi Hong, "Let's put your trial on pause temporarily. Come back and write a report on the whole thing. What did Lin Huang do? What did he say to you? Everything must be recorded without omission. The report will be sent to me before 4:30 this afternoon!"

After he hung up the call with his subordinate, Guan Zhong, who was sat at his desk, rubbed his temples. His eyes were full of fatigue and anxiety.

"I'm not too sure if Lin Huang's return this time is a good thing or a bad thing..."

Although he had tried his best to overestimate Lin Huang's ability, the actual ability that Lin Huang displayed still surprised him.

Even the first-rank undead stuck in the dimensional gateway just now was considered a powerful existence unmatched in the gravel world. To expel this monster, it was estimated that all the Virtual Gods in the entire gravel world needed to be assembled.

However, Lin Huang had achieved an instant kill, which meant that Lin Huang's true ability was at least that of a third-rank or even stronger.

In the gravel world, this kind of ability meant that Lin Huang was invincible!

He sat on the chair and calmed down for a little. Guan Zhong then clicked on the communication page and scanned the contacts one by one. He finally landed on 'Chairman Jiang Shan'.

When they received the notice from the Union Government, the virtual god-level upper management of the Hunter Association, Dynasty, and other organizations quickly entered a state of combat readiness and gathered all the powerhouses of the virtual god-level.

In the conference hall of Dynasty, all the virtual god-levels were gathered. They were prepared to discuss the matter of the Abyss Brink when the Union Government notified them of another news.

"The invader has been killed. The space crack in the Abyss Brink has also been repaired..."

"What's the situation? What in the name of the Union Government?" Huang Tufu directly expressed his dissatisfaction. "More than ten minutes ago, he said that the invader's ability may be astonishing and asked us to assemble the Virtual Gods. He directed for us to get ready to form a joint army at any time to conquer the invaders of the Abyss Brink. Now that we are all assembled, he suddenly says that the invaders have been killed. Is he playing us?!"

"Under normal circumstances, the Union Government would not shoot at random. Their intelligence is reviewed by Agency EA. Besides, the first-ever person who sealed the space crack is me. I also sensed that the barrier was broken. The presence of an intruder should not be false news. But what happened later is only known by the Union Government." Mr. Fu had not expected the crisis to be resolved this way.

"What is even more strange is that the Union Government has no explanation for the crisis that was resolved. Only a notice was sent, which seems like they are deliberately hiding something." Huang Tianfu's instinct was very accurate.

The other forces had a similar feeling when they received the second notice. They were all baffled with the unexplained notice of the Union Government.

The Union Government had a hard time talking about it. They could not explain that it was Lin Huang who had dealt with the invaders of the true god-level. That would only strengthen the prestige of Dynasty and Lin Huang.

Therefore, they only sent a notice to others without any further explanation.

When Lin Huang came out of the Abyss Brink, he was about to summon the dimensional portal to return directly to Emperor City, but he found that the dimensional portal could not be summoned.

He then remembered that the dimensional portal with the coordinates of the Emperor City had been destroyed by the Demon Buddhist Holy Son not long ago.

Before he left the gravel world, he had only kept this portal.

Standing at the entrance of the Abyss Brink, Lin Huang was speechless. "It seems that I can only call Tianfu and the others to come to get me. If I were to take the long-distance dimensional portal by myself, it will probably take me ten days to half a month. "

After all, Emperor City was once the territory of the dark organizations. There were not many external long-distance dimensional portals connected to it. If he were to return to Emperor City from the Abyss Brink through the long-distance dimensional portal, it was estimated that it would take a lot of such portals for him to reach his destination.

After he thought about it for a moment, Lin Huang changed into the Emperor's Heart Ring of the gravel world, clicked on the communication page, found the name 'Huang Tianfu', and clicked on it.

After a while, the video projection was connected.

Not only Huang Tianfu, but Mr. Fu and the others were all there. Almost everyone in the meeting room came over.

"Your Majesty?!"

"You are all here." Lin Huang smiled and waved to everyone. "Teacher, you are here too."

"Apprentice, are you back in the gravel world?" Mr. Fu felt a little strange. "Why didn't you come back to Emperor City directly?"

"Uh..." The expression on Lin Huang's face was a bit embarrassed. He had not expected so many people to be there as soon as the video was connected. "My portal was destroyed. I called Tianfu to ask him to come to get me. I didn't expect all of you to be here as well."

"I'll come to get you. Where are you?" Mr. Fu took the initiative and said.

"I'm outside of the Abyss Brink now." Lin Huang finished speaking and moved the camera of the video to reveal the entrance of the Abyss Brink behind him.

"You are in the Abyss Brink?" The expressions on the faces of Mr. Fu, Huang Tianfu, and others turned a little strange.

"Yes, I just came out of the third floor." Lin Huang nodded.

"The space barrier that I set up, were you the one who destroyed it?" After he heard Lin Huang talk about the third floor of the Abyss Brink, Mr. Fu immediately realized that the so-called intruder might have been Lin Huang.

"It was me, but I have re-sealed it." Lin Huang was a little helpless. He knew that the Union Government had communicated the news.

"Were there other monsters that passed through with you?" Mr. Fu asked.

"There was an undead, but I also resolved it."

After listening to Lin Huang's explanation, everyone in Dynasty understood why the Union Government had issued such a notice without any explanation.

"I'll come to get you. We'll talk once you're back." Before he hung up the video call, Mr. Fu had already summoned the dimensional portal and stepped into it.


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