Monster Paradise
1397 The Final Three Days
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1397 The Final Three Days

The gravel world. 

It was early spring, and the temperature in the Emperor City had begun to warm up gradually. People took off their heavy winter clothes and began to regain their former vitality.

In the early morning, the sun rose and the sky was an azure color, clear and cloudless as if it had been freshly washed.

Sunlight poured onto skin, permeating with a touch of warmth.

Mrs. Fatty's Soup Dumplings was opened early as usual.

There were not that many guests at around six in the morning. Brother Fatty and Mrs. Fatty were busy with their respective work, but they would chat with old guests from time to time.

Not long after, a short-haired young girl and a dark-skinned youth walked toward Mrs. Fatty's Soup Dumplings. 

"Little Xin and Xiao Mo are here. Both of you please have a seat. The dumplings are not cooked yet. Brother Fatty will bring them to you later when they're ready!" Mrs. Fatty greeted enthusiastically. She did not even ask the two of them what they wanted to eat as she had perfectly memorized the usual orders of regular customers like them. 

"It's okay, Mrs. Fatty, we see that you're busy. We're not in a hurry," Lin Xin responded with a smile.

"Little Xin, why did you come so early today?" Brother Fatty asked with a smile as he worked.

"I had a bit of insomnia yesterday. After sleeping for a little while, it was already bright, and I couldn't fall back asleep after waking up, so I dragged Brother Xiao Mo with me to have breakfast," Lin Xin explained with a smile.

"Young people like you are always staying up late without taking care of your bodies. Listen to Mrs. Fatty, as long as you don't stay up too late and rest early, you definitely won't have insomnia." Mrs. Fatty took the initiative to give some advice based on her own experience. "When I was young, your Brother Fatty and I were busy until midnight. We burned the midnight oil too many times, and I couldn't sleep well later on..."

"What do you mean that you can't sleep well? You sleep like a little pig every day once you hit the sack…" Brother Fatty quietly said as he pulled the rug under Mrs. Fatty's feet. 

"What did you say?!" They immediately glared at each other once Mrs. Fatty heard what he said. 

"I said I always sleep well. I sleep like a little pig every day once I hit the sack," Brother Fatty shrunk back and immediately corrected his words. 

"What do you mean 'little pig'! You're a giant hog! Your snoring can shake the whole bed!" Mrs. Fatty ruthlessly causticized her husband.

"Okay, okay, I'm a giant hog, and you're a little fairy. You weigh four taels, and you have a pair of wings. A gust of wind can make you soar into the sky, okay?" Brother Fatty laughed as he ranted on. 

"Brother Fatty, your rhymes are not bad. You can join a rapping show."

Listening to the couple's daily bickering, the customers could not help but laugh. 

Seeing that the expression on Lin Xin's face had finally relaxed a little, Xiao Mo finally opened his mouth.

"Don't worry, His Majesty will be fine."

"But there are only three days left until the appointed one-year period, and there is still no news from my brother..." Lin Xin furrowed her eyebrows and shook her head slightly.

"The one-year period is only a general timeline. If he's being delayed by something, it's normal for him to be late by a few days," Xiao Mo helped Lin Huang explain.

"What I'm worried about now is if he can't come back on time due to some trouble. After all, he's in the great world. Not only are there Virtual Gods and True Gods there, but there are also heavenly god-level powerhouses." Lin Xin expressed her worries. 

"You're thinking too much. Bloody is by His Majesty's side. If he really were to encounter any problems, Bloody will definitely help him out. I think even if they were to fail to return by the appointed one-year period, it'll be more likely that they haven't found a way back and not because they've encountered an enemy," Xiao Mo voiced his guess. 

The two chatted for some time. After a while, Brother Fatty carried a few trays of dumplings and brought them over with a smile.

"Enjoy your food. There's still more if this is not enough."

"Thank you, Brother Fatty!"


Right before nine in the morning, the long table of the Dynasty's conference room in the Emperor City was fully occupied.

The good-looking young man seated in the first seat was, to everyone's surprise, Lin Huang's teacher–Mr. Fu.

Huang Baiyu and Huang Haoyang were seated on either side of Mr. Fu. 

Huang Tianfu, Huang Wunan, Huang Tufu, and the other virtual god-level Dukes were seated on either side of the conference table in an orderly fashion. 

At exactly nine o'clock, the meeting officially began. 

Huang Tianfu was the first to open his mouth, "There are only three more days left until His Majesty's promised one-year period. Regardless of whether His Majesty can return as scheduled or not, we should still push forward with the follow-up preparations.

"If His Majesty returns as planned without a hitch, then all will be good. However, if His Majesty is not able to return as scheduled, then the Union Government, Hunter Association, and other similar forces will surely get some ideas. Sooner or later, they'll join forces to put pressure on us from the Dynasty to gain more rights to explore the wastelands and ruins...

"Today's meeting, for one, is to prepare for matters related to the return of His Majesty. However, it is also necessary to work out the follow-up plans to deal with the Union Government, Hunter Association, and other forces…"


Before three in the afternoon, all sixty-six Sword Servants, except for Sword301 and Sword302, returned one after another.

Lin Huang opened the portal to the Great Heaven Palace and sent all sixty-eight Sword Servants back to the Great Heaven Palace before embarking on the journey to return alone. 

In the great world, hundreds of star zones stretched across the border area between the God Territory and the Abyssal Tribe. Most of the star zone borders had been blocked by the Lords of both sides to prevent members of the other tribe from entering their territory.

Only five battlefield regions had not been completely blocked off and were regions that both sides could enter.

The ruins of Lust that Lin Huang had just been to were one of those. 

However, the space gateway in Qi Muxiong's memory was located in another battlefield called the Undead Dimension.

The Undead Dimension was actually a battlefield for the Protoss and the Abyssal Tribe since the beginning of time and was currently one of the oldest battlefields to exist in the God Territory.

According to rumors, this battlefield was originally a prosperous area with many stars. However, the area was destroyed during a battle between two Lords and it had since become a piece of wasteland.

Besides that, there was something else that was special about the Undead Dimension. Living beings that died in the Undead Dimension would automatically turn into an undead or the undying species. They would survive in their new life forms. It is said that this attribute was also due to the influence of the remaining aura left behind by the two Lords after their battle.

Due to a lack of resources as well as the remoteness of the location, not many people from the God Territory would come here to hunt except during a war. Therefore, there were very few teleportation points that were connected to this place.

Lin Huang spent a full day and a half on the road before finally arriving at this battlefield. 

After registering at the entrance of the battlefield, he stepped into the battlefield without hesitation.

After entering, Lin Huang noticed that the scene in front of him was starting to become familiar. Many of the stars quickly overlapped with the image in Qi Muxiong's memory.

Lin Huang followed the route in his memory, and it took him about a day and a night to finally locate the dimensional gateway. 

After summoning Warlord to release a probing robot and successfully completing the exploration, Lin Huang then retrieved Warlord back into his card form and went through the dimensional gateway...


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