Monster Paradise
1393 Demonic Buddhist Holy Son
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1393 Demonic Buddhist Holy Son

Lin Huang was hunting a sixth-rank True God when a message suddenly came from the hive, sent through directly by the Queen Mother. 

He was rather surprised but did not check it immediately. Instead, he continued to fight his prey.

About half an hour later after he had killed and dealt with his target, he clicked on the message sent by the hive.

"Retrieve the hive and the other imperial monsters as soon as possible! Leave the ruins!"

Upon seeing this message, Lin Huang was first taken aback; after that, he suddenly reacted. "What did you do?"

"We launched the bug horde, activated the Bug Tribe battleship, and practically wiped out all the low-rank True Gods," the Queen Mother replied within seconds.

"(⊙o⊙)..." Lin Huang was stunned.

"Other monsters in the True God area have already begun to notice this state of affairs. Now we are hiding in the hive with our massive army. However, the news has most likely spread throughout the entire True God area and there is a possibility that large-scale uprisings will occur at the ruins. It's not just the Bug Tribe, but all the participants who will be affected and become targets of revenge for these local monsters." It was a Superbrain Worm that said this.

"This is still not the worst state of affairs. In the worst-case scenario, the heavenly god-levels in the inner perimeter may also be alarmed and enter the outer perimeter to stop us..." Another Superbrain Worm added.

The words of the two Superbrain Worms made Lin Huang realize the seriousness of the situation. He immediately contacted the two Sword Servants using their telepathic bond.

"A situation has come up. Give me your coordinates, both of you; I'll find a suitable meeting point. Stop hunting immediately and get there as fast as you can."

After notifying the two Sword Servants, Lin Huang immediately contacted all the imperial monsters.

"Everyone, stop hunting immediately! Pack up all the spoils of the hunt at once. After one minute, I will return everyone to card status!"

Right after he notified the imperial monsters, Sword301 and Sword302 sent their coordinates over at the same time.

Lin Huang glanced at their coordinates and his own, then roughly calculated a meeting point nearest to all three of them. He then sent the coordinates to the two Sword Servants.

"Stop whatever you're doing and hurry to the rendezvous! If you encounter monsters on the way that you can kill immediately, do it—detour if you can't. Don't waste time tangling with them. Once you get to the meeting point, if I'm not there yet, look for a hiding place nearby and conceal yourselves so monsters can't find you."

After sending the message, Lin Huang immediately turned his attention again to the imperial monsters. One by one, he returned all the imperial monsters to their cards and also retrieved the hive and the Bug Tribe.

Once he had taken care of his worries about possible impending consequences, Lin Huang sprinted towards the coordinates he and the two Sword Servants had agreed upon.

Less than ten minutes after he had set out, he suddenly sensed that a beam of Divine Telekinesis was locked on his body, and an aura was approaching at rapid speed.

Lin Huang ignored this, fully unleashing Seraphic Speed God Rule and rapid speed sword skill Elemental Enlightenment. His figure transformed into a flash of red lightning and he accelerated out of the other's Divine Telekinesis sensing range.

With his current combat strength in addition to the various rapid speed sword skills he had mastered, his long-distance flight speed was no lower than that of an ordinary sixth-rank True God. If it was in actual combat which required short-range bursts and shifts, his advantage was even more obvious, to the point of surpassing most sixth-rank True Gods.

Only after spending a few minutes to get out of the Divine Telekinesis lock did Lin Huang breathe a sigh of relief. Suddenly two Divine Telekinesis beams swept over and locked onto him once more.

"From the looks of things, these abyssal monsters have already begun searching for the participants..." Lin Huang immediately realized that it was not a coincidence that he had been discovered earlier; all the abyssal monsters were using Divine Telekinesis to search for participants.

At this point, he could not help frowning slightly, not because he was being hunted, but because he knew that Sword301 and Sword302 were also likely to have encountered the same thing as he had.

Moreover, he harbored even greater worries in mind.

After he had accelerated out of range of the two abyssal monsters' Divine Telekinesis probe, Lin Huang pressed the Thousand Face mask on his face with one hand. The aura of his entire body changed drastically in less than a second and his figure turned into a human-like Abyssal evil spirit type.

Once he had used Thousand Face to disguise himself as an Abyssal creature, Lin Huang quickened his pace and hastened toward the coordinates agreed upon.

For the next half an hour, Lin Huang had a smooth journey. Even if Divine Telekinesis swept over him every two or three minutes, it just lingered for a while before quickly moving away, apparently treating him as an Abyssal.

It took more than half an hour to arrive at the designated coordinates. Lin Huang sat on a boulder to wait patiently for the arrival of the two Sword Servants.

He knew that both of them must have had a much harder time than himself.

After about half an hour, Sword301 and Sword302 arrived on the heels of each other, less than three minutes apart.

Seeing that both of them had arrived safely, Lin Huang finally breathed a sigh of relief.

The two of them were stunned when they first saw Lin Huang. At first glance, they did not recognize him.

Lin Huang took the initiative to greet them, removing Thousand Face. The two of them then lifted the concealment they had used to hide themselves.

Now that Sword302 and Sword301 had arrived, Lin Huang did not waste time in idle talk. He immediately summoned the dimensional portal and pulled the two of them into it.

When he first entered the ruins, he had already used the dimensional portal to set the coordinates to the entrance and exit.

The minute they stepped out of the portal, Lin Huang's hair stood on end as a dangerous aura assaulted his senses. Without even thinking about it he dragged the two Sword Servants with him and darted away immediately.

A black gleam hit the spot where the three of them had just stepped out from and bombarded the dimensional portal, which instantly turned into powder.

Hundreds of meters away, Lin Huang looked warily at the person who had launched the assault.

The other party was dressed in a snow-white monk's robe, facing Lin Huang in profile. Although he was bald, Lin Huang had never seen a person who pulled off a bald head so beautifully. The half of his face that could be seen was so perfect that one could not spot any flaws.

At first glance, Lin Huang was taken aback when he saw his opponent. This was because the other party looked like a human youth, and the aura he exuded was also that of a peaceful Buddhist cultivator.

"Your reaction's not too bad!" The corners of the lips on the visible half of the face quirked up and the figure turned around slowly.

Once the other had turned fully to face him and the other side of his face became visible, Lin Huang's pupils contracted slightly.

"A Demonic Buddhist Holy Son!"

According to legend, the Demonic Buddhist Holy Son was a type of evil spirit. They were originally ancient high-level Buddhist cultivators with extremely in-depth Buddhist knowledge who had been transformed after being polluted by Abyssal energy.

The horror of this particular type of evil spirit was that they retained the memory and wisdom of their Buddhist cultivation, and their talent and potential were comparable to top-tier Abyssal creatures. Moreover, the Demonic Buddhist Holy Son's innate rank was at least a fourth and a half-rank Pseudo-supreme God-level; they could even directly be at fifth-rank supreme god-level.

The most recognizable thing about the Demonic Buddhist Holy Son was that half of their faces were that of the perfect monk, while the other half was rotted and deformed, contaminated by Abyssal energy.

The right half of the face of the white-robed "monk" before Lin Huang looked like a deformity that had been soaked and stained with black sewage. It was even surrounded by a thick black mist...

At this moment, the monk was completely different from the time when only half his face was visible earlier and his whole being exuded an extremely ominous aura.

"A ninth-rank True God-level Demonic Buddhist Holy Son!" Lin Huang's expression was unprecedentedly weighty. 


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