Monster Paradise
1392 The Last Day
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1392 The Last Day

Twenty days passed by in a flash. Once he saw that the number of sixth-rank Divine Tinder pieces stored in his inner world had finally reached ten, Lin Huang exhaled a long breath.

In the past twenty days, he had not been idle for even a moment; he had been running around the True God area on the outer perimeter of the ruins, searching for prey that was suitable for him.

In fact, every time he located a target, the battle did not last a long time. The handful of short battles were all straightforward with instant kills, and took less than a second, while the longest battle only lasted less than two hours.

Most of his time was spent traveling, avoiding high-rank True Gods, and searching for suitable targets.

"There are still three days left, I wonder how Bai and the others are doing..." At this point, Lin Huang finally had time to think about matters other than hunting. "There are also the Bug Tribe Queen Mothers..."

He had a vague feeling that the four Queen Mothers with the hive might have been up to something.

What Lin Huang did not know was that his premonition had been spot-on.

The four Bug Tribe Queen Mothers had quietly slaughtered all the Virtual Gods on the outer perimeter of the ruins of Lust three days ago. They had brought more than ten Bug Tribe battleships and a massive new Bug Tribe army into the low-rank True God territory.

After the Bug Tribe army entered the True God area, they did not immediately make a move. Instead, they quietly assassinated a few nearby Abyssal True Gods, then garrisoned the hive and the battleship.

In the three days that followed, spies were sent out to probe for detailed information about the distribution of monsters in the True God area.

Just as Lin Huang was about to finish his own hunt, the Bug Tribe spies finally returned with a complete map of the True God area and its monster information.

After the spy shared the information, a Superbrain Worm spoke up.

"The True God area is much more dangerous than the previous Virtual God area. The distribution of low, medium and high-rank True Gods is also much more mixed. If we send out a large army to hunt, even if it's only to hunt low-rank True Gods, it may alarm the medium or high-rank monsters. However, with our current strength, if we encounter a True God higher than low-rank, our chances of winning are low even if we use the worm wave attack. Therefore, my suggestion is that we should divide into teams and covertly slaughter them!"

"If we don't send out the hive army, there are only eleven of us capable of hunting True Gods. We can only assemble five teams at most. Furthermore, now there are only three days left in the hunting period given by the master. Covert killing will be very ineffective !" A Queen Mother frowned slightly.

The other three Queen Mothers also nodded, agreeing with what she said.

"We have more than eleven people who can participate in the hunt. Those among the pseudo-mythical-level bug guardians which have control and assisting capabilities can join our team. They can be responsible for restraining our prey so that we can complete the hunt more smoothly.

"Besides, we can also join forces with Bai and others. They have completed the task assigned by the master and successfully advanced to true god-level. However, they have not stopped hunting; we can send pseudo-mythical-level bug guardians with control and assisting capabilities to team up with them and hunt. They might also be able to obtain some commissions from them."

The second Superbrain Worm quickly put forward his idea.

"The worm wave attack is not entirely unusable. If an area is full of low-rank prey, we can also use the worm wave attack to handle things quickly, as long as we don't alarm any powerhouses beyond third-rank."

After it listened to what the second Superbrain Worm had to say, the first Superbrain Worm's tentacles rippled with excitement. "The first two days must be more low-key, but on the last day, we can do something big..."

"Alright, we'll go according to what you've suggested. Both of you spend a few minutes discussing the details, then we can proceed directly according to the plan." A Queen Mother nodded.

The remaining three Queen Mothers also raised no objections.

A few minutes later, Bai and Grimace had just joined forces to hunt a second-rank True God when a bug soldier flew over at great speed.

"A little bug is coming, do you want to kill it?" Grimace grinned maliciously.

Bai glanced blandly at Grimace before asked the insect soldier expressionlessly, "Is there any news from the hive?"

The probing insect soldier took one look at Grimace and shrank into its body slightly; it had to force its tone to remain calm.

"The four Queen Mothers hope to reach strategic cooperation with both esteemed masters. The hive will send control and assisting Virtual God rank-9 bug guardians to hunt together with the esteemed masters to assist in your hunt. We have also obtained all the maps and monster information for the entire True God area and this information can be shared with both esteemed masters..."

"We don't mind the information, but forget about teaming up. I don't want anyone to disturb the beautiful time between me and Xiao Baibai..." Grimace squinted and grinned.

However, before he finished speaking, he was interrupted by Bai.

"We can team up. Send someone to join us as soon as possible."

"Even with me here, you still want others along? Huh, what a heartless man!" Grimace displayed a "sorrowful" expression.

Bai ignored Grimace's talking to himself.

The insect soldier did not dare not raise its head the whole time until he got Bai's confirmation. It nodded quickly, then turned, and left hurriedly. 

After about half an hour, Bai and his ten teams all welcomed the Bug Tribe reinforcements. All the bug guardians on the team had been matched for the best combinations, based on the two Superbrain Worms' analysis of the existing structure of the ten teams. Almost every team had different abilities and varying numbers of bug guardians. The smallest group was matched with five bug guardians, while the largest had eleven.

As for the Bug Tribe itself, the eleven members were also divided into four teams. Each of the four Queen Mothers led a team and they also had with them several pseudo-mythical-level bug guardians.

A new round of hunting soon began. With the assistance of the bug guardians, the hunting efficiency of these teams was significantly higher.

A few of the teams even started to try and hunt third-rank True Gods.

Right as the imperial monsters were busy hunting second-rank and third-rank True Gods, Lin Huang had already started round upon round of sixth-rank True God hunting.

Time passed, and another two days went by.

The Queen Mother and other mythical ranked bugs had successively advanced to true god-level, along with more than one hundred pseudo-mythical-level bug guardians who had participated in the hunt.

Bai, Tyrant, and the others had already elevated to true god-level more than 20 days ago and now they had almost advanced to second-rank.

The few teams that up till then had only dared to hunt second-rank monsters had also started hunting third-rank monsters one after the other.

Among them all, Bai and Grimace's team was the boldest; they started to try hunting fourth-rank monsters.

When the last day arrived, the Bug Tribe went completely wild.

The four Queen Mothers each carried the imprint of the hive, opened the main entrance of the hive in four different areas, and began to release a massive army of bugs.

The bug army instantly swept through nearly one-third of the entire True God area...

This mad hunt only lasted less than an hour before the local medium and high-rank monsters began to notice anything unusual.

The Bug Tribe spies, who had been monitoring the movement of all major areas, immediately notified the four Queen Mothers, who did not hesitate to order the withdrawal of their troops.

In less than five minutes, the massive Bug Tribe army disappeared from the ruins and returned to the hive.


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