Monster Paradise
1391 Something’s About To Happen!
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1391 Something’s About To Happen!

"I've taken Bai and the others into the ruins of Lust, and we will return to the God Territory in about roughly three days before the one-year period is up. As for the star map, leave a message if there is any news. I'll reply as soon as I see it."

After leaving this message for both Bloody and Kylie respectively, Lin Huang took the two Sword Servants and went straight to the site of the ruins of Lust.

The ruins of Lust were completely accessible to the public.

To prevent the invasion of Abyssal creatures, a Lord of the God Territory had set a barrier at the entrance and exit to prevent all cultivators with the aura of an Abyssal from entering or leaving.

The entrance and exit of the ruins were also guarded by two ninth-rank True Gods.

The two guardians of this place were alternately appointed by the grade-6 and grade-7 organizations.

Each time, two different organizations would arrange for one person from each respective organization to serve as a guardian, and each guardian would be on duty for ten years. Of course, this job came with high remuneration, so many cultivators would take the initiative to apply to be guardians.

After Lin Huang and the two Sword Servants registered outside the entrance, they stepped through into the ruins.

"I don't know where this junior is from; he's only a Virtual God rank-3, and still has the audacity to come to the ruins of Lust?" One of the guardians said as he saw the three of them entering the ruins.

"He even brought two true god-level bodyguards with him. He must be the descendent of a pure-blood clan." The other guardian discerned the relationship between the three with just a glance. "It's no wonder the pure-blood clans haven't produced a decent junior for so many years. Every one of them brings along bodyguards when they come to train. If they encounter any danger, the bodyguards protect them. What sort of results can such training produce?"

"I know right? Unrivaled God, who is now the number one on the Virtual God Leaderboard—everyone knows he isn't a pure-blood. Even if he isn't a pure-blood though, he's still a young master in the Xeno organization. His father is a Heavenly God, and his family is more powerful than most pure-blood clans, but he never brings along any bodyguards. He joined the Combat God Temple at a young age, carried out countless conquests at virtual god-level, and made a name for himself. Is there anyone in the entire God Territory who doesn't know Unrivaled God's name now?!"

Of course, Lin Huang—who had already stepped into the secret zone—could not hear the conversation between the two guardians anymore.

However, even if he had overheard them, he would probably have been too lazy to argue with them. At most he would have just laughed.

As far as the phrase "I beat up Unrivaled God and plundered more than a dozen Sword Dao inheritances from him" went, he probably would not have said it aloud, even though this incident really had happened.

After entering the ruins, Lin Huang used Divine Telekinesis and quickly swept the surrounding area to confirm that there were no participants nearby. He then summoned all the mythical-level imperial monsters.

Bai, who was pseudo-mythical-level, was present along with Lancelot, Killer, Evil Dominator, Charcoal, Tyrant, Grimace, Thunder, Bloody Robe, Malachian Fiend, Imp, Witch, Eclipse Boa, Death Knight, Fallen Knight, Warlord, Herculean King, Bing Wang, and Dark Crescent Snake (2 of them), who were all mythical-level. 

Apart from these creatures, the Bug Tribe Queen Mothers (4 of them), Multi-eyed Worms (2 of them), Superbrain Worms (2 of them), Golden Bugs (2 of them), and Bug Servant Busby from the hive were all summoned.

Seeing more than 30 imperial monsters being summoned at the same time, Sword301 and Sword302 were so stunned that they were speechless for a while.

This was the first time that they had seen someone who could control so many imperial monsters at once.

What surprised them even more was that so many were from the Bug Tribe.

Moreover, both of them could sense from the auras that almost all of the imperial monsters summoned by Lin Huang were of mythical-level rank-4.

The two also sensed that Bai was different and could not help looking at him a few more times.

"You should have already sensed that the upper limit of your combat strength has been increased; this is because my combat strength has increased to Virtual God rank-3.

"My purpose in summoning all of you is very simple—that is, to let all of you hunt in these ruins as much as you want and advance to true god-level as fast as possible.

"We will be here for a maximum of 23 days. It seems like a lot of time, but these ruins greatly restrict exploration methods such as Divine Telekinesis. To some extent, this also increases the difficulty of everyone's hunt. However, after the 23-day deadline, I hope to see all of you successfully elevated to true god-level.

"Next, you will form your own teams. I suggest that it's best to have two or three people per group; you can then divide combat roles and match them to your members..."

After a few minutes, all the imperial monsters had divided themselves into groups. Bai and the others formed ten teams while the remaining four Queen Mothers of the Bug Tribe formed a large army with the hive and seven mythical-level bugs.

Lin Huang was a little surprised at the Bug Tribe's choice, but he did not stop them.

After they had received the monster distribution map and information on the ruins from Lin Huang, the eleven teams quickly chose a direction respectively and left.

After he watched all the imperial monsters leave, Lin Huang looked in the direction where the Bug Tribe had gone and muttered, "Something's about to happen!"

He stood there for a while, then turned around and hurried away from the Bug Tribe's direction, taking the two Sword Servants with him.

After arriving at the distribution area of the true god-level monsters, Lin Huang quickly parted ways with the two Sword Servants.

Sword301 and Sword302 had indeed felt extremely constrained in the past few months, and this time they agreed to the individual hunting proposed by Lin Huang without any objections.

Lin Huang himself quickly went deep into the hunting area and hurried towards the fourth-rank true god-level distribution area described on the map.

The monster distribution map provided by the God Territory was not very detailed, but the locations and approximate areas of monsters of different combat levels were marked.

About an hour after he entered the ruins, Lin Huang finally arrived at his destination. It took him another half an hour to finally find the first prey that was suitable for him—a White-Faced Ghost.

White-Faced Ghosts were a type of evil spirit.

This type of monster was three to five meters tall and looked like a large and slender ghost. It wore a pure white mask and floated in the air.

Lin Huang did not bother to confront the opponent head-on this time. With a flick of his cuff, hundreds of telekinetic flying daggers shot out. Boosted by Seraphic Speed God Rule, Lighting Element's Instant Flash, Traceless, Light Element's Sun Shadow, Wind Element's Heavenly Roc, and the Elemental Enlightenment of several rapid speed sword skills, the telekinetic flying daggers instantly penetrated the body of the White-Faced Ghost, practically turning it into a sieve.

Although the White-Faced Ghost had discovered Lin Huang a while ago, it had no time to react at all before being pierced through by hundreds of telekinetic flying daggers.

After killing the White-Faced Ghost, Lin Huang extracted its Divine Fire. He was so proficient in this that he was able to do it in one go.

Now that the hunt for his first prey was complete, he did not linger but turned around and hurried away in search of his second target.

At the same time that Lin Huang started his hunting journey, Bai and the other imperial monsters had not been idle. Each of them entered the True God area to search for suitable hunting targets.

Only the Bug Tribe was slightly different. The four Queen Mothers stayed in the virtual god-level area along with the hive and several mythical-level bugs. 

After that, all four Queen Mother opened the hive's entrance and released the entire Bug Tribe army of several hundred million fighters…


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