Monster Paradise
1390 The Young Princess of the Nephilic Judge Tribe
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1390 The Young Princess of the Nephilic Judge Tribe

The next time Lin Huang stepped out of the cultivation room and saw Sword301 and Sword302 again, the two of them were already third-rank True Gods. 

When the swordmaster's combat strength increased, it would in turn automatically unlock their Sword Servants' combat power.

The two Sword Servants were overjoyed when they saw Lin Huang coming out of the room.

"Congratulations, Lord Swordmaster, for advancing three levels in just four short months!"

When Lin Huang previously obtained the Great Heaven inheritance, he had already proven his Sword Dao potential and convinced many Sword Servants. Now, his terrifying cultivation speed had made the Sword Servants hold even more reverence for Lin Huang as a swordmaster. 

"You've both worked hard these past few months." Lin Huang nodded slightly.

The two of them had waited for Lin Huang for more than four months, and they had to constantly keep an eye out for movement around the cultivation room to prevent Lin Huang from being disturbed. It was indeed a very boring job.

"Has there been any news lately?"

"Nothing major. There've only been two pieces of news that have become hot topics in the past few months. The first is that the Nephilic Judge Tribe has publicly re-acknowledged a young princess who had previously been estranged. The second is that this young princess of the Nephilic Judge Tribe has leveled up to true god-level," Sword302 said as he pursed his lips, "The Nephilic Judge Tribe has a very low fertility rate and has had difficulty in producing a pure-blooded descendant even after thousands of years. This young princess is probably someone's secret illegitimate child..." 

"A young princess of the Nephilic Judge Tribe..." The first thought that came to Lin Huang's mind was Kylie. "Are there any pictures of this young princess?"

Sword302 was stunned at Lin Huang's words, then projected the news information with a playful look in her eyes.

Lin Huang was speechless once he saw the projection. 

It really was Kylie! 

In the projection, Kylie radiated sheer heroic spirit in her armor of interwoven purple and gold. The mask on her face had also been removed, revealing her beautiful face.

Seeing that Lin Huang was stunned for a long time, the playful expression on Sword302's face deepened. "If Lord Swordmaster is interested in this princess, then once our influence has been established, we can directly visit them to propose marriage.

"However, ever since this young princess's true face was revealed, many Pure Blood Protoss tribes have been flocking to the doors of the Nephilic Judge Tribe over the last few months. From what I've heard, there are more than twenty fine pure-blooded young men from the Angel Tribe who are on the suitors' list to ask for her hand in marriage."

"I thought the people of the Angel Tribe were genderless?" Lin Huang raised an eyebrow. 

"They don't have a fixed gender, but they can modify their gender to suit their needs," Sword301 could not help interjecting when he heard this.

"The competition is fierce, Lord Swordmaster..." Sword302 laughed as she teased. 

"Kylie is actually my partner. She's just temporarily separated from me due to certain reasons." Lin Huang nonchalantly shot a glance toward Sword302. 

"Huh?" Sword302 was shocked. 

However, Lin Huang was unwilling to explain any further. Instead, he continued to search for information and news about Kylie.

It had taken Kylie more than half a year to finally be recognized by the Nephilic Judges. Apart from the time required for identity verification, the majority of her time was actually spent on the road. 

For one thing, this was because the core zone was extremely far away and the journey was very long. For another, the core zone was not accessible to just anyone. Bloody and Kylie must have spent a lot of time trying to obtain permission to enter. 

There were not many descriptions of Bloody within the available data. Lin Huang saw several articles mentioning that young Princess Kylie had a beautiful close female friend, but that was all. There were no recorded images of Bloody, nor was there any information about her. 

"That's very like Bloody..." Bloody had always been low-key and cautious. Although there was no information on her, Lin Huang was almost certain that this mysterious best friend of Kylie's had to be Bloody.

It was about four months ago that Kylie had retraced her origins, which was just a few days after Lin Huang went into closed-door cultivation.

In the past few months, Bloody and Kylie had probably been borrowing resources from the God Territory core zone to investigate the route for returning to the gravel world. 

Although the God Territory was a vast land, several months should have been enough time to find the star map in Qi Muxiong's memory if they compared the star maps one by one.

Since there was still no news from Bloody and Kylie, it was very likely that the star map in Qi Muxiong's memory that contained the route back to the gravel world was not in the God Territory.

"I hope we can find that star zone quickly, though. There's only less than a month left till the end of the appointed one-year period..." Lin Huang was a little anxious, but there was nothing else he could do other than being restless.

With Kylie's current status, it was definitely easier for her to obtain resources for star maps compared to him. In this regard, he could not be of much help.

Shaking his head to rid his mind of distracting thoughts, Lin Huang summoned Warlord. 

Seeing Warlord appear out of nowhere, the two Sword Servants were so shocked they immediately fell into their fighting stances.

"This is Warlord. He's my imperial monster, as well as my partner," Lin Huang quickly explained to avoid any accidental injuries.

The two Sword Servants were taken aback when they heard that and immediately relaxed from their fighting stance. 

Sword302 seemed to have thought of something, and could not help asking, "So, the young princess of the Nephilic Judge Tribe..."

Lin Huang nodded slightly, saying nothing more.

The two Sword Servants glanced at each other, and both saw the astonishment in each other's eyes.

"Warlord, help me check if there are any open ruins or secret zones in the God Territory, the kind we can easily go in and out of. It would be best if the monsters there are at true god-level combat strength..."

Warlord began to search on the Internet immediately. 

"Lord Swordmaster, will we be entering ruins again?" Sword301 asked. 

"It's mainly for them to enter," Lin Huang pointed at Warlord, "We're just going for a round of hunting."

After Lin Huang's combat strength was elevated, Warlord and the other imperial monsters were still stuck at Virtual God rank-9. To further advance to true god-level, they had to rely on themselves to hunt for Divine Fire tinder and ignite the Divine Fires within their own bodies. 

Kylie's elevation to true god-level was due in part to her advancement to virtual god-level because of Lin Huang. Then, after increasing the upper limit of her combat strength, she had hunted for Divine Fire tinder and ignited her Divine Fires.

Lin Huang's current plan was to release all the imperial monsters, let them hunt freely, and have them advance to true god-level as soon as possible.

As for himself, he was preparing to hunt down a great deal of Divine Fire tinder that was above third-rank, then wait until he returned to the gravel world before slowly refining them. 

The reason he chose a secret zone ruin that he could easily get in and out of was that he wanted to be able to leave immediately before the end of the appointed one-year period.

In less than three seconds, Warlord had found a ruin that met Lin Huang's requirements.

"There is a ruin that specifically meets your requirements, but there is a small problem.

"The ruins of Lust are a pre-existing set of ruins located on the border between the God Territory and the Abyss. In these ruins, there are a large number of Abyssal creatures as well as dark creatures that have been tainted by Abyssal energy. Usually, only virtual god-level and true god-level monsters roam around on the land within the outer perimeter, while heavenly god-level monsters are to be found within the inner perimeter…" 

"So, what's this small problem?" Lin Huang raised an eyebrow. 

"Not many people from the God Territory go to these ruins to train. More than 90% of those who train there are members of the Abyssal Tribe," Warlord finished speaking and looked up at Lin Huang. 

"We'll go to this one. If we encounter any members of the Abyssal Tribe, kill the ones that you can defeat, and just run away from those that you can't," Lin Huang made the final call without any hesitation. 


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