Monster Paradise
1389 Consecutive Advancemen
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1389 Consecutive Advancemen

"Host: Lin Huang"

"Gender: Male"

"Age: 20"

"Combat Strength: Virtual God-level (rank-1)"

"Title: Godslayer"

"Goldfinger: Xiao Hei, Stone Tablet, Eternity Fire, Yin Yin"

"Integration Item: Origin God's Heart, One Page Sword Scripture, Galactic Hive, God Weapon, Great Heaven Palace (Initial Integration)..."

"Life Palace: Monster Paradise"

"Inheritance: Great Heaven, Sword2, Sword8, Sword10, Sorcerer Goddess…"

"Divine Ability: Substitute, Golden Cicada…"

"God Rule: Superhuman Strength, Seraphic Speed, God-slaying Power"

"Elemental Enlightenment: Instant Flash, Sun Shadow, Heavenly Roc, Traceless, Lightning God, Heaven's Punishment, Tattooed Demon, Hell"

"Sword Dao: True Meaning Level (Possesses Sword Heart, Sword Spirit)"

"Sword Skills: 200,000 types"

"Minor: The Twisted Fate Scripture, Seamless…"

"Monster Skills: Divine Telekinesis, Divine Regeneration, Holy Power, Elemental Immunity, Leech Pods, Absolute Control, Divine Purification Light, Revival, Immortal Warrior Body, Vampire Particles, Divine Strength, Divine Defense, Lightning Lord, Dark Mirror, Doll forbidden skill, Punishment, Divine Witchcraft, Knight, Integration, Mechanical Building, Mechanical Recovery, Evil Blood Substitute, Divine Disguise, Demon Flame, Hellish Fire, Abyssal Fire, Lightning God, Phoenix."

"Summon Authority: Activated (Supreme God-level)"

"Available Number of Summons: 50"

"Remarks: Not too bad"

Upon checking his personal panel, Lin Huang was fairly satisfied.

After elevating to virtual god-level, not only had the upper limits of the mythical-level imperial monsters' combat strength been unlocked to true god-level (the imperial monsters' combat strength was not directly advanced to true god-level), but the available number of summons had also increased from the original 30 to 50.

This meant that as soon as Bai and the rest were able to elevate their combat strength to true god-level, he could summon fifty true god-level imperial monsters at the same time to fight for him. This was not even including the quota for the hive limit.

In addition to the increase in the upper limit of the imperial monsters' combat strength, the upper limit of the Sword Servants' combat strength had also been unsealed. The sixty-eight Sword Servants, including Sword301, had their combat power unsealed right away to first-rank true god-level.

The changes in the imperial monsters and Sword Servants were all within Lin Huang's expectations.

What surprised him more were the changes brought about after the Monster Paradise Territory had officially evolved into God Territory.

"God Territory: Monster Paradise"

"God Territory's Territorial Range: Radius of 10,000 kilometers from the God Territory possessor (potential to grow)"

"God Territory Ability 1: Within the God Territory's territorial range, the dead summoning beast's soul will return to the God Territory with its body reconstructed with Divine Power and revived. Those that have broken soul will have their broken soul pieces recalled and recovered."

"Ability Restriction 1: Each summoning beast can only be revived 100 times within 24 hours. Their soul will disintegrate when it surpasses 100 times and they won't be able to return to the God Territory (potential to grow)"

"Ability Restriction 2: Each summoning beast can only have their soul recovered 12 times within 24 hours. Their soul will disintegrate if it surpasses 12 times and they won't be able to return to the God Territory (potential to grow)"

"Derivative Ability: If the God Territory possessor is dead within the coverage range, he can choose to use a summoning beast to substitute death. The summoning beast that is chosen as the substitute won't be able to be summoned within 24 hours (potential to grow)"

"Remarks: The God Territory possessor can only be substituted for death 12 times within 24 hours. He can only be substitute 5 times if his soul disintegrated (potential to grow)"

"God Territory Ability 2: Within the God Territory's territorial range, the God Territory possessor and his summoning beasts would have a 12 fold boost on their strength, speed, and spirit. The other summoning beasts would have a 50% drop on their strength, speed, and spirit (potential to grow)."

"Remark 1: The God Territory possessor can turn off the boost and undermining effect as he wishes."

"Remark 2: The weakening ability of the God Territory is not effective for life entities that exceed the God Territory possessor's level by one level or more."

"God Territory Ability 3: Within the effective range of the God Territory, the God Territory possessor can freely borrow any skills from all monsters within the effective range of the God Territory."

"Remark 1: The borrowing of monster skills already possessed by the God Territory possessor is invalid and will not result in a compound effect."

"Remark 2: Within 24 hours, the God Territory possessor's number of Monster Skill spaces will temporarily double and the maximum number of borrowed skills must not exceed the God Territory possessor's number of Monster Skill authorities. (If he originally has 50 skill spaces, he can borrow up to 50 more skills.)"

The territorial range of the God Territory was much larger than the previous territorial range of the Life Palace. The number of revivals of the summoned beasts, the number of soul repairs, the number of substitutions, and the increase in the ability of the summoned beasts had all been significantly elevated.

After checking his personal information, Lin Huang sensed the changes in his body again. He could clearly feel his physical strength, his spirit strength, and his Divine Telekinesis strength; even the Divine Fire had transformed in its nature.

Before it was only comparable to the level of a first-rank True God, but now it had almost elevated to the level of a third-rank True God.

He carefully checked his body and took another look at the date. Lin Huang did not plan on ending his closed-door cultivation; instead, he turned his attention to the pile of second-rank tinder in his inner world.

"My foundation has been securely laid. It shouldn't be a problem to advance to Virtual God rank-3 in no time at all. According to the current speed of my Divine Fire integration, it will take me about eighty days to advance to Virtual God rank-3. There are only three and a half months left of the year before I have to return to the gravel world. After that, it won't be possible to continue to improve my combat strength for the short term. I can use this time to strengthen my cultivation."

After he had confirmed that there would be no problems in continuing to advance, Lin Huang did not hesitate. Taking out ten lumps of second-rank Divine Fire tinder, he inserted them into ten Life Wheels respectively.

This time, the Life Wheels did not refuse the tinder but accepted them right away.

The ten lumps of tinder sank into the ten Life Lamps. Under the stimulation of the Divine Fire, they quickly activated and began to burn again in just a few seconds.

Lin Huang closed his eyes to focus and started a new round of Divine Fire integration.

Another month passed by in a flash; by the end of it, the ten lumps of second-rank tinder had been completely integrated. This time, the shape and color of the Divine Fire in Lin Huang's body did not change much but the Divine Power it released was obviously much stronger than before.

Once the integration of Divine Fire was complete, the ten Life Wheels oscillated again and detached themselves from the Godhead.

The Life Wheels formed a circle on the periphery of the Godhead. Once again they spurted out Divine Fire and started a new round of refining.

Time went by and another ten days passed. The Life Wheels stopped spurting Divine Fire and the Godhead had also completed a new cycle of refining.

Lin Huang was now officially elevated to Virtual God rank-2!

He checked his physical condition and looked at the date, before once more turning his attention to the lumps of third-rank Divine Fire tinder in his inner world. Very soon he began a new round of cultivation...

After forty days, Lin Huang had successfully advanced to Virtual God rank-3.

This closed-door cultivation lasted more than four months.

Lin Huang broke through three minor levels one after the other from grade-10 Imperial-level and successfully advanced to Virtual God rank-3.

At this time, there was only less than a month left before the end of the one-year period that had been agreed upon…


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