Monster Paradise
1472 Kylie’s Situation
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1472 Kylie’s Situation

After settling Lin Xin and the others in, Lin Huang quickly got in touch with Bloody.

Kylie's situation in the Nephilic Judge Tribe still worried him.

"I've basically settled everything on my side—how are things on your end?"

"Not very optimistic…" Bloody replied, "A while ago, Kylie successfully elevated to Supreme God rank-5. Once news of this got out, the Holy Sons of several lord-level organizations have recently come forward to propose marriage. Based on the current situation, it's only a matter of time before the Nephilic Judge Tribe agrees to a marriage alliance."

Lin Huang knew about Kylie's elevation to Supreme God rank-5; he was not overly surprised by this. After all, the Nephilic Judge Tribe was a top-tier grade-6 tribe. With their abundant resources on top of Kylie's talent and potential, her advancement to supreme god-level was no surprise. 

Even within grade-7 organizations, supreme god-level rank-5 was potential at the level of a Holy Son. This was also why several grade-7 organizations were willing to use Holy Sons to propose a marriage alliance after Kylie's advancement.

Upon hearing this, Lin Huang's brows furrowed slightly. This was not good news.

"That won't do at all… I'll recall both of you back right away then."

Before Bloody could reply on her end, a push notification from Xiaohei suddenly popped up in front of Lin Huang. 

"It is not recommended to recall the two monster cards back right away. My current authorization is not enough to separate cause and effect. If a Lord or half-step Lord skilled in tracking investigates Kylie and Bloody's whereabouts, the host will have a higher risk of exposure." 

Right after Lin Huang finished reading Xiaohei's push notification, Bloody spoke from her end.

"I feel that unless it's a last resort, it's best not to recall both of us back. The Nephilic Judge Tribe is guarded by a half-step Lord who most certainly will not allow Kylie to disappear under his nose. If Kylie were to go missing without a trace, the Nephilic Judge Tribe will definitely try its best to hunt for her, possibly even paying high prices to ask Lords from other organizations to help with the search. As long as there is the slightest clue left behind, it won't escape their detection…"

"Do you know of any other way then?" Lin Huang asked with a frown.

"I do know of several, but most of them are only temporary solutions to the problem and can't resolve the main issue.

"Take, for example, tactics such as faking death with Golden Cicada Molting. Even if I design all kinds of plans ingeniously and flawlessly, it may very well be child's play to the eyes of a Lord who has mastered aura—seen through in just a single glance… This is a failure that's to be expected, given the utter disparity in our abilities. Unless my combat level is the same as theirs, there's no solution otherwise.

"At present, I can think of only one way to solve Kylie's current situation in its entirety…" Bloody paused for a moment before continuing, "That is, to have Kylie advance to Pure Spirit rank-6!

"Once Kylie advances to the level of Pure Spirit, her status in the Nephilic Judge Tribe will longer be that of a pawn used for marriage alliances. Instead, she will officially have the right to speak; she may even be groomed to be the next tribe leader. The Nephilic Judge Tribe will also never allow Pure Spirits within the tribe to marry outside the tribe. They will focus on giving their all in training Kylie so that she can lead the Nephilic Judge Tribe to glory…

"However, although this method will solve the marriage problem once and for all, it also has a huge down-side. Advancing Kylie's status will make it even harder for her to leave the Nephilic Judge Tribe…"

Here, Bloody paused again.

"Actually, even if she doesn't elevate to rank-6 now, it'll still be very difficult for her to leave the Nephilic Judge Tribe. Comparing both problems, the more pressing one for us to solve at the moment is the marriage issue.

"Looking at the current situation, Kylie doesn't have very long. If the First Holy Son from any grade-7 organization comes forward to propose marriage, the Nephilic Judge Tribe will definitely agree without hesitation. Even if it's only the Second or Third Holy Son, the chances of them agreeing to a marriage are very high as well."

"So, you're suggesting that we first find a way for Kylie to elevate to rank-6 and solve the immediate crisis, then find a way for her to leave the Nephilic Judge Tribe later on?" Lin Huang asked, brows slightly furrowed.

"Yes." Bloody nodded once more, "Actually, if we don't take marriage into consideration, Kylie is definitely being treated like a princess within the Nephilic Judge Tribe. As for her leaving the Tribe, we can think of ways at our leisure later on. The most urgent thing now is to solve the current threat of marriage."

Lin Huang fell silent for a moment but eventually nodded in assent.

"As long as I advance to true god-level, my authorization will be upgraded once again. Once I've gotten grade-5 Advance Cards, I can assist Kylie in elevating to rank-6. But after mythical-level rank-4, to continue upgrading your levels, we'll need not just Advance Cards but also other advancement materials; there may even be special advancement conditions.

"In a little while, I'll send you a list of Kylie's advancement materials; you can start preparing these first. On my end, I'll elevate to True God as soon as possible to get the authorization for grade-5 cards.

"Before Kylie officially advances to rank-6, try and find a way to deal with things for a while."

Lin Huang had not expected that Kylie's situation would have become so serious to this extent.

In the beginning, he had not thought that letting Kylie return to her Tribe was a bad thing and was even supportive of it. He certainly did not expect that in less than a year, the Nephilic Judge Tribe would sacrifice Kylie for profit.

This matter of Kylie's also made it all the more urgent for him to elevate his abilities. 

After ending his conversation with Bloody, Lin Huang quickly sent his consciousness into his inner world and began swiftly searching.

When a monster card appeared in its monster state, there was a corresponding projection within Lin Huang's body. On the almost-translucent projection, he could see all the information about the card monster.

He soon found Kylie's projection card and flipped it over to check it out.

"Monster Card: Kylie"

"Rarity: Supreme God"

"Advancement Conditions"

"Grade-5 Advance Card X5, the blood of a Lord (master of the Lightning aura) X1 drop, the blood of a Heavenly God (master of the Lightning sequence) X10, the heart of an angel (rank-5 angel) X12…"

Just a glance through this list of advancement materials made Lin Huang's head ache. Not counting the several grade-5 Advance Cards, he felt that even for the top-tier grade-6 Nephilic Judge tribe, gathering all these materials would be no easy task.

He could not help thinking how difficult it would be for Bai and the others to advance to rank-6 in the future. Kylie had the Nephilic Judge Tribe to back her up; he did not need to worry about her. For the rest of the other summoned beasts, however, he feared that as their master, he would have to think of ways to obtain the majority of their advancement materials when the time came. As he thought about this, he could not help but feel the mounting pressure.

This was not just confined to future rank-6 elevations; the more immediate situation was that Charcoal and the others were about to advance to rank-5 and needed a lot of advancement materials as well. Moreover, there were more than thirty card monsters like Charcoal waiting to advance to rank-5…

When he got to this point, Lin Huang did not dare to continue his ruminations. Shaking his head to get rid of these distracting thoughts, he immediately copied Kylie's list of advancement materials and sent it to Bloody…


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