Monster Paradise
1469 Meet at Nine o’Clock Tomorrow Morning
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1469 Meet at Nine o’Clock Tomorrow Morning

Huang Wuji was the First Prince of Dynasty, and one of the Five Princes of the younger generation. 

Excluding Lin Huang, he, along with Chan Dou and a few others, were gifted geniuses who possessed the most powerful talent and potential in practically the entire gravel world. He was even considered by Dynasty to be the one most likely to inherit the position of Emperor. 

Currently, he had also advanced to virtual god-level, just like Chan Dou.

Whether it was talent, potential, or combat power, he fully met Lin Huang's recruitment criteria.

Upon hearing Huang Wuji's words, a lot of Dynasty's members had shocked expressions on their faces.

As he was the former First Prince, even though he was unable to take the position of Emperor, he would definitely be Huang Tianfu's heir in the future, and it would only be a matter of time before all of Dynasty was within his grasp.

Many people believed that Huang Wuji was the one who looked forward the most to seeing Lin Huang leave the gravel world because once Lin Huang departed, he would become the main training focus for the whole of Dynasty.

Most people would never have expected that he would give up everything he could obtain in Dynasty and journey to the great world with Lin Huang.

Even Lin Huang was a little startled by his decision.

"Are you sure you want to go to the great world with me?" Lin Huang asked after a moment of silence. As Emperor, he had already discussed future development plans with Huang Tianfu and the others. He knew better than anyone how much attention and training Huang Wuji would receive from Dynasty after he left.

"Maybe there are a few things that I wasn't clear about. If you want to join my organization, you'll really need to consider it carefully. Since the organization is in the initial stages of being established, you'll need to obtain most resources yourself." Lin Huang glanced over at everyone present, then directed his gaze back toward Huang Wuji and continued, "With your natural talent and potential, you'll get the best resources for training if you stay in Dynasty. If you follow me, you won't have the luxury of resources or privileges."

"I understand," Huang Wuji did not hesitate, "I've never been one to pursue privileges; I've only sought to grow stronger.

"I'm also very much aware of the kind of training I would get if I were to stay in Dynasty. If I stayed in the gravel world, perhaps within a short time, my combat level would increase even more than if I went to the great world. However, in the long run, going to the great world is the better choice for me, because only in the great world will I face more challenges—even more difficult ones. Only then can I truly become stronger through repeated trials and not just elevate my combat level.

"What I want is a bigger stage. I hope that you'll grant me this opportunity, Your Majesty!" Huang Wuji's gaze burned, and he clearly had already steeled his heart to leave the gravel world. 

Lin Huang stared at him for a while; when he saw Huang Wuji's resolute attitude, he nodded. "Since you're determined to do this, come with us then."

Seeing Huang Wuji successfully join Lin Huang's organization, the others that were present could not help feeling stirred as well. 

Huang Tufu was the first to stand up. "Your Majesty, I... I also would like to go to the great world with you!" 

As soon as he said that, he stole a glance at Huang Tianfu and Huang Wunan, who were next to him.

Huang Wunan maintained a poker face, but the expression on Huang Tianfu's face darkened considerably.

"Enough of that now—I'll save places for all of you. Once you've reached virtual god-level rank-9 and your successors have been chosen, then you can join any time." Lin Huang glanced over at Huang Tianfu, Huang Wunan, and Huang Tufu. 

The reason he turned Huang Tufu down was that the three of them were the backbone of Dynasty—the ones who maintained its normal operations. The absence of either one of them would result in Dynasty being unable to operate normally for at least a certain amount of time. Moreover, the positions that the three of them held within Dynasty were not ones that could be easily replaced by anyone else. 

This was why Lin Huang set out two conditions for them—one was to reach virtual god-level rank-9, and the other was to train suitable successors.

"Alright," Huang Tufu seemed to have already expected this result beforehand, commenting with a chuckle, "I was initially thinking of slacking off a bit and escaping my responsibilities, but I didn't expect that your Majesty would see through my little plan." 

"The reason I agreed to take Huang Wuji with me is that his departure won't affect Dynasty's normal operations. The three of you would still do best to stay behind and properly build up Dynasty. Dynasty is my talent-training base, as well as an important part of the organization that I'm putting together."

After Huang Tufu's unsuccessful request, several people in the conference room also asked to join Lin Huang's organization, but Lin Huang turned them all down. 

His response was, "You should elevate to high-level Virtual God first." 

Although Lin Huang had given virtual god-level as the entry requirement, it was aimed at super geniuses like Huang Wuji. For those whose talent and potential were insufficient, if their combat level did not reach that of a high-level Virtual God, it would be extremely difficult for them to survive in the great world. Lin Huang setting out this condition was actually for their own good.

As soon as the meeting with Dynasty was over, Lin Huang went straight to Misery.

At Misery, he also set out the same conditions as with Dynasty.

Misery was also included in the talent-training plan.

After the meeting, several people also expressed their desire to join Lin Huang's organization but were all tactfully turned down by Lin Huang on the grounds that they had to "elevate to high-level Virtual God first."

After leaving Misery, Lin Huang summoned Sword103. 

"How's the formation of the Sword Alliance going?" 

"In the past eight months, we have recruited 23 super geniuses and 318 other geniuses in thirteen safe zones. Most of the sword cultivator geniuses already belong to an organization, and most of them are part of major organizations such as the Union Government and the Hunter Association, so it's unlikely that they'll change sides." 

"Persuade the ones you can, but don't force the ones you can't. Also, don't use physical violence to persuade them," Lin Huang exhorted, then fell silent for a moment before continuing, "You should also pay attention to other gifted geniuses who are not sword cultivators, and recruit any suitable ones as well."

Previously, Lin Huang had wanted to form the Sword Alliance because he had obtained a large number of Sword Dao inheritances. Furthermore, all the Sword Servants were strong sword cultivators, so it was easy for them to train new sword cultivators.

At that time, he had not considered recruiting other people because he was afraid of holding back other types of cultivators. Now, however, his thinking was more open. Although he had obtained very few other types of inheritances, the Sword Servants were all top-tier Heavenly Gods, who almost certainly possessed other types of inheritances from their previous combat levels. Besides that, they had also fought against other types of powerhouses before, and their ability to make discerning judgments could in no way be compared with that of ordinary cultivators. Therefore, they were actually entirely capable of teaching newcomers who were below virtual god-level. 

Moreover, whether from Dynasty or Misery, the gifted geniuses that they would send to his organization in the future would not all be sword cultivators, so a more diversified expansion was still necessary.

After Sword103 had departed, Lin Huang turned his head and looked in the direction where Mr. Fu was undergoing his closed-door cultivation. He could vaguely sense that Mr. Fu was on the verge of breaking through to true god-level.

"From the looks of it, he'll be able to break through in a few days..." Lin Huang had a pleased smile on his face.

The 'spiritual energy recovery' of the gravel world had undoubtedly benefited Mr. Fu a great deal.

That night, on the grounds of going into closed-door cultivation for a few days, Lin Huang quietly placed the gravel world within him, then teleported himself back to the Great Heaven Palace.

After coming out of the Great Heaven Palace and following the map Bloody had provided, he traveled on his own for several days and went through dozens of teleportation points before finally reaching the great world's human domain.

On an uninhabited and remote border planet within the human domain, Lin Huang opened a gateway to the gravel world. The other side of the gateway was connected to a cave at the bottom of the Peaceful Ocean that was hidden by a massive shipwreck.

After finishing these preparations, Lin Huang returned to the gravel world again.

Upon his return, Mr. Fu had already successfully evolved to True God and come out of closed-door cultivation two days ago.

As soon as he pushed open the doors of the Emperor Palace, Lin Huang heard Mr. Fu's voice transmission in his ears.

"You've finally come out of closed-door cultivation, my good apprentice."

"Congratulations on successfully evolving to True God, Teacher!" Lin Huang smiled and replied via voice transmission.

"I never expected that I would actually be able to break through to true god-level in this lifetime." Mr. Fu's voice was full of joy.

After a momentary pause, Mr. Fu asked directly, "When do you want to go to the great world?"

"A little impatient, aren't we, Sir?" Lin Huang laughed. 

"After evolving to True God, I suddenly feel that everything in the gravel world is dull..." For some reason, there seemed to be a hint of melancholy in Mr. Fu's voice when he said that.

"Then, let's set it for nine o'clock tomorrow morning. I'll notify the others," Lin Huang set the time right away.

Before returning to the great world to make arrangements, he had already informed Lin Xin and the others in advance, telling them that he would set a departure time once he came out of his closed-door cultivation. This was so that everyone could quickly prepare for departure within those few days.

After the exchange with Mr. Fu, Lin Huang quickly composed a message and sent it out to everyone. 

"Let's meet at the square at the entrance of the Emperor Palace at nine o'clock tomorrow morning..."


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