Monster Paradise
1468 I Want To Resign From My Position As Emperor
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1468 I Want To Resign From My Position As Emperor

On the 3rd of the first month, Winter City's consecutive days of heavy snow finally cleared up, and the city welcomed the rare warmth of the winter sun.

After finishing breakfast, the three Lin siblings did not linger for too long but headed straight back to Emperor City.

Over two months had passed between the invasion of the Thousand Snake Sect and the present. According to the plans Lin Huang had drawn up for his itinerary, it was almost time to go back to the great world.

Upon returning to Dynasty's headquarters, Lin Huang called a meeting the minute he arrived.

Apart from Mr. Fu and a few others who were either still in closed-door cultivation or at the wasteland ruins and were unable to be contacted, all the other Virtual Gods arrived within half an hour of being notified.

Although Huang Tianfu had not given the reason for Dynasty calling everyone together when he sent out the notification, practically everyone guessed that the Emperor was about to return to the great world. This time, when Lin Huang departed, it was impossible that he would be back in the gravel world within a year—he might be parting from them forever.

Lin Huang arrived promptly at nine in the morning.

Everyone in the conference room rose to their feet. 

Lin Huang's gaze swept over his surroundings. With a slight nod to everyone present, he began to speak unhurriedly.

"Please take a seat."

Lin Huang only resumed speaking after everyone in the conference room had seated themselves.

"I'm quite sure that all of you have guessed my purpose in calling this meeting… The threat to the gravel world has been temporarily resolved, and my vacation is almost at an end. However, before I return to the great world, I would like to talk about my plans for Dynasty's future one last time…

"First of all, I hope that Dynasty will continue to remain neutral. Since Dynasty is fundamentally a dark organization, it's not realistic to expect everyone to change and become upholders of justice. However, I also hope that I won't see any among you return to embracing the dark side. Just remain as a neutral organization, unbiased toward either side. If you feel something is right, do it—if you think it's wrong, then don't. There's no need stand in line…

"My next point is possibly something that everyone should be a bit more mindful of. What I want to say is that I will give Dynasty access authorization to Royal; I also won't remove your registrations from Royal's records. Given that I have a larger quota for affiliate organizations in Royal and I myself am not likely to establish several dozen or even several hundred organizations, these quotas may as well be put to good use.

"Huang Tianfu will still be responsible for access authorization; Wunan and Tufu will assist in managing things."

When they heard this, Huang Tianfu and the others finally breathed a sigh of relief. Their greatest worry had been that Lin Huang's departure would signal the termination of any affiliate relations with Royal. If that were the case, they would be denied access to Royal entirely.

Losing Lin Huang's protection meant that Dynasty had only two paths open to them. Either they seceded from Royal and returned all the resources that they had obtained there, or they became a leaderless affiliate organization that was subjected to the lowest level of resources and treatment. Furthermore, they had a limited period by which to become vassal to another Royal member. If they exceeded this length of time, Dynasty and all its members would be entirely considered Royal's private property. 

"My third point is that in the future, I hope Dynasty can become a training base for me to nurture and train talent. I will also be establishing my own organization in the great world, and I extend an invitation for Dynasty to send talented people to me in days to come. Of course, the standards of this organization that I will be establishing are higher, and the lowest level of combat strength will be virtual god-level. In the future, these standards may get even higher."

When they heard this, the eyes of numerous individuals present began to gleam.

As an affiliate organization of Royal, all of Dynasty's members naturally hoped that they might become official members of Royal someday. However, Royal's selection process for members was extremely difficult; practically nobody in Dynasty was qualified for admission.

If they joined Lin Huang's organization, it would clearly be so much easier.

It must be noted that most of the people present had become acquainted with Lin Huang's abilities while in the Abyss Brink. Huang Tianfu and a few others were even aware that those several hundred true god-level sword cultivators were not reinforcements from the great world; they were Lin Huang's own Sword Servants. 

This was also to say that the organization Lin Huang was going to establish in the future already had several hundred true god-level guardians. Furthermore, with Lin Huang and his astoundingly talented potential, a developing organization like this was something that Huang Tianfu and the others dreamed of joining. 

Even the ones present who did not know about the Sword Servants were also optimistic about Lin Huang's future and were looking forward to joining his organization. Moreover, they had witnessed as Lin Huang took charge of a Dynasty originally in decline, and developed it into one of the present six giant organizations.

"Fourthly—if at all possible, don't reveal Dynasty's connection with Misery. Although the Union Government and other organizations have already noticed, unless it's really a last resort, best not to bring it to light.

"My fifth point is that I hope to see Dynasty continue to develop peacefully. Since you now have access authorization to Royal, there won't be a lack of resources, and skirmishes over such will decrease significantly. Furthermore, the World Rule is continuously being restored; the next few decades will see an explosion of prodigies and geniuses. This will also be when everyone sees a surge in the advancement of abilities. Stay low-profile and keep growing—if there's no need, don't take the limelight.

"Of course, not taking the limelight might sound like a bit of a mockery coming from me, since I've already taken way too much of the limelight in the gravel world…"

The meeting continued for over an hour. Lin Huang brought up more than a dozen points, and the majority of everyone present listened attentively.

"My hopes and expectations for all of you are generally outlined in these dozen or so points. After today, I will not continue to hold the position of Emperor. Your future path will be up to all of you now…"

When Lin Huang finished speaking, he retrieved the Emperor Crown, the Emperor Saber, and the dragon robe from his space storage, placing them on the conference table.

"Your Majesty, whether or not you are willing to accept it, as far as Dynasty is concerned, the position of Emperor is forever yours!" Huang Tianfu was the first to speak.

"Tianfu is right! Furthermore, according to Royal's rules, as long as Dynasty remains under your name, you will always be our Emperor!" Honest, straightforward Huang Tufu stood up hurriedly and chimed in.

Lin Huang could not help teasing them when he heard this, "So, Tufu, what you mean is, you still want me to break off the affiliation with Royal?"

Everyone present broke out in a cold sweat, and even the hitherto calm Huang Tianfu betrayed a discomfited expression.

"That's not what I meant…" Huang Tufu waved his hands, slightly flustered.

"That's alright, I know what you meant." Lin Huang smiled and nodded.

"Your Majesty, I feel that you really don't need to resign from your position as Emperor. You've also mentioned that in the future, you hope Dynasty might be able to become your base for training up talent and potential. When you've gone to the great world, even though we can't directly serve you, the very least we can do by proxy is to expend some effort on your behalf. We also hope that Dynasty will continue to be your training base and that our relationship won't be just cut-and-dried, cold cooperation," Huang Wunan also spoke up to dissuade Lin Huang.

After being dissuaded by everyone, Lin Huang finally gave up but did not take back the pieces of equipment on the conference table.

"Very well then, I'll continue as Emperor. However, I won't hold onto this equipment any longer; with my abilities now, I have no need for them."

After such a difficult time persuading Lin Huang to continue as Emperor, everyone present finally breathed a sigh of relief. 

At this moment, Huang Wuji—who had been the first to arrive at the meeting and who had not said much the entire time—suddenly came to his feet. 

"Your Majesty, I would like to join your organization and go to the great world with you!"


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