Monster Paradise
1463 The Mysterious One-eyed Monster
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1463 The Mysterious One-eyed Monster

From above the Peaceful Ocean, Lin Huang's Divine Telekinesis spread rapidly. Using the boost from the world will, he scanned the whole sea area.

His Divine Telekinesis spread out like ripples on the surface of water, searching for anomalies inch by inch.

Unlike the Virtual Gods of this world, even though his combat strength was only at virtual god-level rank-6, the strength of his Divine Telekinesis was comparable to that of a ninth-rank True God. 

With the added boost from the world will, even abnormalities at a microscopic level could be easily sensed.

With this level of scanning, nothing under the surface of the entire Peaceful Ocean could be hidden.

All the virtual god-level monsters took cover when they sensed this wave of powerful, overwhelming Divine Telekinesis, wanting to shrink their presence as much as they could. Many of the monsters even began physically trembling for fear that they would become Lin Huang's prey.

After only a few seconds of scanning the area with Divine Telekinesis, Lin Huang, who was floating above the Peaceful Ocean, suddenly raised his brows.

The next instant, his figure vanished from where he was; when he appeared again, he was already by a deep-sea trench.

Lin Huang spoke as he stared at a nearby reef.

"Come on out, you don't have to hide anymore. You didn't actually think you could elude being detected by my Divine Telekinesis using that little trick of yours, did you?"

A black shadow slowly moved through the reef and came out, quickly coalescing into a humanoid creature.

It was not a human being, but a humanoid monster.

Its single blood-red eye looked even redder under the brim of its conical bamboo hat—from its head down, its entire body was enveloped in a long black robe.

"Biologically speaking, you aren't a native of the Peaceful Ocean, are you?" Lin Huang commented, observing the other party. He quickly discovered that the other's aura gave him an inexplicable sense of familiarity.

"Where is this strange sense of familiarity coming from?" Lin Huang's confusion increased.

"It's you!" The one-eyed monster, on the other hand, began to seethe violently with killing intent after getting a good look at Lin Huang.

Before Lin Huang could figure out what was going on, he saw the other's figure suddenly spring forward. From under its black robe, a sword-wielding arm emerged, the weapon slashing down at him with a gleam like a black curtain.

Lin Huang pointed his finger, and his Sword Dao—enveloped in Divine Power—also transformed into a blood-red sword gleam as it shot out. The sword gleam of the one-eyed monster was instantly ripped apart, just like a piece of cloth being sliced through by a blade.

Seeing its sword gleam disintegrate immediately, the one-eyed monster hurriedly retreated.

However, the killing intent emanating from its entire being did not reduce in the slightest, and it clearly had no intention of giving up on its target, which was Lin Huang.

Although Lin Huang was baffled, he did not bother exchanging fruitless words with his opponent. Regardless of whether or not the other party was the culprit who had caused the disappearance of the Union Government's people, he would take it down first before any further talk!

Nevertheless, in terms of strength, this monster before him—whose combat strength was already at peak virtual god-level rank-9—had already mastered Sword Dao true meaning as well as two types of Water Enlightenment. It was indeed capable of taking out the Union Government's three waves of troops.

When Lin Huang was scanning the area with his Divine Telekinesis earlier, this one-eyed monster had the highest combat level in the entire Peaceful Ocean. That was why he was able to find it instantly. 

Attack thwarted, the one-eyed monster's form immediately retreated. After narrowly avoiding the onslaught of Lin Huang's blood-red electric arc-like sword gleam, it found firm footing on a nearby reef. Its black robe inflated like a jellyfish, then slowly contracted.

The figure paused on the reef for only a moment. A second later, it launched off with a sudden burst of energy from its legs, and its form once again resembled a flash of lightning.

Almost at the same time, what was originally a single figure instantly split into dozens of figures, surrounding Lin Huang from different directions.

Lin Huang could not help raising a brow when he saw this.

More than thirty black-robed figures wielding black blades immediately surrounded Lin Huang, advancing until they were less than ten meters away from him.

Lin Huang appeared to be frozen with fright, remaining in place without moving a muscle.

He did not stir even when all the one-eyed monsters brandished their swords, and their web of black-colored sword gleams approached him with overwhelming force. Just when Lin Huang's form was about to be engulfed, he suddenly raised his hand again.

His movements were so fast that they seemed slow, even creating afterimages within the deep sea. The next instant, however, with just a lift of his hand and the pointing of a finger, a blood-red ray shot out at extreme speed. It pierced through the web of swords formed by the black-colored sword gleams and was swallowed up by the distant shadows. 

With a soft muffled grunt, the black web of swords instantly disintegrated into a mass of debris.

"The illusions that you created using First Glimpse-level Water Elemental Enlightenment might be able to fool others, but they're not enough to fool me." Lin Huang shot an indifferent smile in the direction of the black shadows.

Within the black shadows, blood oozed continuously from the front of the one-eyed monster's black robe. 

Its do-or-die second attack just now had been easily seen through by Lin Huang. Moreover, Lin Huang had only launched a very casual assault; not only was the monster unable to dodge the attack, but it also could not even block the onslaught entirely despite using all its strength. 

Even with an attack as casual as this, the monster's combat effectiveness had been reduced to less than 70%. 

The fury in the gaze of the one-eyed monster gradually faded, only to be replaced by apprehension, hatred, and a trace of dread.

Now that its thoughts were no longer controlled by anger, it quickly calmed down. 

In fact, ever since Lin Huang had unleashed his Divine Telekinesis earlier, the monster had already known that there was a huge gap in ability between both of them. However, it still chose to test Lin Huang, and the result of its two attempts only served to make it feel even more hopeless, as the other was much more powerful than it had imagined. 

Initially, it had thought that its mastery of Sword Dao true meaning and several types of Water Elemental Enlightenment would allow it to at least put up a fight. However, after an actual exchange of combat, it finally realized how wrong it had been. Lin Huang's proficiency in Sword Dao true meaning and god rule far exceeded its own. 

All kinds of thoughts flashed through the monster's mind for only an instant, before it turned around and fled without hesitation. Its figure transformed into a black shadow, then escaped silently in the opposite direction from Lin Huang.

However, as soon as it moved, a familiar voice was suddenly heard from close behind it, not even a hundred meters away from where it had just been.

"Hey, I don't remember saying that you could leave?"

As soon as it heard that voice, the one-eyed monster's heart dropped to the pit of its stomach. Just when it was preparing to ignore the voice and speed up its escape, it suddenly felt a faint chilly sensation on its neck. It immediately ceased all movement and stood stock-still on the spot, not daring to move an inch. It knew that if it were to make even the slightest movement, its head would part ways with its neck.

Only after forcibly calming itself down did the monster become very much aware that not only its neck, but also its four limbs, were entangled by an invisible thread. It had no idea exactly when this had happened. It could not move its body at all; just like a puppet, it was completely under the other's control.

That terrifyingly powerful human male finally came slowly around from behind the monster and stopped in front of it.

At the sight of that familiar face, the one-eyed monster could not stop its killing intent from surging up again. Although this was instantly suppressed via reason, it was still noticed by the man standing before it…


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