Monster Paradise
1459 Return To White Capital
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1459 Return To White Capital

The capital city of No. 7 Zone, White Capital, also known as respawn point No. 7A1, was the most vibrant respawn point in the entire No. 7 Zone.

Upon their return to White Capital, Lin Huang and Lin Xin found a hotel near Martial Hunter College to stay in.

After checking in, neither of them retired to their hotel rooms. Instead, they headed straight for Martial Hunter College.

Martial Hunter College was completely open to the public. In fact, most of the colleges in White Capital were as well.

After all, since White Capital was the capital city of the No.7 Zone, it was guarded by Demigods. Moreover, for a prestigious educational institution like Martial Hunter College which had powerful transcendents for its dean and vice-dean, no one would dare stir up trouble there under normal circumstances.

When the Saint members of the top dark organizations back in the day attacked the students of Martial Hunter College, even they did not dare charge into White Capital and instead launched the attack at the trial site.

However, as they approached the college entrance, Lin Huang was genuinely surprised when the security guard on duty recognized him on sight.

"Mr. Lin?!"

Lin Huang too recognized the man as the security guard who worked there four years ago.

Although there were more strands of white hair on his head than before, his appearance had not changed much.

Lin Huang could remember because back when he used to chat with this security guard, this old uncle had mentioned that his son was one of the students in Lin Huang's class.

The only thing Lin Huang could not recall was the identity of the security guard's son.

After lingering for a bit at the entrance and making small talk, Lin Huang and Lin Xin soon made their way into the campus.

After the two of them had covered some distance, Lin Xin could not stop herself from grumbling, "You only stayed in the college for half a year while I was here for two years, and this security guard recognized you and not me?"

"Maybe it's because I'm handsome," Lin Huang teased cheerfully.

Lin Xin could not help but roll her eyes at her brother.

Lin Huang took his time before eventually explaining to her, "That security guard is the father of one of my students."

"Oh, I see." The explanation made Lin Xin feel relieved.

After all, the number of enrolled students at Martial Hunter College was around a hundred and fifty thousand. Tens of thousands of students graduated each year, while tens of thousands of new ones enrolled at the same time. It was natural for the security guard to not remember all of them. On the other hand, it was equally natural for him to remember his son's teacher.

The two of them walked along the main path, passing by the student dorms and the two cafeterias. They then made a left turn at the cafeterias and saw a familiar teaching block opposite the sports field.

After returning to this place three years later, Lin Huang felt a strange sense of nostalgic fondness.

Not only was this the place where he had become a teacher for the first time, but it was also the starting point for his garnering of knowledge.

In fact, it was thanks to the library at Martial Hunter College that he obtained an all-around understanding of the gravel world, as well as finding out what kind of world he was in.

Lin Xin harbored even deeper feelings toward this place. She studied here for a year and a half, assuming the identity of Ling Xue. After that, she stayed on as a teacher for around half a year, so in total, she was here for two years.

The amount of time she had spent in White Capital not only surpassed that of Winter City by leaps and bounds, but even Emperor City as well. Apart from Wulin City, you could say this was the closest place she could call her home.

On top of that, she had made several close friends at Martial Hunter College, as well as a group of students with which she had a pretty good relationship.

Martial Hunter College was one of her fondest places as far as her memory went.

"I haven't been back for two years. The students in my year should have all graduated by now." Lin Xin could not help but sigh. "Even my students should have graduated by now."

Based on the three-year schooling period of the education system, the majority of students at Martial Hunter College graduated at the end of their third year. However, there were a fraction of students who flunked a subject and had to repeat a year. Having said so, it had been more than four years since Lin Xin had enrolled; even if she had peers who repeated a year, they would have graduated by now too. Back in the day, Lin Xin was in the first class, the highest achieving class in the Sword Dao faculty. The chances of someone having to repeat a year from that class were not high. 

As the siblings stood in front of the teaching block reminiscing about their past, a girl who was walking toward the teaching block spotted them. As her gaze swept across Lin Xin, she suddenly froze before speed walking in their direction.

"Senior Sister Ling!" Before she even got close to them, the girl called out loudly and waved her hand at Lin Xin. 

Lin Huang turned his head in the girl's direction. The girl was not tall, about a meter sixty, with a sheep-horn hairstyle. Age-wise, she looked like she was still a student. 

"You're…Yang Shan?!" Lin Xin recognized the other person straight away.

"Senior Sister Ling, is it really you?!" When she heard Lin Xin's reply, the sheep-horn haired girl immediately sprinted toward them. When she was right in front of them, she grabbed both of Lin Xin's hands, her face beaming with excitement.

"Yang Shan, weren't you supposed to graduate in July? Why are you still at school?" Lin Xin could not help but ask.

"I joined the faculty. I'm now the teacher of the year one eleventh class of the Firearms faculty," the sheep-horn haired girl answered with a grin.

"I see! Congratulations are in order, then!" Lin Xin was overjoyed for her as well.

The sheep-horn haired girl was not Lin Xin's classmate, but her student. She was also the first student to stir up trouble and make things difficult for Lin Xin during her first class. However, Lin Xin had responded by taking the students to the shooting range. After a round of God demonstration, she managed to convince all the students beyond any doubt, and Yang Shan became a fan of hers since then.

In the six months that Lin Xin taught, none of the students in the class was willing to address her "Teacher" as she was far too young. Under Yang Shan's instigation, everyone started calling her Senior Sister Ling instead.

At the start, Lin Xin protested several times before eventually giving up.

"And this person by your side is…your boyfriend?" Yang Shan asked with a nosy expression and a teasing smile.

"My brother," Lin Xin answered grudgingly.

"Ah, I see," Yang Shan replied, evidently disappointed. "So you're back this time because…"

"I'm on break for a while and decided to make use of my free time to come visit," Lin Xin explained with a grin.

The two of them chatted for a bit until the school bell went off. Only then did Yang Shan quickly bid farewell and darted quickly toward the teaching block.

"That person was one of your students?" Lin Huang smiled.

"Yeah, she was also the first one to find fault with me." Lin Xin nodded with a laugh. "She said that I had just graduated and had no teaching experience, and that I didn't even graduate from the Firearms faculty. So she openly questioned whether I was qualified enough to teach them."

"And then what happened?" Lin Huang pressed curiously.

"Then, I took them to the shooting range…" Lin Xin raised her eyebrows and did not finish her sentence, as no explanation was needed for what followed later.

"Not bad, you have my style." Lin Huang gave her an approving thumbs-up.

"Hey, I got everyone's unanimous approval on my first day at work," Lin Xin teased him cheekily, "unlike someone else whose students ran to the administrative office to collectively file a complaint about him, and even won the annual award for the least popular teacher!"

"I became very popular later, I'll have you know. The students were practically begging me not to resign." Lin Huang's mouth twitched.

The past was fresh in their minds, vivid images kept appearing before them.

After strolling around the college, they returned to the teachers' flats at the end.

Lin Huang and Lin Xin used to stay at the same teachers' flat. The three-story building was currently occupied.

The siblings watched from afar but did not approach it. 

When they departed from Martial Hunter College, it was already noon…


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