Monster Paradise
1454 Advanced Monster Paradise
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1454 Advanced Monster Paradise

Once he had seen the third layer of the Abyss Brink completely stripped away and all the dimensional gateways vanish completely, only then was Lin Huang finally able to exhale a long breath.

The impending danger posed by Myriad Tribe Palace could be considered temporarily resolved for the time being.

Lin Huang also detached himself from his merged state with the world will, and his consciousness returned to his body in faraway Emperor City.

He had only just come to his senses when the world will returned to him almost immediately.

It transformed once more into a cloud of dense, humanoid-shaped fog and flew around Lin Huang several times to express its inner elation.

Although the world will was not fully sentient, it could sense that the threat brought on by the dimensional gateways had been removed.

It circled Lin Huang several times and suddenly dived into Lin Huang's inner core again, entering the God Territory within him.

Lin Huang quickly sent his consciousness into his mind so he could observe what the world will wanted to do.

Very quickly, he saw a faint white mist beginning to rise in his God Territory.

As the white mist rose, the gravel world on the other side of the gateway began to merge with the God Territory at a speed visible to the naked eye.

"Didn't the Emperor's Heart mention before that I would have to wait until I reached true god-level before I could begin the process of integration so I could recall the gravel world into my inner world?" Lin Huang hesitated, harboring traces of doubt, but in the end, he did not stop the world will from what it was doing.

Lin Huang sat cross-legged in the Emperor Palace for three full days. Within his inner world, only then did the God Territory fragments and his own God Territory finally integrate fully.

At that moment, Lin Huang felt as if the entire gravel world was within his grasp, as if the God Territory had been birthed from his own body.

What amazed Lin Huang even more was that many Rule Bending Powers in the gravel world rapidly began a recovery process, and those particular Rule Bending Powers were all the ones that he had mastered.

As the one hundred and twenty rules he had mastered became part of the world, Lin Huang discovered that the number of rules was still increasing.

"These… are the rules that Mr. Fu and Lin Xuan have mastered..."

He discovered that the rules replicated by the gravel world to become part of the World Rules included not just those that he, Mr. Fu, and Lin Xuan had mastered, but also those of the other people in the gravel world who had mastered Rule Bending Powers. The exceptions were the Sword Servants, who were non-local residents.

Not only that, these hundreds of Rules were still slowly evolving and being derived; the world will was beginning to derive more Rules on its own to perfect the world.

After a violent shudder like an earthquake in the gravel world, all these complete, replicated rules circulated within the void like Dao tattoos.

At that moment, almost everyone who had mastered rules, or who were close to mastering them, was ecstatic.

"Rule Bending Powers are starting to undergo recovery, and the pathway to becoming a True God is now accessible!"

The integration with Monster Paradise had allowed the gravel world to become a complete world from its original broken state, so it was now possible to have the opportunity of becoming a True God.

The area of Lin Huang's Monster Paradise had also started to expand even further.

Originally it only had a radius of 600,000 kilometers, but now it had expanded to 1.2 million kilometers right away.

Once again, Lin Huang's Monster Paradise had advanced. 

"God Territory: Monster Paradise"

"God Territory's Territorial Range: Radius of 12,000 kilometers from the God Territory possessor (potential to grow)"

"God Territory Ability 1: Within the God Territory's territorial range or in the gravel world, the dead summoning beast's soul will return to the God Territory with its body reconstructed with Divine Power and revived. Those that have broken souls will have their broken soul pieces recalled and recovered. They can also be resurrected in the gravel world."

"Ability Restriction 1: Each summoning beast can only be revived 200 times within 24 hours. Their soul will disintegrate when it surpasses 200 times and they won't be able to return to the God Territory (potential to grow)"

"Ability Restriction 2: Each summoning beast can only have their soul recovered 18 times within 24 hours. Their soul will disintegrate if it surpasses 18 times and they won't be able to return to the God Territory (potential to grow)"

"Derivative Ability: If the God Territory possessor is dead within the coverage range, he can choose to use a summoning beast to substitute death. The summoning beast that is chosen as the substitute won't be able to be summoned within 24 hours (potential to grow)"

"Remarks: The God Territory possessor can only be substituted for death 18 times within 24 hours. He can only be substituted 6 times if his soul disintegrated (potential to grow)"

"God Territory Ability 2: Within the God Territory's territorial range, the God Territory possessor and his summoning beasts would have an 18 fold boost on their strength, speed, and spirit. The other summoning beasts would have a 60% drop on their strength, speed, and spirit (potential to grow)."

"Remark 1: The God Territory possessor can turn off the boost and undermining effect as he wishes."

"Remark 2: The weakening ability of the God Territory is not effective for life entities that exceed the God Territory possessor's level by one level or more."

"God Territory Ability 3: Within the effective range of the God Territory, the God Territory possessor can freely borrow any skills from all monsters within the effective range of the God Territory."

"Remark 1: The borrowing of monster skills already possessed by the God Territory possessor is invalid and will not result in a compound effect."

"Remark 2: Within 24 hours, the God Territory possessor's number of Monster Skill spaces will temporarily double and the maximum number of borrowed skills must not exceed the God Territory possessor's number of Monster Skill authorities. (If he originally has 100 skill spaces, he can borrow up to 100 more skills.)"

Lin Huang checked the specific information and found that the number of revivals had increased exponentially from the original 100 times to 200 times. The number of soul recovery and death substitutions had also soared from 12 times to 18 times. The strength, speed, and spirit boost had also increased from 12 fold to 18 fold, and even the weakening ability had increased from 50% to 60%.

The most important thing was that the summoning beasts did not need to return to the God Territory to be revived, but could directly be resurrected in the gravel world on the spot. In other words, the entire gravel world had become Lin Huang's home turf.

While Lin Huang was still observing the changes in the gravel world and Monster Paradise, the Emperor's Heart Ring on his finger suddenly began vibrating.

Lin Huang looked at the Emperor's Heart Ring, rather startled. Before he went into closed-door cultivation, he was absolutely certain he had cut off all network and communication signals.

Harboring these doubts in mind, he clicked on the communication page.

The caller's number did not display any numbers, only two words—"Emperor's Heart". As far as he could remember, he had not added the Emperor's Heart to his address book, but he was also instantly able to confirm that the caller was the Emperor's Heart.

After being connected, the voice of the Emperor's Heart came through, sounding rather excited.

"You succeeded?! "

"Yes, I succeeded." Although this was a very abrupt question, Lin Huang knew exactly what the other party was asking about.

"I anticipated that you would succeed, but I didn't expect you to do it so quickly." The tone of the Emperor's Heart's voice was one of exhilaration. "From the looks of it, you not only completed the refining but also the integration as well."

"Yes." Lin Huang nodded; this kind of thing could not be concealed from the Emperor's Heart.

"Has the third layer of the Abyss Brink been stripped off?" The Emperor's Heart asked again.

"Yes, it has."

"That's good. The threat from Myriad Tribe Palace has at least been temporarily removed," the Emperor's Heart finished speaking and added, "When Myriad Tribe Palace notices the anomalies in the gravel world, they will definitely try to re-establish the coordinates of the gravel world over and over again. Unless it's the last resort, or there is definite evidence to prove the existence of myself and the host, they would dare not contact It who shall not be named from the Abyss."

"I hope so, or we'll all die miserably." Lin Huang raised his brows upon after hearing that. The matter was already done and he had no regrets about it, even if the enemy that he faced in the future might well be that terrifying being within the Abyss.

"Since the integration has been completed, you can now keep the gravel world within you without having to wait for true god-level," the Emperor's Heart said with a laugh, "However, now that the third layer of the Abyss Brink is gone, the path leading to the virtual zone has also been destroyed. If you have no way of returning to the great world, I can help you by opening a gateway."

"There's no need for something as complicated as that; I have a way to return to the great world." If Lin Huang wanted to return to the great world, it was a very simple matter—it only required a thought for him to be teleported back to the Great Heaven Palace and he could make his exit from the Great Heaven Territory

As for the others, he could wait until he returned to the great world, then release them directly from the God Territory within him.


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