Monster Paradise
1453 Like The Rear Bumper Of An Old Car
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1453 Like The Rear Bumper Of An Old Car

Upon his return from First City to Emperor City, Lin Huang went into closed-door cultivation at the first possible opportunity. 

However, this round of closed-door cultivation was not aimed at improving his abilities; rather, it was for him to consider how he might try to communicate with the world will.

According to the Emperor's Heart, it was possible for anyone who had mastered Rule Bending Power to communicate with the world will of the gravel world.

However, the Emperor's Heart had not disclosed how to communicate with the world will. It had only mentioned that the world will's willingness to communicate would vary from person to person.

As for how to refine and integrate the God Territory fragments, the only thing the Emperor's Heart had said was that entrance to the World Core would only be permitted by the world will if one obtained sufficient approval from the world will itself.

In other words, this was all a game of currying favor.

"In this guessing game of how to obtain favor, though, I either need to pick the right option, or I have to present the other party with something that they like before I can conquer the target..." This thought caused Lin Huang some awkwardness. "But there aren't any ABCD options to choose from in communicating with the world will. I don't even know what sort of gift it might like..."

Amid so many uncertainties, Lin Huang decided to try and see if he could successfully communicate with the world will first.

An overwhelming wave of Divine Telekinesis emanated from within his being, spreading in all directions like ripples, and continuously extending further into the distance.

100 meters!

1,000 meters!

10,000 meters!

10,000 kilometers!

100,000 kilometers!

500,000 kilometers!

At last, the wave halted at 600,000 kilometers.

Lin Huang's Divine Telekinesis was able to cover practically more than half the entire gravel world.

Quite a number of virtual god-level powerhouses sensed the arrival of this powerful wave of Divine Telekinesis.

Lin Huang's Divine Telekinesis was instantly recognizable, not just to Dynasty but also to the faraway Misery, the Union Government, the Hunter Association, and the Virtual Gods from organizations such as Mystic Butterfly, Shadow Killer, and the Heretics.

However, several Virtual Gods who were not so familiar with Lin Huang thought that some powerful existence had once again arrived in the gravel world; this gave them a bit of a shock. Some even secretly contacted the Union Government to report the situation. The Union Government itself was unsure whether to laugh or to cry even as they had to help explain that this was Lin Huang's Divine Telekinesis.

All the members of Dynasty did not know why Lin Huang had suddenly sent his Divine Telekinesis out to probe in this manner.

"Isn't His Majesty in closed-door cultivation? Why has he suddenly caused such a stir?"

Mr. Fu even sent out his own Divine Telekinesis probe to inquire of Lin Huang, "What's happened?

"Nothing's happened, I'm just trying an experiment," Lin Huang responded.

Other organizations began to speculate among themselves about what Lin Huang might be up to with his current actions.

"Could he be looking for some sort of treasure?"

"He might also be trying to find someone."

"Then again, he might just be purely demonstrating his power."

Amid everyone's various speculations, Lin Huang suddenly sensed a wave of consciousness making contact with him.

The wave of consciousness did not convey any verbal information; rather, what was transmitted to Lin Huang was a joyous, even lively emotion.

"The world will?!" Lin Huang was stunned for a moment but immediately pulled himself together.

His initial idea had been to extend his Divine Telekinesis and probe around first, then try to communicate with the various incomplete Rules Bending Powers in the void. Afterward, he would search through the vestiges of these Rules Bending Powers for clues to see if he could find any traces left behind by the world will.

However, he had never expected that less than ten seconds after sending his Divine Telekinesis out, the world will would take the initiative to search for him.

Based on what the Emperor's Heart had described, the world will was still in the stages of infancy due to the gravel world's incomplete rules. Most of its behavior was instinctual. In fact, its subjective consciousness was not very strong; it was also unable to understand human language.

When he sensed the desire for connection that the world will conveyed, Lin Huang's Divine Telekinesis also sent out a message of goodwill.

As soon as he made known his intentions, the world will was even more thrilled.

Lin Huang speculated that the world will displayed such friendliness to him probably because he had killed the invaders from the Thousand Snake Sect.

Although the world will did not have a high intelligence, it was still very much aware that the Thousand Snake Sect were the ones who had suppressed it before.

After condensing his Divine Telekinesis and having some friendly fun with the world will for a little, Lin Huang then guided the world will to the periphery of the Abyss Brink.

Lin Huang's Divine Telekinesis transformed into a large hand and stretched out a finger, pointing toward the Abyss Brink.

At the same time, Lin Huang sent out a thought, 'I must find a way to solve the problem of the Abyss Brink.'

Even though the world will was unable to communicate in words, it managed to catch the gist of what Lin Huang meant.

Propelled by Lin Huang's Divine Telekinesis, the world will directly broke through into the third layer of the Abyss Brink.

Upon entering there, the world will's mood dropped very conspicuously.

Lin Huang's Divine Telekinesis once more transformed into a large hand and pointed in the direction of the dimensional gateways.

The world will then fully understood what Lin Huang meant. It quickly nodded, indicating that it needed Lin Huang's help to solve this issue. 

Without even waiting for Lin Huang to state his request to refine and integrate his God Territory fragments, the world will suddenly traveled through the dimensions and arrived in Emperor City. It transformed into a dense cloud of fog shaped like a human figure and appeared in the Emperor Palace.

Before Lin Huang could react, the other party had suddenly discovered his physical location; he saw the humanoid-shaped cloud of thick fog rapidly heading toward him.

Lin Huang only felt his vision being enshrouded by the fog, and he experienced a brief moment of confusion. When he came back to his senses again, he was already in the void.

In the pitch-black darkness of the void, Lin Huang quickly saw a thin red-gold sheet not too far away; it was about the size of a palm. The sheet was translucent and irregularly shaped; it looked a bit like a torn half of a playing card. 

He stretched his hand toward the sheet to investigate it, placing it in his palm. He was just about to examine the object carefully, only to discover that it was disintegrating into countless red-gold sparks; the sparks then transformed into countless points of starlight that swarmed right into his inner world. 

Lin Huang quickly sent his consciousness into his body to probe and discovered that the myriad red-gold sparks were making for the God Territory within him—Monster Paradise.

However, the strangest thing was that the sparks, which descended with terrifying momentum like a meteor shower, did not cause any damage at all to Monster Paradise. After falling into his God Territory, they only generated layer upon layer of ripples in the void, which then quickly dissipated and vanished completely.

Before Lin Huang could even react, he realized that the integration was complete.

"That's it?" He was utterly startled, still finding it hard to believe. "Refinement and integration have been completed just like that?!"

Lin Huang checked his God Territory, still harboring some doubts.

His God Territory did not seem to have changed much, but Lin Huang suddenly discovered that a wreath of dense fog in human shape had infiltrated the entire area. 

"The world will can enter my God Territory?!" Only after seeing the incarnation of the world will appearing was Lin Huang finally able to confirm that he had indeed completed the integration and refining of the God Territory fragments.

'How do I use the power of the world will to strip off the third layer of the Abyss Brink?' Right as this doubt arose in Lin Huang's mind, he suddenly experienced a moment of disorientation. When he regained his senses, he found that his perspective was now completely different from before.

Wherever he looked, there were no longer any solid objects. There were only dots and lines of various colors scattered in all directions, as well as fluctuating clouds.

It took Lin Huang a moment before he suddenly realized what had happened. "Is this the perspective of the world will?! I've become the world will?!"

Lin Huang looked around Monster Paradise and quickly discovered a gateway. He sensed that on the opposite side of the gateway was the aura of the gravel world.

After hesitating for a moment, he dived in.

Once he exited the gateway, Lin Huang found that he had returned to the gravel world.

'How do I get to the Abyss Brink?' He could not see any solid objects, so he could not even tell which direction was which anymore. In the midst of his worries, his figure suddenly shifted. An instant later, he appeared directly at the entrance of the Abyss Brink.

Although it was different from what he could see in the material world, it took Lin Huang only a glance to recognize that this was the Abyss Brink.

"Whenever I think about a place, I'll immediately appear there. This kind of ability is really enviable!" Lin Huang muttered under his breath. The next second, he appeared on the third layer of the Abyss Brink.

Very quickly, he saw all the thirty-three space tunnels. At this moment, looking at them from the perspective of the world will, he only saw thirty-three huge black vortices leading into the unknown like wormholes.

After only a brief observation, Lin Huang made his decision without further hesitation. "Strip it off!"

As soon as he finished speaking, the entire third layer of the Abyss Brink began shuddering violently.

In just a few seconds, the third layer of the Abyss Brink completely separated from the gravel world; tossed into the void, it vanished instantly without a trace. It was like the rear bumper of an old car that had fallen off, left behind while the vehicle kept moving further and further into the distance.


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