Monster Paradise
1451 Don’t All Games Have an Opening CG?
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1451 Don’t All Games Have an Opening CG?

"My host is a traveler like you, but they probably did not come from the same place as you did. Their world possesses extremely advanced technology and has even developed artificial intelligence close to the level of Goldfingers. 

"Also, the world that my host traveled to was not this great world of yours. That world was much vaster and stronger than your great world. There even existed powerhouses whose strength exceeded that of a Lord. 

"Powerhouses whose strength exceeded that of a Lord… how could such a powerful world be invaded by the Abyss?" Lin Huang could not help asking.

"All I can say is that the power of the Abyss far exceeds your imagination," the Emperor's Heart earnestly explained. 

"The Abyssal creatures that you see in the gravel world are mainly from the shallow layers of the Abyss. Their role in the Abyss could be compared to that of plankton in the sea. In the middle layers, even True Gods and Heavenly Gods are merely little fishes and shrimps at most. 

"The truly terrifying part of the Abyss lies within the deep layers! There are countless ancient monsters that lay dormant there—some of them are even born as Lords, some have breaths that could transform into black holes and swallow the stars even as they lay in deep slumber. As for the ones that lay dormant within the deepest depths, if even one of those fellows were to awaken, it would be enough to unleash a scene of bloody carnage across the whole universe!" 

"If the Abyss is as powerful as you say, why haven't they conquered the entire universe?" Lin Huang did not doubt the honesty of the Emperor's Heart's words, but he felt that based on the description he heard, the Abyss was easily strong enough to conquer the whole universe.

"I am not entirely sure of the reason, but I have heard of a legend which states that the ruler of the Abyss is always in a dormant state, and their deep slumber would construct one dreamland after another. The closer the Abyssal creatures are to their ruler, the stronger they become. It also means that the deeper they fall into dreamland, the more difficult it is for them to leave the Abyss. 

"The abyssal monster who is the rival of my host is one of the strongest among the monsters who are still able to leave the Abyss."

Upon hearing all this, Lin Huang could not help inquiring once again, "What's the monster's exact strength? Can you tell me?"

He wanted to have a clear understanding of the level of the potential enemy he might have to face in the future.

"It is the level of Lord, also known as the 'mighty divinity-level' in the universe. Powerhouses that have reached mighty divinity-level will develop Dao tattoos within their bodies to consolidate Dao seals. Lord-level is divided into four ranks based on the complexity level of the Dao seals formed by the Dao tattoos.

"Dao seals formed by ten or less Dao tattoos are known as level-1. Dao seals formed by ten to a hundred Dao tattoos are known as level-10. Dao seals formed by a hundred to a thousand Dao tattoos are known as level-100. Dao seals formed by more than a thousand Dao tattoos are known as level-1000.

"A simple way to categorize the Lords would be as lower-rank, middle-rank, upper-rank, and ultimate-rank Lords. 

"My host, as well as that fellow from the Abyss, are both ultimate-rank Lords. 

"Millions of years ago, my host and I passed by your great world. I recall that there were no ultimate-rank Lords in this great world during that time," Emperor's Heart added.

Lin Huang was left speechless by what he heard. The existence of the Abyss was too terrifying; for a moment he even considered retreating and searching for another way to overcome the crisis brought about by the Myriad Tribe Palace. 

He could not even afford to anger the Myriad Tribe Palace, let alone the great abyssal monster that reigned above the Myriad Tribe Palace. 

The Emperor's Heart seemed to have noticed Lin Huang's doubts and quickly continued, "However, you don't have to worry. Even if you refine the Godhead fragment, that fellow from the Abyss probably won't cause any trouble for you. There are millions of God Territory fragments, so there surely must be more than one that has been refined by others. That Abyss fellow will not leave the Abyss as long as the coordinates of my host and I have not been secured. All you have to do is think about how to deal with the Myriad Tribe Palace."

"You say that, but it will inevitably cause some consequences, one way or another," Lin Huang bluntly said what he was dreading. 

The Emperor's Heart was stunned for a moment after hearing those words. He obviously did not expect Lin Huang to have thought so deeply into the subject. This was actually something he had wanted to conceal if possible. 

The Emperor's Heart let out a dry laugh but still continued on with the conversation, "This so-called consequence is just an illusory concept. Even if your actions indirectly affect the future, it definitely won't be as serious as you think it is." 

Lin Huang did not want to get further entangled in this topic, so he just changed the subject. 

"I'm a little curious, when did your host's defeat in battle take place?"

"4.83 million years ago," the Emperor's Heart stated the fact blandly. "This piece of God Territory fragment arrived in this world three days after my host's defeat.

"After that, the remnant soul of my host went into a deep sleep, and I used the seed of the Stairway Tree as a host body to begin slowly growing. 

"At that time, most areas of the God Territory fragment were still old-growth forests with various living creatures. I imparted the knowledge of cultivation to a bunch of kids that caught my eye, and some of them indeed excelled in their cultivation. This era is called the primeval epoch by the descendants of this world." 

"The primeval epoch of the gravel world was started by you?!" Lin Huang exclaimed involuntarily.

"Yes. It's just a pity that less than a million years after the start of the primeval epoch, this piece of God Territory fragment was discovered by that person's subordinates, who mobilized the invasion and began purging this land. 

"After the end of the primeval epoch, I once again passed down the knowledge of cultivation to a new batch of people, but a little over a million years ago, another major bout of purging happened. That was the end of the era that was coined the archaic epoch by your people. 

"After that, I intervened in the advancement of the gravel world again and again, bringing out different systems of cultivation routes each time. Despite that, the cultivators were all massacred to extinction every time..."

After listening to the Emperor's Heart's explanation of this period of history, Lin Huang was bursting with more questions to ask.

"How much do you know about the opening of various Virtual Eyes during the new era? Was this also that person's doing?" 

Hearing this question, the Emperor's Heart fell silent for a moment before speaking again.

"The new era... was started by me. Those Virtual Eyes were also opened by me." 

The Emperor's Heart did not know how to react to Lin Huang's expression of shocked disbelief, so he just continued.

"Due to previous cultivation epochs being eradicated over and over again, I've started using a more unorthodox approach. I remember my host telling me that in their world, there were many games where one could increase their levels by fighting monsters. Using this as an inspiration, I used up nearly all the energy that I've accumulated over millions of years to reform the entire God Territory fragment. 

"All newborns throughout the whole gravel world will become 'game players' who can upgrade their levels through fighting monsters. The Virtual Eyes were also opened to grant experience to all cultivators." 

"So you're saying that the opening of three thousand Virtual Eyes more than eight hundred years ago was your doing?!" Lin Huang felt that things were becoming more and more outlandish every second. 

"Yes, because conventional methods can no longer allow any powerhouses in this gravel world to rapidly evolve, let alone break the vicious cycle that is the destruction of the cultivation epochs! Desperate times call for desperate measures." 

"But didn't that group of invaders all claim that they're from the God Territory?" Lin Huang asked, puzzled.

"That's all just an act... don't all games have an opening CG?" 


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