Monster Paradise
1450 The One Who Came From The Abyss
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1450 The One Who Came From The Abyss

"I had always known that this gravel world is facing a threat from a certain organization of the great world."

The Emperor's Heart paused to gather his thoughts a little and continued.

"To be precise, it is under threat from one individual. The Myriad Tribe Palace is just their pawn."

"Are you sure? Myriad Tribe Palace is the grade-6 top organization in God Territory, and they have at least two half-step lord-level powerhouses!" Lin Huang's face was full of amazement. He always thought he had fully excavated the background of the Thousand Snake Sect, which stopped at the Myriad Tribe Palace. "If such a huge organization is only a pawn, then is the person you are talking about a certain Lord of God Territory?!"

"They are an extremely powerful Lord. However, they don't come from the God Territory but from the Abyss." The Emperor's Heart finally revealed this secret that he had kept hidden for many years.

"A Lord from the Abyss has also developed a grade-6 peak organization in God Territory?! Who possesses such great ability?" Lin Huang asked hurriedly.

"Their name cannot be mentioned, because wherever their name is uttered, their sight will be cast there. Their eyes cannot be directly gazed upon. Those who look directly upon them will be completely plunged into the Sea Abyss and perish on the bottom of the sea for eternity. Their call cannot be answered. The responder will lose all of his will and become their slave forever..."

Although the Emperor's Heart's words were somewhat vague, Lin Huang understood how terrifying this "they" was.

"Why is such a terrifying existence setting their sights on a small place like ours?" Lin Huang suddenly guessed the answer when he asked this question. He raised his head and stared at the huge head floating in the void, frowning slightly. "You know so much...Is it because of you that the gravel world is being targeted?!"

"To be precise, it is because of my host." The Emperor's Heart finally told the truth. "They and my host are mortal enemies and have fought many times. In the last battle, my host was defeated, and the remnant of my host's soul and I fled."

"You fled to this gravel world, and then you were discovered? So "they" sent someone to chase after the two of you?" Lin Huang guessed the subsequent plot.

"It's not as simple as you think." The Emperor's Heart shook his gigantic head.

"You should know that there is more than one great world, right? The battlefield where my host fought with them is not in this great world. After my host's initial defeat, my host split their God Territory into a million fragments and projected them toward different great worlds. The severely injured soul of my host and I were hiding in one of the fragments of God Territory and descended into this great world."

"The gravel world under your feet is that fragment of God Territory! To some extent, you are all descendants of my host."

Lin Huang did not expect this turn of events. "What happened after that? Was this fragment discovered?"

"After the epic battle between the two, my host died in the battle, but 'they' were also seriously injured. For millions of years, that person should have been hiding in the Abyss to heal their wounds. But before returning to the Abyss, they left behind a projection in the Incubus World, which has induced a large number of believers in their dreams."

"For these years, that person's followers have been searching for the existence of my host's God Territory fragments in various great worlds. Over millions of years, most of the fragments of the God Territory have been discovered, including ours."

"I have a few questions." As he listened to the story, Lin Huang could not help but interrupt the Emperor's Heart's narration. "According to the information I got from the Thousand Snake Sect, Myriad Tribe Palace should have discovered our gravel world long ago. Why doesn't the powerhouse of the Myriad Tribe Palace directly come to destroy our world? Even if they don't want to let other organizations know, as long as a Lord hides their identity, they won't be discovered by making a single attack.

"Also, why did the Myriad Tribe Palace get the Thousand Snake Sect to only eliminate cultivators and not ordinary people? Isn't it more effective to eliminate all living things once and for all?"

"The reason is very simple. That person wants to obtain the source of my host's strength, they want to get their hands on me, a Goldfinger!"

"Myriad Tribe Palace discovered that our gravel world is a fragment of God Territory, but they didn't know that the remnants of my host and I were hiding on this particular fragment. So, they have not taken the next step to refine the gravel world forcefully and enshrine it for that person. Instead, they have been waiting for that person to give instructions for the next step and dare not make a move themselves."

"As for not eliminating all life forms, the reason is simple. God Territory fragments are not complete worlds (here we are referring to incomplete worlds, not incomplete rules). Once a large number of life forms die out, the world composed of God Territory fragments will soon move toward self-disintegration."

"You should also know that when the Thousand Snake Sect made a move on this world several times in the past, the rules of the True God of this world were still complete. But more than 800 years ago, the rules were no longer complete. This is due to the death of a large number of cultivators. The entire energy of the God Territory fragments scattered, leading to accelerated disintegration.

"It knows that my host's remnant soul cannot be awakened in a short time, and once the fragments of the God Territory attached to the remnant soul collapses, the remnant soul will die for good. What that person wants is the living remnant soul with the memory of the host intact, and as such, they do not want the fragments of God Territory to collapse."

"As for the cultivators who instructed the Myriad Tribe Palace to hunt for the fragments of God Territory, the reason is also very simple. Because once the native cultivators of the God Territory fragments have reached the true god-level and mastered Rule Bending Powers, they may be recognized by the world will of the mini world, and it is even possible for them to successfully refine the fragments of God Territory."

At this point, the huge head of the Emperor's Heart looked down at Lin Huang, and after a pause, he continued.

"You want to relieve the gravel world of its current crisis, here is the solution."

Lin Huang listened for a moment, and then immediately reacted. He looked up at Emperor's Heart with a look of surprise. "You mean...for me to communicate with the world will and refine this piece of God Territory?!

"But, even refining it would be useless. Won't the several spatial dimensional gateways in the Abyss Brink still exist? Myriad Tribe Palace can still transport people over."

"After you refine this piece of God Territory fragment, you will have control over the world will. By that time, you can easily peel off the third layer of the Abyss Brink. No matter how stable those dimensional gateways are, they can only be transmitted to the third layer of the Abyss Brink that has been stripped, and can't reach the gravel world." The Emperor's Heart had obviously put some thought into it.

Lin Huang fell into silence for a while after he heard that. "Are you sure this method is feasible?"

"One hundred percent," the Emperor's Heart answered very firmly.

Lin Huang fell silent for another moment, then suddenly raised his head and asked, "Am I your previous host?"

"No," the Emperor's Heart said without hesitation.

"Then your host...has been awakened?" Lin Huang asked again.

"My host has successfully reincarnated." The Emperor's Heart nodded.

"Then why are you asking me to refine the fragments of your host's God Territory, instead of letting your host do it themself? Stripping off the third layer of the Abyss Brink, wouldn't your host be able to do the same?" Lin Huang pressed.

"All Virtual Gods and True Gods born in this gravel world can try to refine it, but my host alone cannot." The Emperor's Heart looked serious and shook his head. "If my host refines any fragment of God Territory from their previous life, there will be energy fluctuations similar to those in the previous life, and this fluctuation will be instantly captured by that person from the Abyss, who will find out our precise coordinates.

"I have followed my host for millions of years and have seen countless geniuses in the vast sea of stars, and there are also other travelers. Your talent and potential, among all the people I have seen, can be easily ranked in the top three. If my host wanted to choose a person in this gravel world to refine the fragments of his God Territory, I believe they would choose you."

Lin Huang was surprised that the Emperor's Heart would have such a high evaluation of him.

Lin Huang instantly quelled his doubts. "Then I will give it a try!"


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