Monster Paradise
1446 The War Is Over!
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1446 The War Is Over!

It took almost five or six minutes to read Teng Ran's memory.

Lin Huang casually put the snake's head into his space storage; only then did he begin searching for the answers he wanted within Teng Ran's memories.

It took him merely a few seconds to find specific information on the Thousand Snake Sect.

The Thousand Snake Sect was a top grade-4 organization in the God Territory.

Its founder was Teng Hui, Teng Ran's great-great-grandfather. At that time, Teng Hui had only just elevated to true god-level, and the Thousand Snake Sect started out as a mere grade-2 organization.

After the Thousand Snake Sect had been established, it did not see any improvement for several years, and Teng Hui's combat strength advancement was also extremely slow.

Right around this time, Myriad Tribe Palace had just been promoted to a grade-6 organization; they began recruiting and expanding.

Almost all the grade-2 to grade-5 organizations were fair game for recruitment. 

As soon as Teng Hui got the news, he submitted an application, and the Thousand Snake Sect successfully became an affiliate organization under Myriad Tribe Palace. Through the first batch of benefits issued by Myriad Tribe Palace, he managed to successfully advance his combat strength to that of a third-rank True God.

Not long after this elevation in Teng Ran's combat level, a mysterious member of Myriad Tribe Palace's top-tier personnel suddenly came to him and assigned a mission to the Thousand Snake Sect.

This task was to eliminate mini world No. 4815162342!

This mini world designated as No. 4815162342 was the current gravel world that Lin Huang had traveled to. In that era, however, the rules of the gravel world were more complete than they were now—it was even possible to breed True Gods then.

To ensure that the Thousand Snake Sect successfully completed its mission, that unknown member of Myriad Tribe Palace's top-tier personnel even sent out one hundred ninth-rank True Gods to arrive with Teng Hui and assist in this genocide.

Although Teng Hui felt that there was something odd about this mission, he still accepted it.

The mission was carried out without any hitches. With the assistance of one hundred ninth-rank True Gods, the Thousand Snake Sect took less than ten days to fulfill their task of elimination, completely annihilating all the cultivators in this mini world. 

However, something even stranger occurred afterward.

That same top-tier individual sought out Teng Hui and informed him not to tell anyone about the genocide mission carried out on mini world No. 4815162342. Teng Hui soon discovered that everyone else in the Thousand Snake Sect had completely no recollection of the number and coordinates of this particular mini world.

Although Teng Hui felt that this was extremely peculiar, he did not dare probe further into the matter.

As for Myriad Tribe Palace, no one was sure if it was because Teng Hui was sufficiently obedient in following orders or for some other reason, but mini world No. 4815162342 was then classified as a subordinate territory under the Thousand Snake Sect. Several other mini worlds and gravel worlds were also given to the Thousand Snake Sect as subordinate territories.

The task of supervising mini world No. 4815162342 fell to Teng Hui as well.

Teng Hui set up an alert system—as long as the number of True Gods in that mini world exceeded ten people, or the number of Virtual Gods exceeded three hundred, he would lead a group there to wipe them out.

After several such eliminations, a great deal of resource plundering also happened.

Mini world No. 4815162342 rapidly degenerated into a gravel world with incomplete rules.

"Myriad Tribe Palace—Zos..."

According to Teng Ran's memories, the impression Teng Hui had of this upper-tier individual in Myriad Tribe Palace was only the name "Zos". Nothing else was known.

This was because that particular individual always wore a loose black robe that hid everything beneath it.

However, Teng Hui had a vague guess about the identity of that individual. It was highly likely that they were one of the founders of Myriad Tribe Palace.

"Why would a grade-6 organization like that be interested in our little gravel world—especially one that likely has a half-step Lord behind it?"

With this suspicion in mind, Lin Huang continued to dig deeper into Teng Ran's memory.

After more than ten minutes of searching, he finally found a potential answer to this question.

Although Teng Hui did not have the courage to probe further into the truth of the matter, Teng Ran's grandfather became curious about this issue and secretly investigated it for many years.

In the end, based on the conclusions of various investigations, Teng Ran's grandfather speculated that mini world No. 4815162342 was likely to be the God Territory world core left behind after the death of a Heavenly God, or perhaps even a half-step Lord. Moreover, this Heavenly God or half-step Lord might have had a hostile relationship with Myriad Tribe Palace; the black-robed top-tier individual might also have had some unknown personal grudge against the mini world.

He chose to annihilate the cultivators in this mini world over and over again but had not destroyed the entire world or slaughtered all the living beings there. The purpose for this was so that the descendants of the enemy would keep building up hope repeatedly, but watch it collapse every time.

Teng Ran had also run some investigations based on the clues left by his grandfather. However, he had not made much progress, so he had abandoned the attempt. However, his own speculations were similar to that of his grandfather.

With the ability that Myriad Tribe Palace possessed—or even the abilities of the unknown top-tier black-robed individual—destroying a mini world, or even a gravel world, was a mere snap of the fingers. There was no need at all for this repeated torment.

Lin Huang had not expected that the final answer would be something like this.

Then again, perhaps it was just a personal grievance, which had dragged the gravel world's cultivation epochs into suffering extinction time and time again for millions of years.

From a psychological standpoint, Lin Huang found it difficult to accept this conclusion.

"Perhaps the real truth is only known by that Zos individual from Myriad Tribe Palace." Lin Huang had already made up his mind that someday he had to find out the real reason from Zos himself.

Lin Huang did not get an exact answer to the foremost question that he wanted to ask, so he had no choice but to let it go and dig no further into it. Instead, he sought answers to other secondary questions.

It took another ten minutes to confirm that the information previously obtained from Teng Qing was correct. It was true that all the Virtual Gods and True Gods of the Thousand Snake Sect had arrived in the gravel world, and there was still more than a year before any reports would be sent back to Myriad Tribe Palace. Lin Huang felt slightly more relieved after finding this out.

'If that's the case, we can finish things up now.' After confirming that no other fish had slipped through the net, Lin Huang felt that it was almost time for the war to end.

This eased his mind a little, and his gaze swept over the three areas of the True God battlefield.

An instant later, the tens of thousands of telekinetic flying daggers that had besieged Teng Ran transformed into blood-colored lightning bolts. They shot out in three directions, directly targeting the three True God battlefields.

In a flash, blood-red lightning bolts blotted out half the sky.

A moment later, the true god-level invaders on all three battlefields were impaled by the blood-colored lightning bolts one after the other, and their life force was instantly dispelled.

It did not matter whether they were first-rank or ninth-rank—a single attack and they all died without exception.

This happened for no other reason than every one of Lin Huang's telekinetic flying daggers retained the compounded eleven layers of Control-level Rule Bending Powers. The might of each blow was almost equivalent to a full-strength attack by Teng Ran—perhaps even stronger.

Besieged by an attack of such power, the numerous True Gods of the Thousand Snake Sect, as well as the undying species and spirit types from the Undead Dimension, could put up no resistance at all.

They could not defend themselves against Lin Huang's attacks, much less even try to dodge in time.

Even to the eyes of the ninth-rank True Gods, the speed of the flying daggers was faster than their Divine Telekinesis could perceive, and was certainly beyond the limits of what the naked eye could see.

In the void, True God corpses fell to the ground one by one.

Everyone in the gravel world watched, stunned, and the invaders were all in a state of desperation.

When Lin Huang's numerous Sword Servants and imperial monsters saw what was happening, they immediately turned and charged into the Virtual God battlefield.

Their participation immediately broke the initial stalemate.

The invading Virtual Gods died in swathes, wailing in despair...

Lin Huang was not idle either. He summoned five giant Titan Bugs that stomped into the Virtual God battlefield...


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