Monster Paradise
1439 Welcome On Your Arrival In Our World
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1439 Welcome On Your Arrival In Our World

More than half an hour had passed since the captive monsters from the Undead Dimension had been teleported to the gravel world. Teng Ran, who had been dozing on his chair with his legs crossed in front of him, finally opened his eyes and looked at the snake-headed monster beside him.

"What is the situation now?"

"1524 low-rank True Gods died, with 994 remaining; 1151 casualties for medium-ranks, with 668 remaining; 7 casualties for high-ranks, with 340 remaining," the snake-headed man finished sharing the data and continued, "Our opponents should have expended quite a lot of manpower; the number of our True Gods dying every minute is decreasing."

"This is good news, isn't it? It means that the number of True Gods on our opponents' side is decreasing," Teng Ran commented, lifting his brows.

The snake-headed man hesitated but added nonetheless, "However, the speed of the Virtual Gods dying has not slowed down; in fact, it's marginally increasing slowly..."

"Is it possible that they were affected by the battle of the True Gods, so more Virtual Gods died?" The long-legged girl off to the side asked.

"This is also a possibility." The snake-headed man nodded. "As the number of True Gods on our opponents' side declines, it's possible that these True Gods will completely put aside their apprehensions and fight to the death. If that's the case, more Virtual Gods will certainly be affected than before."

After the snake-headed man finished speaking, he added, "But this is just speculation. Only those on the battlefield would know what the exact situation is like."

"No matter what, you have an explanation for everything," the long-legged girl commented, curling her lips.

"Enough, stop fighting." Teng Ran waved his hand. "Prepare to descend!"

"Sect Leader sir, I think we can wait a little longer." The snake-headed man hurriedly stopped him. "Although the number of casualties for the True Gods has slowed down, it has not stopped entirely. That means that there should still be quite a number of True Gods guarding the gravel world."

"So we wait for the undying species and spirit type True Gods to stop dying completely, then go clean up the aftermath—you're so idealistic." The long-legged girl began shaming the snake-headed man again. "Have you ever considered that if these uncontrolled undying species and spirit types stay in the gravel world for just a fraction longer, they could cause the death of hundreds of millions of non-cultivators?! The more losses suffered by the basic population of the gravel world, the further delayed the next cultivation era will be. Our harvesting of resources will also have to be postponed!"

The snake-headed man was rendered speechless and unable to refute her arguments.

Teng Ran, who was beside them, was distracted for a moment; whether it was due to overhearing these words or for some other reason was uncertain. When he returned to his senses, he nodded immediately. "This time the girl is right, we can't wait any longer!"

"But what if this is a trap? What if they're deliberately slowing down the slaughter of the True Gods to bait us?" The snake-headed man raised the biggest worry in his heart.

"So what if it's a trap?!"

Teng Ran stood up, set aside the chair behind him, and looked at the snake-headed man with burning eyes.

"It's impossible for a Heavenly God to go to the gravel world. Not only that, but I have also mastered thirty-six Strength Rules. Among True Gods, besides the top few, who can challenge me?!

"What do you think is the probability of peak True God powerhouses appearing in this part of the gravel world?!"

After hearing this, the snake-headed man fell completely silent.

It was not that he did not know the abilities of his Sect Leader, but all along it had been his cautious character that had allowed him to stay alive up to this point. Upon careful consideration now, however, his worries were indeed a bit redundant.

Sect Leader Teng Ran's abilities were indeed in the top tier among True Gods of the God Territory. Below heavenly god-level, except for a few monster-level fellows who could not afford to be provoked, there was really no need to worry about anyone else.

In this area of the gravel world, the possibility of encountering such a monster was almost zero.

After thinking about this, the snake-headed man finally abandoned his attempts to discourage Teng Ran.

"Get ready for now; later we will teleport through the thirty gateways confirmed to be safe!" Seeing that the snake-headed man did not refute this, Teng Ran immediately gave an order, which was passed along to the rest.

A short while later, Teng Ran took the numerous Virtual Gods and True Gods present, divided them into thirty teams, and stepped into the dimensional gateway...

In the Abyss Brink, Lin Huang had instructed the Sword Servants and summoning beasts to control the speed of their slaughter.

He himself had killed seven high-rank True Gods, but this was not done deliberately. This came about purely because these seven monsters had violent tempers and were eager to break free from telekinetic flying daggers entangling them, resulting in too many wounds on their bodies. They all ended up severely injuring themselves and died.

Lin Huang had controlled the tempo of battle on this field for over half an hour before another wave of spatial fluctuations was transmitted from the space rifts.

As they sensed these spatial fluctuations, everyone in battle could not help being a little distracted.

The expressions on the faces of every individual in the gravel world were not pleasant to look upon.

Although both warring parties had entered a stalemate, the enemy wielded a numerical advantage. The True God battlefield that Lin Huang was leading had been suppressed at every turn and was now forced to fall back on passive defense.

On the Virtual God battlefield, although the gravel world currently had the advantage, it was only marginal.

After half an hour, the enemy returned with reinforcements and obviously came prepared.

The situation was not optimistic!

Dongfang Bai could not help asking Lin Huang via voice transmission, "Now the enemy is arriving with reinforcements again; what should we do?!"

"What can we do? We can't block the dimensional gateways," Lin Huang responded with a smile.

"What I mean is, do you have any trump cards on your end that can handle this batch of reinforcements?" Dongfang Bai also vaguely observed that Lin Huang's attitude was not indicat

ive of worry.

"Yes," Lin Huang merely replied with a single word and gave no further explanation.

Dongfang Bai still wanted to inquire further, but after careful consideration, he abandoned this intention. Lin Huang's answer just now made it clear that he did not want to explain anymore.

In fact, while Dongfang Bai was asking Lin Huang these questions, Mr. Fu, Lin Xuan, Lin Xin, and Xiao Mo were all asking Lin Huang similar questions. That was why he was too lazy to waste more words in explanation.

Once he had dealt with the various questions of these individuals, Lin Huang turned his head and looked toward the space rifts. He sensed that the spatial fluctuations in all thirty rifts were getting increasingly stronger. The corners of his lips could not help curving up slightly. "They're finally coming!"

Of course, he knew that the ones who had waited half an hour before leisurely arriving should be the masterminds behind this invasion of the gravel world.

In only half an hour, it was impossible for this group of individuals to round up another lot of undying species and spirit types again as there was not enough time. Therefore, this wave of newcomers could only be the actual invaders.

Lin Huang stared at the dimensional gateway fixedly, impatiently waiting for the enemy to arrive. He deliberately ordered Bai, the Sword Servants, and the others to slow down their slaughter of True Gods in order to draw these invaders out.

This goal had now been finally achieved!

In just a few moments, the spatial fluctuations of all thirty space rifts reached their peak. After that, tens of thousands of figures poured through almost simultaneously!

Lin Huang made a sweep with Divine Telekinesis and instantly locked onto the handful of thirty-seven True Gods. Upon his first glimpse of Teng Ran and the several other ninth-rank True Gods, he flashed a cordial grin.

"Welcome on your arrival in our world!"


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