Monster Paradise
1437 Brother, I Want To Join The Battle Too!
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1437 Brother, I Want To Join The Battle Too!

On the third layer of the Abyss Brink, most of the areas had been reduced to battlegrounds, but there was a clear distinction between each of the battlefields.

The Virtual God area was led by Virtual God rank-9s such as Mr. Fu and Lin Xuan, and the Bug Tribe fighters were the main army of resistance. With the largest number of people and the smallest disparity in terms of numbers, the battle in this area appeared to be the most intense.

The battlefield of the True Gods was subdivided into three parts.

Low-rank True Gods were led by the summoning beasts and God's Figurine's Combat Souls under Lin Huang's command. The numbers on this battlefield had the widest disparity between parties, but this was the battle zone that Lin Huang was least worried about.

His God Territory had been quietly spread out from early on, and within the range of his Monster Paradise, the imperial monster cards could be resurrected.

As for the God's Figurine's Combat Souls, they were corpses, to begin with. As long as the spiritual power that propelled them was not dispersed, they would not die at all. Even if their physical bodies were severely damaged and could not continue fighting, they would be fully restored within 24 hours after being thrown into the Bug Tribe's Restorative Pod for a while.

As far as the medium-rank True God battlefield was concerned, Lin Huang was not worried in the least.

Although the number of Sword Servants was only one-seventh that of the invaders, the Sword Servants were all sixth-rank True Gods, and their abilities were almost at the level of seventh-rank True Gods. Dealing with a disorganized, undisciplined group of spirit types and undying species of fourth to sixth-rank was not a problem.

If Lin Huang had not given prior instructions, the invaders on this battlefield would have already been slaughtered by the Sword Servants in the last ten minutes.

As for the battlefield of the high-rank True Gods, Lin Huang single-handedly controlled this area.

Of the several hundred telekinetic flying daggers that had evolved from Lin Huang's God Weapon, one was assigned to each intruder. From the time the group of invaders had teleported over until now, they had been entangled non-stop by these telekinetic flying daggers.

If they were even slightly careless, the invaders' bodies would get stabbed full of holes.

Like a game between cats and mice, the telekinetic flying daggers cordoned off a group of high-rank True Gods in a specific area. The True Gods could not escape even if they wanted to, let alone interfere with other battlefields.

As Lin Huang was happily relishing the control that he had over the battlefield here, he suddenly sensed that reinforcements were coming from the third layer of the Abyss Brink.

Only after a sweep of Divine Telekinesis did he discover that it was Lin Xin and Xiao Mo. There was another person with them who looked familiar. Lin Huang recognized that it was the Sword Servant who had guarded Lin Xin during her closed-door cultivation but he could not remember his identity number.

However, after his Divine Telekinesis sweep, Lin Huang was taken aback.

This was because he realized that Lin Xin's combat strength had already reached Virtual God rank-9, which was three ranks higher than himself.

'This girl's constitution is really enviable.' Huang was speechless. He had desperately hunted for various resources and only now was he able to reach Virtual God rank-6. In the gravel world, there was no way for him to progress any further.

However, Lin Xin had merely relied on consuming Godheads, and in just over six short months, she had advanced nine ranks up from imperial-level purple gold-rank, one after the other, to her current Virtual God rank-9. It seemed far too easy!

Conversely, a look at Xiao Mo who was beside her revealed that although he had been in closed-door cultivation for several months, his combat strength had not changed much.

However, Lin Huang noticed that Xiao Mo emanated Rule Bending Power fluctuations, and vaguely sensed that it was wind attribute Elemental Enlightenment.

Obviously, even though Xiao Mo's combat strength had not improved in the past few months, his ability was no longer what it used to be. Right now, even if he encountered a high-rank Virtual God, he should have the power to put up a fight. Of course, this was based on the premise that his opponent had not mastered Rule Bending Power.

Xiao Mo's potential definitely exceeded Lin Huang's expectations as Xiao Mo was able to master Rule Bending Power while still a Virtual God rank-3.

Lin Huang withdrew his Divine Telekinesis, and less than half a minute later, Lin Xin and the others entered the field of battle.


From quite a distance away, Lin Xin had also noticed Lin Huang.

She had been in closed-door cultivation for more than half a year, which meant that she had not seen Lin Huang in more than six months.

"You've come." Lin Huang nodded slightly and acknowledged her.

Despite controlling the battlefield with hundreds of telekinetic threads, this did not affect him having a conversation with people at all.

Lin Xin had planned to show off her cultivation results immediately the moment she saw Lin Huang. However, she noticed that Lin Huang was in battle mode and she did not dare interrupt him.

She was on the verge of saying, "Brother, my combat level has advanced to Virtual God rank-9!" but she stubbornly refrained.

Instead, Lin Huang took the initiative and brought it up.

"The results of your six months of closed-door cultivation are really quite remarkable; you've reached Virtual God rank-9!"

When she heard Lin Huang reveal her combat level, Lin Xin immediately felt elated and blurted out what was on her mind, "Brother, I want to join the battle too!"

Lin Huang nodded. "Alright, go to the Virtual God battlefield then."

Lin Huang agreed because Lin Xin now had the ability to protect herself. As long as she did not encounter any True Gods, with her current combat level, not many people could fight her head-on.

In addition, Mr. Fu was also on the Virtual God battlefield, along with Lin Xuan and the others, and they would always monitor Lin Xin's situation. Therefore, Lin Huang was not worried at all. Besides, his little sister really needed some opportunities for actual combat.

Lin Xin had not expected Lin Huang to agree to her request so easily.

Before she came to the Abyss Brink, she had prepared several sets of rhetoric to try and persuade her brother to let her participate in the battle.

However, Lin Huang had agreed immediately without her even needing to bring any of it up. She was instantly ecstatic.

"Thank you, brother!"

As soon as she finished speaking, she left Xiao Mo immediately and went straight to the battlefield where Mr. Fu and Lin Xuan were.

"Your Majesty, I'll go to the Virtual God battlefield too then," Xiao Mo said quickly as well.

"Go ahead. With your current ability, you'll have no trouble protecting yourself." Lin Huang nodded.

Xiao Mo had a moment of slight bafflement. Although he knew that his ability had improved, he did not know just how much it had improved. He was not even aware that the new ability he had mastered was a Rule Bending Power that only True Gods could master.

Watching the two of them join the Virtual God battlefield one after the other, it was a while before Lin Huang shifted his gaze to the Sword Servant who had just arrived.

"Thank you for your efforts for the past half a year—you've guarded Xin Er's closed-door cultivation every step of the way."

"This is your humble servant's duty," Sword1061 bowed and said.

"Your identity number is..."


"Alright, I have it." Lin Huang nodded slightly. "You may go to the battlefield then, Sword106."

"Yes, your Majesty!" Sword106 bowed again. After getting up, his figure rose into the air and hurtled toward the middle-rank True God battlefield where the Sword Servants were.

After the Sword Servant had departed, Lin Huang returned his gaze to the area where the Virtual Gods were fighting.

Once on the battlefield, Lin Xin and Xiao Mo quickly entered battle mode.

Lin Xin wore silver armor and wielded a brace of pistols. Bullets flew forth furiously and each bullet penetrated through a monster's head with great accuracy; the monster's head then burst apart, rendering it a headless creature.

Her equipment had evolved from the God Weapons given to her by Lin Huang, and there were three pieces in total.

One piece had evolved into the suit of armor that she wore, one had evolved into a Hundred-Use Firearm, and the last had been transformed into a Spiritual God Weapon which guarded her spiritual dimension.

Not far from Lin Xin, Xiao Mo transformed into a black shadow and quickly shuttled back and forth through the battlefield. He did not have an accurate understanding of his current ability and the opponents he chose were all beginner-stage Virtual Gods. Between his attacks, one by one the beginner-stage Virtual God monsters were easily killed, and none of the monsters could so much as even touch the hem of his shirt…


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