Monster Paradise
1436 Lin Xin Emerges From Closed-Door Cultivation
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1436 Lin Xin Emerges From Closed-Door Cultivation

The great world, the Undead Dimension.

Teng Ran leaned back on the chair and sat cross-legged again.

More than a minute had passed since the True Gods from the Undead Dimension—nearly five thousand of them—had been teleported to the gravel world. In all thirty gateways, there was not a single one where a True God had been exterminated. This made him absolutely certain that there was nothing wrong with any of these thirty dimensional gateways.

"What is the situation on casualties for the True Gods?" Teng Ran asked as he swept his gaze over the thirty-plus Virtual Gods present.

Before teleportation commenced, all 37 True Gods, Teng Ran included, had marked the True Gods they had captured with life imprints. Whenever a marked monster died, however, the life imprint would automatically dissipate.

The snake-headed man standing off to one side did some calculations, and very quickly shared his results.

"The total number of low-rank True Gods was 2518, and 57 died. The total number of medium-ranks was 1819; 81 died. As for high ranks, the total number was 347, and 0 died."

"Not a single one of the high-ranks died?!" Teng Ran lofted his brows upon hearing that, looking at the snake-headed man in astonishment.

"Yes, according to everyone's feedback, none of the life imprints on the high-ranks have vanished." The snake-headed man nodded.

"From the looks of things, there are two possibilities," Teng Ran pondered for a moment before putting forward his inferences. "Either there are very few high-rank True Gods in the gravel world, or they are deliberately giving us the impression of being weak by not killing the high-rank True Gods."

"I don't think the latter is very likely," the long-legged girl standing to one side could not help commenting, "If they were really trying to show that they're weak, they could have done so more realistically and killed off a token few—that would have prevented us even more from discovering their ruse. If they didn't kill any of them, I think it's more likely that they simply don't have the ability to defend against high-rank True Gods."

"It's also possible that the time is too short. After all, it's less than two minutes since they teleported," the snake-headed man off to the side added.

"Then when should we make our arrivals in the gravel world?" The long-legged girl glanced at the snake-headed man and asked.

"We'll wait a little longer and see if the situation changes," Teng Ran thought about it for a moment and gave his answer as such.

The gravel world, the Abyss Brink.

Lin Huang used Divine Telekinesis to control flying dagger after flying dagger, hemming the high-rank True Gods into one area to prevent them from interfering with other parts of the battleground. At the same time, he was monitoring the situation across the entire field of battle.

Without interference from the high-rank True Gods, the two hundred-over Sword Servants with their combat strength of sixth-rank True Gods were practically unstoppable on this medium-rank True God-level battleground.

If Lin Huang had not informed them in advance to slow down the speed of the massacre to avoid the great world detecting any anomalies, it would have taken merely the work of two minutes for the number of slaughtered True Gods to reach almost a thousand.

Currently, the Sword Servants were taking it easy. Although they were fewer in number than the invaders by far, they were all practicing their sword skills and were comfortable with their unsealed combat strength. If not for the very beginning when they had used too much force, the number of medium-rank True Gods they had killed could still have been reduced to half of what they had slaughtered now.

Over at the low-rank True Gods' battleground, Ku Rong and Bai dominated the wave of battle even though they were fourth-rank.

Although their numbers were considerably less compared to their opponents, the imperial monsters were all at third and fourth-rank, so there was not much in the way of pressure. Moreover, under Lin Huang's directive, their main mission was not to kill the enemy but to control the battlefield and prevent these True Gods from drifting into the Virtual God battlefield.

On the virtual god-level battlefield, there were now millions of bug beasts that had joined the fight. This considerably eased the pressure on the many Virtual Gods of the gravel world.

In contrast to the Abyssal creatures, undying species, and spirit types who were fighting individual battles, the Bug Tribe fighters demonstrated amazing tactics and cooperation. The degree of tacit understanding between them was even greater than the results of long-term drills carried out by the major organizations of the gravel world.

Under the six Queen Mothers' tactical grandmaster-level commands, the Bug Tribe fighters transformed into small platoons of vanguards, quickly defeating group after group of invaders.

The major organizations of the gravel world also played their trump cards.

What surprised Lin Huang most was that the Union Government's trump card turned out to be clones of 3,000 Virtual Gods.

Among them were a thousand individuals who looked exactly like Lin Xuan, and these thousand had the highest level of combat strength—they were all Virtual God rank-9s.

The other two thousand individuals were 1,000 clones each of a man and a woman. Their combat levels were Virtual God rank-3 and Virtual God rank-6. 

The minute Lin Huang saw this, he knew the Union Government was the organization that had initially created Lin Xuan.

Although he harbored considerable doubts in his heart, he temporarily suppressed them.

Thanks to the addition of the Bug Tribe and all the major organizations playing their trump cards, the number of Virtual God invaders was dropping sharply. Almost every minute, tens of thousands of them died.

In contrast, the number of casualties in the gravel world was much smaller because almost all the fighting was done in small squads. Occasionally, if someone slipped up, someone else would immediately fill in for them. Mr. Fu, Lin Xuan, and several Virtual God rank-9s all carried out their respective parts with ease and skill while keeping an eye on the battlefield situation.

It was while the battle was still in full swing that a Sword Servant on the roof of an independent courtyard in Dynasty's gravel world headquarters suddenly opened his eyes and looked down through the tiles of the house.

He sensed that the woman he had been guarding for more than half a year had finally awakened today.

In the room, Lin Xin slowly opened her eyes.

She herself did not know how long she had been in closed-door cultivation this round. Every time she finished eating a Godhead, she automatically entered a state of cultivation. When she woke up, her combat strength would have increased a rank. She then consumed another Godhead and entered a state of cultivation again. She had done so repeatedly...

This had continued until this last round when she had swallowed nine Virtual God rank-9 Godheads. It was not until today that she had emerged from her state of cultivation.

"I've advanced to Virtual God rank-9?" Lin Xin checked her body, feeling the surge of the massive Divine Power within her. There was also a Godhead within her that looked like a black hole; only then was she able to confirm that her combat strength truly had advanced to Virtual God rank-9.

"I don't know how long I was in closed-door cultivation this time, but my brother will definitely be pleasantly surprised when he sees my combat level! When Mr. Fu finds out, I'm sure he'll get a shock...and I'm certain I'm more powerful than Brother Xiao Mo!"

Lin Xin opened the door and walked out in a happy mood.

"Miss Xin Er." A figure suddenly appeared in front of Lin Xin and bowed to her in respect.

"And you are…?" Lin Xin was startled. What she found more extraordinary was that she had not even sensed the other party's approach. 

"I am a Sword Servant under the command of the Emperor, and I have been responsible for guarding Miss Xin Er during this period of closed-door cultivation," Sword106 replied.

"Oh I see—thank you so much for your efforts all this time!" Lin Xin quickly thanked Sword106, "May I ask, how long have I been in closed-door cultivation?"

"A total of 198 days," Sword106 remembered very distinctly.

"198 days? More than half a year?!" Lin Xin exclaimed in amazement. She had not expected her closed-door cultivation to have lasted for so long. Her previous closed-door cultivations had never lasted for more than a month.

In some disbelief, Lin Xin clicked on the calendar of the Emperor's Heart Ring and exclaimed again in astonishment.

"Today is October 23rd?!"

After confirming that it had been indeed more than half a year since she went into closed-door cultivation, Lin Xin still found it difficult to believe, but she soon accepted this as fact.

She made a sweep with Divine Telekinesis, trying to probe for traces of Lin Huang, but found nothing. What surprised Lin Xin even more was that in all of Dynasty, out of all their powerhouses, only Huang Tianfu and Xiao Mo remained here.

Not only were Lin Huang and Mr. Fu not around, but even Huang Baiyu and the others who had been guarding Dynasty's headquarters all along were gone as well.

"Where's my brother and Mr. Fu?" As Lin Xin asked this question, in her heart she already had a vague inkling of the answer.

"They've all gone to the Abyss Brink," Sword106 explained briefly, "The invasion from the great world started nine days ago."

"The invasion war has begun?! What's the situation now?" Lin Xin asked hurriedly.

"That, I don't know—you will have to ask Huang Tianfu." As soon as Sword106 finished his speaking, Huang Tianfu had already appeared at the courtyard gate with Xiao Mo beside him.

Xiao Mo's face betrayed his astonishment when he sensed Lin Xin's aura.

Huang Tianfu was also obviously taken aback, but he immediately came to his senses."I will go into details of the situation in the Abyss Brink later with you, my lady Virgen. Before that, there are some matters that His Majesty asked me to explain to you..."

"Let's talk inside then." Lin Xin nodded and ushered the three of them into the room...


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