Monster Paradise
1380 Come, Let’s Go For Supper!
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1380 Come, Let’s Go For Supper!

After he ended his video call with Solid Ebony and confirmed that the problem was not with the God Weapons but himself, Lin Huang once again sent his consciousness into his inner world.

He sent a probing thread of telekinesis into the Life Wheel and retrieved a God Weapon metal sphere. He realized that although the sphere had turned a dark red color, it had lost all of the previous liveliness and fallen into an inert state.

"There is no way a primitive God Weapon can absorb a true god's mid-level Divine Power. If I elevate you to rank-2, that should work," Lin Huang murmured to himself as he held the dark red metal sphere between two fingers.

"Xiao Hei, redeem an item advancement card!"

Lin Huang did not hesitate at all; once he had an idea, he acted on it. "Let's try one first and see if it works."

As soon as he finished speaking, a golden card materialized in his hand.

After Lin Huang crumbled the card between his fingers, the item advancement card transformed into a golden stream of light that flowed into the thumb-sized God Weapon.

After a while, the initially inert dark red metal sphere suddenly lit up as if it were being heated to a higher temperature, and began to shine as red as magma.

Its aura, which had hitherto been dormant to the point of almost dying out entirely, began to rise sharply at a rate visible to the naked eye.

Time ticked past; Lin Huang stared mesmerized at the transformations occurring in the metal sphere.

In the beginning, the sphere changed from dark red to bright red. Its color became more and more dazzlingly bright until finally, it was almost like a small sun and difficult to look at directly.

The whole process lasted for about three hours, and the color of the little sun hanging in the air finally began to gradually fade.

It took about ten more minutes before the red glow completely dissipated, revealing the form of the God Weapon.

The God Weapon, now elevated to rank-2, was no longer in its previous sphere form—it looked more like a dark red cloud.

To be precise, it looked like a living cloud.

It was in the void, its shape changing randomly like a thick mist.

Lin Huang carefully used his consciousness to touch it and found that its shape was completely malleable. There were no obstacles at all as if the object were part of his palm.

By controlling the cloud, he changed it into several different forms one after the other. After he had familiarized himself with how to manipulate it, Lin Huang began the phase of carefully controlling and molding the cloud into the shape he desired.

"The sword that I want needs to be able to utilize rapid speed, force-type, and ultimate dao-types simultaneously, so the form must be able to alter itself. Also, it needs to be able to withstand the force from Sword Dao true meaning, various types of God Rule Power, and any influx of Elemental Enlightenment..."

One by one, the requirements for the blueprint were added. The dark red cloud elongated under constant turbulence. It took more than half an hour before the cloud ceased its roiling, having finally formed a concrete object.

Lin Huang was dumbfounded when he saw the final result.

What materialized in front of his eyes was merely a dark red sword hilt.

There was absolutely no blade to be seen!

"What happened? Did I ask for too much and cause the actualization to fail?"

Nursing some doubts, Lin Huang reached out and took hold of the sword hilt.

Amid the uncertainty in his mind, the front half of the hilt began altering rapidly, forming a narrow silver blade.

"This is..." Lin Huang made a random swing with the weapon. A faint sword gleam flashed out at extreme, almost ultimate speed.

As he observed this, he vaguely sensed something.

The next moment, the blade suddenly transformed again—this time, into a massive sword.

Lin Huang made yet another swing with the blade. The sword gleam was unparalleled to where Lin Huang vaguely felt that his power had slightly increased.

"So that's what it is!" Lin Huang had finally figured out how to use this weapon. "It's not that there's no blade—it's that the blade can change according to what I want.

"I only need to have a rough outline in mind, then it will automatically complete my idea and form the most suitable blade according to the energy pathways."

Lin Huang had not expected that the final God Weapon would turn out like this.

He had originally thought that having two or three changes of form were enough, but it had never occurred to him that the God Weapon would surprise him in such an unexpected but good way.

After taking some time to wield his new sword and play around with it, Lin Huang nodded in satisfaction.

"Every time the blade materializes, it looks like a turbulent cloud. I'll name you Nebula then."

After he had named his God Weapon war sword, Lin Huang thought for a moment, then transformed it into a more commonly seen war sword.

"In future, I'll just keep it in this initial form; no need to let others know I have a sword that can change its form arbitrarily. Anyway, even if the form changes in battle, others can only see two or three different forms at most."

After returning the sword to the Life Wheel, Lin Huang retrieved the two remaining God Weapon metal spheres.

After considering for a moment, he took out one of his three remaining God Weapons.

"The God Weapon that Solid Ebony gave me as compensation should be available in two days. If I leave three for Lin Xin, I can use another one to build a piece of soul equipment..."

After infusing Divine Power into the God Weapon that he had just brought out, the fourth God Weapon quickly fell into an inert state like the previous three.

Lin Huang crushed three item advancement cards and three golden streams of light flowed into the three metal spheres in front of him.

More than three hours passed by very quickly; the three God Weapons completed their advancement at almost the same time.

Lin Huang divided his consciousness into three parts, taking hold of each of the God Weapons separately and started a new round of molding.

For his battle armor, Lin Huang mainly needed physical defenses, but he still added a soul defense function as well.

As for the telekinetic weapon, Lin Huang's requirements were variable because the number of his telekinetic threads was constantly increasing. He also had specific requirements for the various combinations of telekinetic weapons.

There was also the newly added last piece of soul equipment. Lin Huang's idea was to craft it into an item with multiple functions which increased soul strength, possessed soul defenses, and could disguise soul aura...

The battle armor took less than 20 minutes to form and was the first to take concrete shape.

After that, it took almost an hour for the soul equipment to be ready.

The telekinetic weapon took the longest—Lin Huang needed about two hours to form it into a concrete object.

By the time the last piece of God Weapon was finally formed, it was already dark outside.

After staring at God Weapons almost all day, Lin Huang felt weary in both body and soul.

"At least it's all done!"

Although he was very tired, Lin Huang was very happy.

The four God Weapons had not only been successfully activated, but they had also been elevated to rank-2 right away as a result of the item advancement cards.

A rank-2 God Weapon was not only capable of absorbing a True God's mid-level Divine Power, it could also carry within it and utilize God Rule Power, Elemental Enlightenment, and Sword Dao true meaning. It was already the equivalent of a God Rule Weapon.

Moreover, it was a God Rule Weapon tailored for himself!

"The full set of equipment is ready. I can bring these God Weapons with me for practice today when I go out to hunt for Godheads!" Lin Huang could not wait to try out his God Weapons. However, as soon as he looked up, he saw that the sky outside the window was completely dark. He glanced at the time; it was seven o'clock in the evening. Only then did he realized that he had been busy all day.

Hearing a growl from his stomach, Lin Huang immediately put aside his plans to test the equipment and called the two Sword Servants.

"Qu Hao, Ran Xia, come! Let's go for supper!"


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