Monster Paradise
1379 Senior, You Are Such A Nice Person
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1379 Senior, You Are Such A Nice Person

Lin Huang had already thought about how he would distribute the six God Weapons.

One would be molded into a war sword, one into battle armor, and one into a set of telekinetic weapons.

The three remaining weapons he would leave to Lin Xin.

As to how far Lin Xin could nurture the God Weapons, he did not harbor any great expectations. Anyway, these were the three extras that he had. Even if they were only cultivated to the level of god rule relics, he would not be distressed. As long as his own three weapons were nurtured into Dao Weapons, he would have profited considerably from his deal with Solid Ebony.

In the room, Lin Huang took out three God Weapon metal spheres and placed them in front of him.

Activating a God Weapon was actually very simple. The host only needed to infuse it with a certain amount of Divine Power and the weapon would go into a state of semi-activation. It would then tap into the source of Divine Power on its own and actively absorb the Divine Power within the host.

This process usually lasted two or three days.

After the God Weapon had completely absorbed Divine Power to the point of saturation, the host could then begin to mold the God Weapon.

One only had to use one's mind to communicate with the God Weapon to mold it into the required form, which was simpler than molding clay figures.

Molding clay figurines still required the use of one's hands; molding a God Weapon only required mental communication for it to transform into whatever its host wanted.

Only after successful molding would the God Weapon be considered as having become an actual concrete object.

Once the God Weapon possessed a concrete form, the final step was to establish a deep connection between itself and the host.

The host needed to give certain authorizations to the God Weapon so that the host and the God Weapon could be linked in divine ability, divine skills, and other skillsets.

For example, after a sword cultivator obtained a God Weapon in the form of a sword, they would link their God Weapon with their Sword Dao as well as various sword skills along with any Rule Bending Powers related to said skills, with Elemental Enlightenment, and so on. 

Lin Huang was clear about this. The first object that he was going to activate was a battle sword.

He took a God Weapon and put it in his palm, quickly beginning to infuse Divine Power into it.

The dark red Divine Power flowed continuously into the silver metal sphere in Lin Huang's palm, connected to the sphere by hundreds upon thousands of gaseous strands.

This process lasted for less than three minutes and the silver metal sphere gradually became the same dark red as the Divine Power within Lin Huang's body.

The moment the color of the metal sphere became the same color as Lin Huang's infusion of Divine Power, the God Weapon suddenly lifted away from Lin Huang's palm, turned into a dark red stream of light, and flowed into Lin Huang's chest.

Lin Huang immediately sent his consciousness into his body. He wanted to see what happened during the process of God Weapon activation.

After the dark red stream of light entered Lin Huang's body, it quickly made its way into the Imperial Palace of his inner world.

After it flew around the Imperial Palace, it collided with one of the Life Wheels.

Lin Huang waited for a while and realized that the aura of the God Weapon was becoming weaker and weaker until finally, it became still.

The whole process took only ten seconds.

"What's going on? Why has it suddenly gone inert? Shouldn't it be automatically absorbing Divine Power like crazy?"

The situation happening within Lin Huang's body was obviously different from what had been described in the information he had been given.

If it were not for the fact that he could sense the God Weapon was still there, Lin Huang would have wondered if the Divine Fire in the Life Wheel had burned it up.

After he had waited for a while and confirmed that the God Weapon had become inert, Lin Huang had no choice but to withdraw his consciousness from his inner world.

"What happened? Did I make a mistake?"

With this uncertainty in mind, Lin Huang picked up the second God Weapon metal sphere.

He was going to try again.

This time, he was even more careful.

He became very cautious about even the infusion of Divine Power. After a few minutes, the second metal sphere also turned into a dark red stream of light and went straight into his inner world.

Then... it also picked a Life Wheel and burrowed into it.

After a while, exactly like the previous one, all movement ceased.

Lin Huang was speechless.

"Did Solid Ebony sell me fake goods?!"

He was beginning to suspect that there was a problem with the God Weapons that Solid Ebony had sold to him.

With this skeptical attitude, he decided to try one last time.

After confirming once again that he had done nothing wrong in the previous two steps, Lin Huang picked up the third God Weapon metal sphere.

He repeated the same steps and did exactly what he did before.

After a while, he still got the same results.

The third metal ball also went inert in the third Life Wheel.

After he failed to activate the God Weapons three times in a row, Lin Huang could not help but send a message to Solid Ebony.

"Senior Solid Ebony, I just tried to activate the God Weapons. I tried three times and failed."

As soon as he sent his message, Solid Ebony sent through a video call request.

After the call connected, Solid Ebony said immediately, "Logically speaking, at your level of combat strength, it's impossible for the God Weapons not to activate. Tell me about your activation process in detail and let me see if I can identify what the problem is."

"I infused Divine Power into the God Weapon and in about three minutes or so, it automatically went into my body as a stream of light. After that..." Lin Huang described the whole process in detail.

"There's no problem in the initial stages, it's normal for God Weapons to enter Life Wheels. After all, your Life Wheel is the source of the Divine Power within the body. But based on what you've described, the state of the God Weapon after it entered the Life Wheel is actually its restricted state."

"This sort of stillness means it's in a restricted state?" Upon hearing what Solid Ebony had to say, Lin Huang suddenly realized something.

"The information says that if the host's combat strength is at true god-level or above true god-level, the God Weapon will be restricted. If there's Divine Fire within the body, does that mean activation won't work either?"

"Of course it won't work. If there is Divine Fire in your body, then the Divine Power in your body will naturally be filtered by the Divine Fire. It is different from the Divine Power of a Virtual God.

"This is given in the information because when ordinary people ignite Divine Fire, their combat strength will naturally elevate to true god-level. The person who wrote the material may not have expected a situation in which someone has ignited Divine Fire but has not yet elevated to true god-level.

"To be precise, the God Weapon cannot directly detect the level of the host's combat strength. It senses this through the progress of energy within the host's body.

"Regardless of whether it is rank-1 or rank-9, as long as there is no Divine Fire within the body, the Divine Power of a Virtual God will not be filtered and transformed by the Divine Fire. It is classified as the most basic Divine Power. The primitive form of a God Weapon can only directly absorb this sort of basic Divine Power. If we classify it according to Divine Power ranking, this basic Divine Power is also known as primary Divine Power.

"After being filtered by the Divine Fire within a True God's body, however, the Divine Power undergoes a fundamental change. According to Divine Power ranking, it is classified as a mid-level Divine Power. Although you are not a True God, you have Divine Fire in your body which also filters your Divine Power. This means that your Divine Power is also mid-level Divine Power.

"Divine Power that is mid-level and above cannot directly be absorbed by the God Weapon."

"So for now I can only nurture my God Weapons and wait for them to adapt to the mid-level Divine Power within my body?" Lin Huang looked helpless. He had not expected that he would make such a mistake. He had initially quite happily thought that he could directly activate the God Weapons.

"There really is no other way..." Solid Ebony shook his head after a moment. "However, you can ask around the Club—maybe someone's Goldfinger might have the ability to aid in advancing God Weapons, then you can directly elevate your God Weapons to the second stage. If you can find someone who has this ability, I can come forward to help you negotiate the price. After all, I also have a certain responsibility in this matter."

The suggestion that Solid Ebony put forward made Lin Huang's eyes light up.

A single item advancement card could solve his problem.

"Let me compensate you with another God Weapon. Although it was unintentional, I still inadvertently cheated you. But I only have this last one on hand; I don't have any more." After a moment of silence, Solid Ebony took the initiative to offer Lin Huang some compensation.

Lin Huang was stunned when he heard that; he then nodded hurriedly. "Senior, you are such a nice person!"


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