Monster Paradise
1434 The True Gods Have Arrived!
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1434 The True Gods Have Arrived!

Great world, Undead Dimension. 

Countless numbers of abyssal monsters, undying species, and evil spirit types went through the dimensional gateways. 

Teng Ran sat in his luxurious, golden chair, body tense. His golden hair was slightly disheveled, his torso leaning forward slightly, and his eyes were firmly fixed on the area where the dimensional gateways were.

A moment later, individuals reported back in succession that the undying species/evil spirit types they had marked had survived for more than 5 seconds.

As the number of people reporting back increased, Teng Ran finally relaxed his body slightly, and the curve of his lips widened.

"I knew it, there aren't any problems with the space tunnels. It's someone from the gravel world messing with us!" 

The reason he could confirm this was that if there really was a problem with the space tunnels, no matter how many people entered, they should have all died instantly. For long-distance space tunnels that spanned across worlds such as these, once there was a problem with the Space Rule, the strength of the resulting Dimensional Storms and space rifts would far exceed what a True God's physical body could withstand. If the explorers were fine after three seconds, then it could be assumed that teleportation was successful. Teng Ran had deliberately extended the reporting time to five seconds just to be on the safe side. 

Ten seconds after teleportation. 

The snake-headed man gave his report on the statistical data. "Fundamentally, we can conclude that there are thirty completely functional tunnels. There are two tunnels where the explorers died instantly, and three tunnels where the explorers all died within five to seven seconds." 

There were a total of thirty-five tunnels on the great world's side, but only thirty-three teleportation exits on the gravel world's side. The two malfunctioning tunnels had only just been discovered.

As for the remaining three problematic tunnels, they were the three space rifts guarded by Warlord, Ku Rong, and Bai respectively. 

"Those three tunnels are probably being guarded by powerhouses. It's unlikely that there's a problem with the tunnels themselves," Teng Ran made a snap decision, "However, let's avoid using them, just in case. Thirty tunnels are already sufficient for our use."

After he finished speaking, Teng Ran turned his head toward the snake-headed man. "Have them send their captured True Gods into those thirty tunnels." 

The snake-headed man nodded and immediately sent a voice transmission to the numerous True Gods present, then began arranging for a new wave of teleportation. 

The thirty-seven True Gods, including Teng Ran, were swiftly divided into two batches, and the True Gods they had captured were sent through the dimensional gateways.


Gravel world, third layer of the Abyss Brink. 

Lin Huang suddenly raised his head and looked in the direction of the dimensional gateways. 

Millions of virtual god-level invaders had just been teleported through barely ten seconds ago, yet spatial fluctuations were already being transmitted from the dimensional gateways again. 

This time, the spatial fluctuations were being emitted from only thirty dimensional gateways.

However, Lin Huang anticipated there was a high chance that True Gods would arrive with this wave.

The world will of the gravel world had completely fallen into a deep slumber and would not be waking up any time soon. In other words, the True Gods' arrival would not be rejected any longer, and the invaders would be able to come through with full True God combat strength, their abilities no longer limited. 

Although Mr. Fu and other local Virtual Gods were busy, they quickly noticed the anomaly in the space tunnels.

Most people had also guessed what was going to happen next, and the color drained from more than a few faces. 

Lin Huang's voice boomed through the air. 

"Everyone get ready, the True Gods should be arriving in this wave! Don't conceal anything; if you have any hidden trump cards that can go up against True Gods, now's the time to bring them out!" 

From the very beginning, he knew that among the many gravel world Virtual Gods present, more than thirty of them were concealing their true combat strength. Besides the two individuals from Misery, there were still six more people who possessed combat strength equivalent to a high-level Virtual God. Two of these six were Virtual God rank-9s and were from the Union Government and Shadow Killer respectively. 

Including the two individuals from Misery, the gravel world would be able to form at least eight battle formations that would be able to go up against the True Gods. However, the strongest one would only be able to battle a third-rank True God. 

Lin Huang also anticipated that in addition to battle formations, the other top organizations should also have other means of attack. 

After this reminder, Lin Huang immediately directed his next words to all of his Sword Servants and summoning beasts via voice transmission, "Unseal your combat strength, and prepare to face the True Gods!" 

Upon Lin Huang's order, each of the summoning beasts immediately removed their seals.

Their auras— originally virtual god-level rank-9—instantaneously broke through to true god-level; terrifying auras were continuously released one after the other.

Sensing the unprecedentedly powerful auras of the summoning beasts, the Virtual Gods from the gravel world were completely stunned.

In particular, the few high-level Virtual Gods who had concealed their true combat strength were the ones who could clearly sense the summoning beasts' true god-level power.

"This aura—it's that of a True God?!" 

"These summoning beasts under Lin Huang's command are actually all True Gods?!" 

"Exactly how strong is Lin Huang, for him to be able to control so many true god-level summoning beasts?!" 

Right as everyone was still in shock, more waves of fearsome aura were felt from a short distance away.

Everyone turned their heads to look in that direction—it was the site where the Sword Alliance had set up camp. Wave upon wave of terrifying Sword Dao rose into the air, and each aura was almost strong enough to rip apart the heavens...

"That group from the Sword Alliance... they're all actually True Gods?!" 

"The strength of these guys' auras exceeds even those of Lin Huang's summoning beasts!" 

"Where on earth did these sword cultivators pop out from?!" 


Even the upper tiers of the Union Government—who had received the news from Lin Huang in advance—could not conceal the shock on their faces when they sensed the true aura of the individuals in the Sword Alliance. 

"This group of reinforcements that Lin Huang brought back from the great world—the strength of their auras is more than a little terrifying!"

Seeing that the combat strength of the Sword Servants and the imperial monsters were all unsealed, Lin Huang waved his hand again in a grand gesture and summoned the mythical-level bug beasts—excluding several Bug Tribe Queen Mothers—before the second wave of teleportation could be completed.

A Celestial Centipede King, two Multi-eyed Worms, two Superbrain Worms, two Golden Bugs, Busby the Bug Servant, and four Spider Mother bug guardians—once the twelve bug beasts had been summoned, they immediately attracted everyone's attention.

"The Bug Tribe?!"

"Don't panic, these are all bug beasts that I subdued from the great world!" Lin Huang noticed that a lot of people were wary of the Bug Tribe and immediately ventured an explanation.

Although not many Imperial Censors would sign contracts with bug beasts, there was no rule stating that the summoning beasts of Imperial Censors had to be monsters other than bug beasts. In addition, Lin Huang had been to the great world; perhaps the Imperial Censors of the great world were able to control bug beasts. Upon considering these two points, most people relaxed. 

In any case, it did not matter what type of species Lin Huang's imperial monsters were. As long as he was a human and the imperial monsters he summoned fought for humans, that was enough. Why should they care if the monsters he summoned were bug beasts, Abyssal creatures, or other things?

The bodies of the twelve bug beasts quickly consolidated in front of Lin Huang; all their combat levels were that of third-rank True Gods.

Before Lin Huang's twelve bug beasts could join the battle, the teleportation from the space tunnels had been completed...

Thousands of True God monsters had arrived!


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