Monster Paradise
1432 The Invasion Begins
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1432 The Invasion Begins

In the third layer of the Abyss Brink, the spatial fluctuations this time were much greater than before in all thirty-three space rifts.

As he sensed the abnormality of the spatial fluctuations, Lin Huang could not help tightly knitting his brows together. 

Under normal circumstances, fluctuations from dimensional teleportation would be affected by the number of individuals being teleported. However, the spatial fluctuations this time far exceeded Lin Huang's previous prediction. 

'Based on the strength of these fluctuations, I'm afraid the number of people being teleported through is over a hundred times more than their previous exploration attempts!'

These teleportation numbers baffled Lin Huang greatly. 

Based on the number of explorers sent six days ago, the enemy's last try should have seriously crippled them. Otherwise, they would not have put a complete halt on their exploration attempts before they had figured out which dimensional gateway was safe. 

Yet now, it seemed as if the enemy had not exhausted even one percent of their manpower in their previous attempts. 

Despite not understanding the reason behind the current situation, Lin Huang snapped out of his present mental state and pushed his questions to the back of his mind. He returned his attention to the fight at hand. 

'There are at least a million invaders in this wave—in fact, there might be more than two million…' Lin Huang made a rough estimation from the spatial fluctuations. 'Even if the Sword Servants, Bai, and the rest unseal their combat strength, they won't be able to kill all the invaders in a short time. The invaders will realize all the dimensional gateways are working perfectly fine then. Following that, the enemies' True Gods will arrive; this is already inevitable.

'The biggest problem right now is that the number of Virtual Gods has far exceeded my previous assumptions. It's entirely possible that there are more True Gods than I expected…'

He had originally estimated that the number of True Gods among the invaders would not exceed one hundred but judging from the current situation, there might be far more than one hundred. 

In all honesty, the arrival of millions of Virtual Gods in this wave did not worry Lin Huang. He was more concerned about the True Gods arriving in the coming waves. 

After all, he only had a limited number of True Gods on his side.

Other than himself and his army of summoning beasts, there were only three hundred-plus Sword Servants. 

If too many True Gods showed up and Lin Huang's side could not hold them back, the Virtual Gods in the gravel world might face the possibility of complete annihilation. 

Once this line of defense in the Abyss Brink was broken, those True Gods would be able to march straight into the gravel world's mainland. Once they were beyond the Abyss Brink, they could use the power of their Divine Telekinesis and easily locate the cultivation strongholds of major organizations to launch a full-on massacre. 

The current cultivation epoch might face total destruction once again. 

The moment his mind strayed to these possible outcomes, Lin Huang felt sudden pressure on his initial full confidence. 

Meanwhile, the spatial fluctuations from the dimensional gateways grew stronger. 

Lin Huang and Mr. Fu were not the only ones to notice the anomalies; other Virtual Gods in the gravel world rapidly sensed them too. 

Amid the consternation of everyone present, Lin Huang's voice suddenly burst forth like an explosion. 

"Attention, all organizations! Utilize all your area-of-effect attack methods! It doesn't matter if they are divine abilities, divine skills, weapons, or equipment—as long as they have an area-of-effect attack, use them in battle! The invading army this wave may very well exceed millions!" 

Although Lin Huang was not the chief of the Union Government, everyone had already witnessed his abilities in action. As a result, they readily believed him when he said this and readjusted their mental preparations for the battle ahead. 

After shouting his orders to those present, Lin Huang directed a new command to the imperial monsters. 

"You can all retreat now. Stop thinking about how to instantly kill off your enemies and switch to area-of-effect attacks. You may unseal your combat strength whenever necessary!" 

After receiving their new orders, the imperial monsters started rapidly retreating one after the other. 

Immediately after Bai and the rest retreated, the spatial fluctuations emanating from the dimensional gateways peaked almost simultaneously.

A second later, a sea of invaders maniacally swarmed out from the dimensional gateways like a mighty cataract. 

The instant they teleported over, all the Abyssal creatures—spirit-type and undying species alike—that had been forced into the dimensional gateways by the Thousand Snake Sect now found themselves eye-to-eye with this assembly of the gravel world's low-level Virtual God natives.

Suddenly finding the perfect catharsis for their fury, millions of monsters maniacally swarmed toward the gravel world's Virtual Gods. 

Although Lin Huang had just given them a heads-up, the Virtual Gods in the gravel world were still stunned for a while when they saw that the number of invaders far exceeded their own. 

The summoning beasts under Lin Huang's command made their moves without hesitation. 

Ku Rong's figure floated in midair, suspended with his eyes closed and hands clasped as he chanted phrase after phrase of religious scripture. As the scriptures started to echo through the area, myriads of golden ripples emanated from his body like waves and unleashed in every single direction. As the waves passed through all the undying species, spirit-types, and other Abyssal Creatures, they screeched in agony and disintegrated into ashes. 

As a Buddhist cultivator, the nature of the Divine Power within Ku Rong was effective in countering negative energies. 

Even if he only had the combat strength of a Virtual God rank-1, he could already put up a solid defense against a Virtual God rank-3—what more his current display of combat strength that was equal to the level of a Virtual God rank-9. 

Wherever the religious scriptures were able to reach and cleanse, not a single one of the virtual god-level monsters survived for more than a second. 

Apart from Ku Rong, Bai's performance was also eye-catching. 

His eyes were glowing scarlet but he did not take any action whatsoever. 

However, the air surrounding his body was saturated with colorless, odorless Almighty Vampire Particles that floated everywhere—but whenever the particles landed on a monster, they burrowed into the monster's body. After a while, the monsters' bodies started exploding one by one, transforming into Blood Demons at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Each Blood Demon retained nearly all of the monster's original powers; they transformed into warriors under Bai's command and started attacking the invaders instead. 

Somewhere near Bai, Grimace had managed to get a group of rebels under his power.

What differentiated Grimace from Bai was that Grimace was cackling loudly as his ghastly outline glided through the sea of monster troops. 

All the monsters descended into chaos whenever Grimace passed by and began to attack each other wildly. 

This time, it appeared that Grimace bewitched the monsters with sound waves. Whoever heard his cackling would be dragged into a state of hallucination. 

In another area, Lancelot—in a full set of Crimson Armor—manipulated tens of thousands of flying swords, sending them weaving through the army of monsters. With each attack, he picked off tens of thousands of invaders.

Charcoal's area-of-effect attack was even more direct. 

Nearly everything touched by the Black Dragon Flame he spewed forth let out roars of pain and disintegrated into ashes. 

Tyrant was more violent. Straight away, he transformed into a Celestial Giant and stomped about with his nine hundred thousand meters of height. With every step he took, he stomped across an area more than hundreds of thousands of meters, crushing everything into dust. 

In this battle, Warlord displayed his superiority in team fights. 

Seconds before the monsters arrived, he summoned millions of robots that filled the entire spatial dimensional gateway with dense gunfire, riddling the monsters with so many holes they looked like sieves. 

He was also the only one to annihilate all invaders in the dimensional gateway in less than five seconds—even faster than Ku Rong, Bai, and the rest. 

The other summoning beasts like Witch did well too. Although none of them unsealed their combat strength further, they had basically outdone themselves with their Virtual God rank-9 combat strength. 

When they saw the ferocity of Lin Huang's imperial beasts at the peak of their prowess, the crowd of Virtual Gods in the gravel world was emboldened. They quickly formed their battle formations and joined in the fight! 


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