Monster Paradise
1373 Would You Like To Be My Apprentice?
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1373 Would You Like To Be My Apprentice?

"Are you truly Sword11's Senior Brother?!"

After listening to Sword11's explanation, Wu Hao was 80% convinced of Lin Huang's identity, but he still had 20% worth of doubts left.

"If I really had wanted to do something to you, I would have done it already. I wouldn't need to waste my time standing by the door just to explain things to you, much less request Sword11 to make an appearance.

"Also, you don't need to wonder whether the Sword11 in the video projection was real or fake. In a moment I'll take you to Heavenly Sword Palace to see him personally."

At Lin Huang's words, Wu Hao was finally able to completely dispel of all his doubts.

Wu Hao also knew that the person before him was a cultivator; Wu Hao would not have been able to fight him nor escape from him. If Lin Huang genuinely harbored any ill intentions toward Wu Hao, he could have achieved them directly with a show of force—there would have been no need at all for so much explanation. Even if Lin Huang had forcibly kidnapped Wu Hao, not many people would have noticed.

As to whether the Sword11 he had seen was the genuine article or not, Wu Hao had also experienced a moment of uncertainty. However, when he considered it, no matter what the other party's intentions were, there was no need to set up such an elaborate deception for an ordinary slum-dweller like himself, much less find someone to impersonate Sword11.

There was one more detail that made Wu Hao absolutely certain that Lin Huang meant him no harm, namely, Lin Huang had stood outside the threshold of the door and had not tried to come in.

Growing up in a place like Meteor Street, Wu Hao had developed an extremely high level of vigilance since childhood. From his point of view, a person who approached himself for no reason must be plotting something.

That was why he had been fully on his guard when he first saw Lin Huang.

Now he was sure that Lin Huang meant him no harm, he finally put down the carving knife hidden in his palm.

"Come in and sit down," Wu Hao only remembered that he did not have a stool in his house after he finished speaking.

This did not bother Lin Huang at all. When he came into the house, he saw a row of sculptures by the window sill. He picked one up at random and studied it.

The sculpture that he had picked up was a Fire Ape.

This sculpture was only palm-sized but the details were much more defined than the previous three-legged Golden Crow. The overall lines of the carving were also much more aesthetically pleasing; there were almost no significant faults that could be picked out. Even the inner meaning contained within the sculpture was considerably stronger than what had been in the Golden Crow.

Lin Huang also noticed that the base of the sculpture was also engraved with two large words—"Jin Wu".

He used Divine Telekinesis to scan the rest of the sculptures and found that the words "Jin Wu" had been inscribed underneath all the bases. He then smiled and turned towards Wu Hao.

"You gave yourself a pseudonym?"

"Using my real name might get me into trouble," Wu Hao explained, "It's not a bad thing to be overly cautious."

Lin Huang wanted to say, "You are way too cautious", but refrained.

After he had confirmed that "Jin Wu" was Wu Hao's pseudonym, Lin Huang was almost 90% certain that this was the child named "Jin Wu" whom the Club was looking for.

When he first saw Wu Hao from the door earlier, he realized that this boy's Sword Dao had broken through to level-3—Illumination. However, there was no trace at all of a cultivator's aura within him.

This meant that this young man named Wu Hao had leveled himself up to level-3 Sword Dao in just over two months, merely through his carving.

Lin Huang himself knew how difficult it was to elevate his Sword Dao.

It had taken him more than a year to elevate to level-3 Sword Dao through conduits, daily sword practice, and frequent combat.

This child named Wu Hao was undoubtedly an ultimate genius in Sword Dao!

After he had confirmed Wu Hao's Sword Dao talent, Lin Huang could not help but be tempted by a thought.

"Would you like to be my apprentice and learn sword skills from me?"

Initially, the plan to take Wu Hao on as an apprentice was just an excuse. Lin Huang had wanted to see what kind of person the Club was searching for and what was so special about him.

However, after seeing Wu Hao's Sword Dao talent... What was the Club's mission anyway? Did it matter whether he carried it out or not?

"I forgot to introduce myself—my name is Lin Huang," Lin Huang added.

Wu Hao was surprised for a moment. Immediately after, however, he appeared to be troubled.

"If you have anything that you want to say, just say it." Lin Huang noticed Wu Hao's hesitation. 

Wu Hao did indeed hesitate for a while but finally could not help speaking up.

"If you're Sword11's Senior Brother, why haven't I heard your name before?"

Lin Huang thought for a while. This question was not one that he could easily answer.

"I'll explain it in detail after I bring you to meet Sword11. If you're not yet prepared to apprentice with me right now, you can wait until you meet Sword11 before making a decision."

Wu Hao thought about it for a moment before he spoke again.

"Then let me change my question. Between you and Sword11, who is stronger?"

"His combat strength is higher than mine, but I should be able to beat him if we're at the same combat strength." Lin Huang was telling the truth. With his current ability, even if he had met Great Heaven under circumstances where both of them had the same combat strength, he would definitely have been able to beat him, what more Sword11.

"I have another question..." Wu Hao stared at Lin Huang keenly. "I don't have cultivation potential—are you sure you want to take me as your apprentice?"

"No cultivation potential?"

Lin Huang used Divine Telekinesis immediately to scan Wu Hao's body, only to find that the child's soul was so severely damaged he could not sense the existence of various energies. To some extent, this was more serious than an ordinary person with no potential.

In this case, however, it was not completely impossible for Wu Hao to be able to cultivate. Lin Huang quickly found a cultivation method suitable for Wu Hao from within Great Heaven's memory.

"You don't have to worry about not having cultivation potential; I have a way that will allow you to be able to cultivate."

Wu Hao's eyes lit up when he heard what Lin Huang had to say. He quickly got up, walked to Lin Huang, and bowed to the ground. "This apprentice hails his master!"

"From today on, you are my first official disciple." Lin Huang nodded slightly and helped Wu Hao up.

The reason Lin Huang said "official disciple" was mainly because he used to be an instructor at Martial Hunter College and had many other students. 

"There are some issues with your body that normally would make it impossible for you to cultivate. However, I know of a method that will allow you to embark on the path of cultivation. This method is called Sword Use Divinity!

"Simply put, you do not cultivate the body or the soul—you only cultivate the sword. Once your Sword Dao achieves Sword Dao true meaning, you can use directly Sword Use Divinity to consolidate your Godhead.

"For ordinary people, it's impossible to achieve Sword Dao just by cultivation of the sword. But for you though, it is possible..."

After a brief explanation, Lin Huang placed the tip of one finger on Wu Hao's forehead and transmitted an assortment of sword skills he had picked into Wu Hao's body.

After all, the boy was just an ordinary person and the amount of information that his brain could hold was limited.

Lin Huang only entered 10,000 sets of sword skills, ranging from ordinary to legendary.

"You can assimilate these sword skills slowly when you have the time," Lin Huang finished speaking and glanced around the room. "Now you can pack your things and follow me."

"Where are we going?" Wu Hao immediately responded.

"Sword11's Heavenly Sword Palace."


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