Monster Paradise
1431 Borrowing Troops
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1431 Borrowing Troops

Six days ago…

The great world, in the Undead Dimension. 

From his seat on the golden snake chair, the expression on the golden-haired man's face looked extremely unpleasant. 

All twelve waves of explorations had resulted in failure. Not only that, but the entire squad had also been annihilated once more. 

No matter how many Virtual Gods he sent on these exploration quests, this gravel world—with all its incomplete rules—was akin to an endless black hole that swallowed everything up, leaving no trace at all. Not a single piece of information had managed to make its way back here. 

"The whole group's been brought to its knees in a split second again, and we still don't know which of the dimensional gateways have no issues. What do you plan to do now?" asked the long-legged young lady, turning her head abruptly in the golden-haired man's direction. "Wait for the suppressing effects to kick in, send in the army straight away, and force our way through without knowing what the situation is on the other side?" 

The golden-haired man remained silent for a long time without answering her question. After a while, he slowly opened his mouth to speak. Yet, the answer he gave was completely unrelated to her question. "These next few days, everyone get a move on and work together. Herd all the Abyssal creatures in the Undead Dimension over here, whether they be spirit-type or undying species!"

"You're thinking of using them to continue exploring?" The long-legged lady's eyes gleamed when she heard his answer. In reality, this was not such a bad idea at all. At least they did not have to keep expending people from their own side.

"I refuse to believe that they can still kill off millions of spirit-type and undying species instantly!" The golden-haired man snarled.

After settling on this strategy, the entire group spent a bit more time discussing the details. In very short order they dismissed and went their separate ways to carry out this new plan.


Simultaneously in time with the gravel world. 

The great world, in the Undead Dimension. 

From his seat on the golden snake chair, the golden-haired man once again gathered everyone together. 

For the past six days, none of the thirty-plus True Gods and tens of thousands of Virtual Gods were idle. 

The True Gods hunted solo while the Virtual Gods hunted in groups. Whatever Abyssal lifeforms they managed to get their hands on—spirit-type and undying species alike—were all tossed into their own God Territories. 

Only today—the sixth day after the command—did everyone finally cease hunting. As per the time agreed upon, they all returned to where the dimensional gateways were. 

"True Gods, report the number of your captures! Virtual Gods, tally up your totals while we deal with the reports here."

The golden-haired man swept the entire surrounding area with his gaze and directed his order to the assembled individuals.

"Let me announce my hunting results first then. In the past six days, I've managed to capture 311 True God monsters. Among them, there are 53 high-rank ones, 193 medium-rank ones, and 65 low-rank ones." 

The long-legged young lady was the second person to speak. 

"I've captured a total of 287 True God monsters—41 high-ranks, 147 medium-ranks, and 99 low-ranks." 

The third person to speak up was the snake-headed man.

"My total is 265 True God monsters. There are 43 high-rank ones, 159 medium-rank ones, and 63 low-rank ones." 


All thirty-seven True Gods took turns to announce their glorious results acquired over the past six days. 

The snake-headed man also tabulated the final numbers. 

"The number of True God monsters captured is 4981 in total. Out of these, 347 of them are high-rank true god-level monsters, 1819 are medium-rank monsters, and 2815 are low-rank ones. The total number for Virtual God monsters is 2,860,000 with 338,000 of them high-level Virtual Gods…" 

In merely six short days, the monsters everyone had managed to capture exceeded nearly twenty times their own number. 

"First, seal all exits in the area to prevent them from escaping! After that, based on the distribution of the space tunnels, section the place up and seal it to create thirty-five divisions," the golden-haired man ordered the moment he saw that everyone was present. 

Several True Gods who were experts in setting up barriers immediately went into action. They worked together to seal up the entire area; they then created a secondary Space Seal around the nearby surroundings of the space tunnels. Thus, thirty-five tunnel divisions were created. 

"Everyone, mark all the Virtual Gods that you've captured with life imprints. Don't miss any of them out. Once this has been done, send the Virtual Gods that you hunted to Long Tail and the other the thirty-five members of the group. Remember who you hand over your captures to. Once the teleportation is completed, whoever's imprint that is not annihilated for more than five seconds must immediately report to me on who your receiver is, then we can single out which space tunnel might be safe.

"White Chief, calculate how many Virtual Gods Long Tail and the others should each receive—how many beginner-stage, intermediate-stage, and high-level Virtual Gods. The numbers don't need to be too specific; long as all thirty-five groups have nearly the same number, that will be good enough…" 

After the golden-haired man had completed a series of arrangements, all thirty-five True Gods finished conducting the handovers very quickly. They then each selected a sealed division and stepped into it. 

The golden-haired man and the snake-headed man were the only two who did not enter any divisions and remained where they were. 

After everyone had entered their sealed divisions, the aura in the golden-haired man's entire body started to soar rapidly. In merely a few seconds, it had peaked. Like a rock that had been tossed onto the surface of a lake, his overwhelming aura rippled and spread out in all directions.

Among the thirty-something True Gods present, there were only three other individuals who were ninth-rank True Gods apart from the golden-haired man. 

These three people were the most sensitive to the eruption of the golden-haired man's aura. They could detect things that outsiders could not because of their heightened sense of awareness.

The strength of the golden-haired man's aura was clearly now very close to the level of a Heavenly God; it had far exceeded that of an ordinary ninth-ranked True God.

As they sensed this spine-chilling aura sweeping through, nearly everybody present felt their heart skip a beat. Even breathing felt much weightier now. 

It was at this moment that the golden-haired man suddenly let out an explosive roar. 


Like a detonating bomb, his voice filled every corner of the area instantly, ringing clearly in everyone's ears.

The instant he gave his command, his terrifying near-Heavenly-God-level aura enveloped the entire place. Everyone felt even their breathing had become heavier.

At this very moment, the thirty-five True Gods who had entered their respective sealed divisions activated their individual God Territories, releasing all the Virtual God monsters contained within. 

The only thought that occupied the minds of these millions of Virtual God Abyssal creatures the moment they were released—spirit-type and undying species alike—was freedom. 

However, the next second they all sensed the life-threatening aura emanating from the golden-haired man.

This aura was incredibly dangerous! 

All the creatures started frantically scuttling away from where the golden-haired man was in their attempts to escape this territory! 

However, a seal that had been collaboratively created by several high-rank True Gods was not something that mere Virtual Gods could shift at all. Millions of monsters bombarded the seal one after another. Unfortunately, the only effect it had was to cause barely-perceptible ripples. 

As their attempts to escape were futile, they finally realized the truth. Eventually, they chose to swarm over toward the spatial dimensional gateway nearby. After all, the sooner they could leave this damnable place, the better! 

Who cared what sort of place lay on the other side of the dimensional gateway—they could deal with that when they escaped! 

In roughly less than five minutes, desperate with nowhere else to run, all the Virtual God monsters swarmed through the dimensional gateways in all thirty-five divisions!

"I can't wait to see if you can still instantly kill off three million Virtual Gods arriving all at one go!" Watching the number of monsters in all divisions clearing out completely, the golden-haired man could not help but quirk up the corners of his mouth slightly.


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