Monster Paradise
1428 Wu Mo’s Awakening
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1428 Wu Mo’s Awakening

The third layer of the Abyss Brink. 

Dongfang Bai led Guan Zhong and a few others to Dynasty's site and headed straight for Lin Huang to ask him a question.

"There haven't been any signs of movement in the dimensional gateways for over an hour now. Is it possible that the invaders have given up?" 

Lin Huang shifted his gaze to Dongfang Bai and ignored the faint look of expectation on Dongfang Bai's face. 

"The lack of movement is probably because they've lost too many Virtual Gods. They're also aware that their current mode of exploration is fruitless and have abandoned further attempts at it. However, that doesn't mean they will give up on their invasion. I'm guessing they're waiting for the world will to be completely suppressed before sending in their main army!" 

Dongfang Bai was still somewhat reluctant to give up after hearing Lin Huang's words. 

"What you mean to say is that despite being unable to determine which of the dimensional gateways is functional, they will still persist in the invasion?" 

"Based on my understanding of the invaders, yes." Lin Huang nodded. 

"Aren't they afraid that all the dimensional gateways are problematic?" Guan Zhong could not help furrowing his brows and asking.

"Number one, the probability of all thirty-three dimensional gateways malfunctioning is extremely low. Number two, when their main army arrives, it will also be a chance for exploration. As long as they teleport enough people over and we can't kill them in time, they will be able to determine which dimensional gateways are usable. Only then will the True Gods arrive. 

"So, as long as we massacre their main forces fast enough, their True Gods won't arrive! That'll remove all risks of getting invaded by True Gods!" Dongfang Bai's eyes shone after hearing Lin Huang's words. 

Lin Huang peered sidelong at Dongfang Bai and shook his head helplessly. "It's not as easy as you think. 

"If their True Gods don't arrive and they give up on this invasion, after a while they will gather more Virtual Gods to form their main army a second time. When that happens, the invaders will only be stronger and far more numerous. 

"However, if their True Gods arrive all at once, we'll be dealing with less trouble in the future." 

The individuals from the Union Government suddenly developed convoluted expressions once again. 

Naturally, they did not wish for the True Gods to arrive. As cultivators in the gravel world who were unable to elevate to True Gods, in their minds they held True Gods in reverence.

However, they also knew that what Lin Huang said was true. If the invasion failed, there would always be the possibility of their enemies trying again—moreover, when that happened, their enemies would be even more prepared. 

If they managed to eliminate all of their enemies in one fell swoop, they would be able to destroy their enemies at the grassroots. 

The only thing was that Dongfang Bai and his group honestly did not have much confidence in themselves to handle an invasion from high-rank True Gods. This created a psychological dilemma for them. 

After receiving this less-than-satisfactory news from Lin Huang, Dongfang Bai led everyone back to their own camp, a helpless expression on his face.

Dongfang Bai very quickly directed Guan Zhong to contact Jiang Shan over in faraway First City and update Jiang Shan on the most recent situation here. 

Jiang Shan's response was, "If the True Gods arrive, you should all cooperate with Dynasty as best as you can. After all, Lin Huang's the only one who is capable of dealing with medium and high-rank True Gods. I'll attempt to sugarcoat the current battle results and try as much as I can to encourage more Virtual Gods to join the fight." 


At Dynasty's site, Mr. Fu could not help but lament. 

"I'm not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing that our enemies have stopped exploring." 

"It's a good thing, of course." Lin Huang smiled. "The fact that they've stopped exploring shows us that they've reached the limit of losses that they can cope with. Through the numbers they've lost, we can roughly estimate the total number of invaders this time. 

"That last wave especially—they only sent a hundred Virtual God rank-9s. I'm guessing that this time they've only brought three hundred Virtual Gods rank-9s with them; there shouldn't be more than four hundred. Based on these numbers right now, they shouldn't have that many True Gods. My guess is that they have less than a hundred of them.

"Further analysis of this data indicates that the invaders are either from a top grade-4 organization or an organization above grade-4. 

"If it's a top grade-4 organization, their leader will only be a True God and there will only be a limited number of True Gods within the organization. As long as we eliminate all the invaders in one swoop in the upcoming wave, they most likely won't have enough force to attempt a second invasion or even dare to attempt one.

"If it's an organization that is above grade-4, the fight won't be over even if they are unsuccessful in the current invasion. They will pick up the pieces very quickly and return! Even if Heavenly Gods are unable to arrive here directly, the strength of our enemy's next invasion will far exceed their current attempt." 

After listening to Lin Huang's words, Mr. Fu sank into silence for a while before continuing.

"I hope luck will be on our side, so the intruders we're facing turn out to be from a top grade-4 organization." 

"I hope so too. Otherwise, I'll have to stay even longer after dealing with this wave of invaders." Lin Huang was not worried about the number of invasion waves. He was more concerned about whether or not he could eliminate this problem for good and depart this place with his mind at peace.

In the blink of an eye, another two days passed.

The rest of the Sword Servants arrived one after the other. Except for one remaining Sword Servant who was tasked with guarding Lin Xin at the Dynasty Headquarters, the remaining two hundred and sixty-seven Sword Servants had all arrived at the Abyss Brink. Their numbers had now surpassed the total number of Virtual Gods in the gravel world. 

Upon seeing the increasing number of people in the Sword Alliance's camp, discussions on the issue had become even more rampant. 

There had never been many Virtual Gods in the gravel world, to begin with. Most of the time, Virtual Gods would run into each other quite frequently on a regular basis. Being in long-term closed-door cultivation meant that it was rare to see unfamiliar faces. In the Sword Alliance, however, all of them were strangers to the rest. Naturally, that gave rise to considerable debate.

The Sword Servants paid no heed to these discussions. 

Lin Huang could not be bothered either, even though he knew the truth of the matter.

Deep down, Lin Huang was aware that later on when the Sword Servants demonstrated their actual abilities, it would be dazzlingly impressive in the eyes of everyone present. When that moment arrived, all criticism would dissipate like smoke.

On the third day, Lin Huang felt an abnormal fluctuation within his body. 

He sent his consciousness within him to investigate and discovered that the source of the fluctuation was Wu Mo's blood of the True God.

Wu Mo was displaying signs of awakening! 

Ever since the fight against the God Master's will two years ago that completely depleted her spiritual energy, Wu Mo had remained in a state of slumber. Even after Lin Huang arrived in the great world, massacring countless True Gods and imbuing her body with spiritual energy to the point of saturation, she had never woken up. 

Lin Huang knew that he could not be impatient in such a situation. There could have been many reasons why she had not woken up, and Lin Huang did not attempt to awaken her forcefully either. He just waited patiently for her to wake up in her own time. 

However, this time, she started to show signs of stirring—whether it was because she sensed the gravel world was under invasion or for some other reason was unknown.

"What impeccable timing to wake up. We'll have another individual with true god-level combat strength to join us in the fray," Lin Huang murmured in a low voice as he watched the blood of the True God's internal aura grow stronger by the second. 

He very quickly retracted his consciousness back into his body and gave his surroundings a quick scan. Realizing that nobody had noticed this inconspicuous fluctuation that came from within him, Lin Huang rose to his feet instantly and headed to the Emperor Palace, which was camouflaged as a tent.

His sudden departure attracted the attention of quite a number of people, but nobody thought too much of it. 

Mr. Fu's eyes were glued to Lin Huang until Lin Huang entered the tent as he felt somewhat surprised. However, he did not look into the matter and soon shifted his gaze in a different direction. 


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