Monster Paradise
1365 The Swordmaster“s Authority
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1365 The Swordmaster“s Authority

"The damage to the Great Heaven Palace is that serious?!"

After briefly going through the information transmitted from the Great Heaven Palace, Lin Huang was left somewhat speechless.

Less than 20% of the Great Heaven Palace was intact. Except for the main hall and the attached space which were not greatly affected, other halls with various functions were almost completely damaged. 

Lin Huang had originally thought that there would still be a lot of cultivation resources left in the Great Heaven Palace.

However, after going through the information sent by the Great Heaven Palace, only then did he realize that almost all of the Palace resources had been destroyed, except for a part that Great Heaven had depleted during his Dao unification.

Even the god relics that remained had been crushed by the Palace and used as materials to repair itself.

Now all that was left of the Great Heaven Palace was one main hall, one Inheritance Dimension, two Archaic Fire Dragon gates, and two three-legged Golden Crow sculptures which remained intact. 

What surprised Lin Huang, however, was that the two Archaic Fire Dragons and the two three-legged Golden Crows were all living beast souls that possessed peak heavenly god-level abilities and that they were the guardians of the Great Heaven Palace.

Great Heaven had discovered the four beast souls in two different ancient ruins and brought them out.

However, Great Heaven was worried that his successor would rest on their laurels, so he allowed the Great Heaven Palace to restrict his successor's authority. At Lin Huang's current authorization level, it was impossible for him to order these four beast souls around.

Noticing that the information given by the Palace mentioned limits of authority, Lin Huang took a closer look at his current authorization.

At present, there were only six main authorizations available to him. 

"Authorization 1: The swordmaster can return to the Great Heaven Palace at any time; the swordmaster cannot lock anything below lord-level."

"Until the swordmaster achieves heavenly-god level, the Great Heaven Palace cannot be taken away or even moved from its place."

'Authorization 2: As the swordmaster's Combat Level has not reached virtual god-level, the swordmaster may bring Sword Servants Sword301 to Sword368 out of the Great Heaven Territory. However, the Sword Servants' combat strength is limited by the swordmaster's own strength, and can only be higher than the swordmaster by one level at most."

"When the swordmaster elevates to virtual god-level, he will be authorized to have control over Sword Servants Sword101 to Sword300."

"When the swordmaster elevates to true god-level, he will be authorized to have control over Sword Servants Sword11 to Sword100."

"When the swordmaster elevates to heavenly god-level, he will be authorized to control the swordmaster's bodyguards from Sword1 to Sword10."

"Prior to obtaining the necessary authorizations, the swordmaster cannot bring the Sword Servants out of the Great Heaven Palace's associated space (the Trial space)."

"Authorization 3: As the new domain master of Great Heaven Territory, the swordmaster may leave the Great Heaven Territory with any creature of the Great Heaven Territory with combat abilities one level higher than himself. There are no restrictions on numbers."

"Before ascertaining the loyalty of the other party, it is best not to bring the other party out of the Great Heaven Territory without careful consideration, otherwise, the existence of the Great Heaven Territory could be exposed."

"Authorization 4: The swordmaster may utilize the Great Heaven Palace to teleport himself to any area of the Great Heaven Territory."

"Until the swordmaster elevates to heavenly god-level, he will not be able to integrate with the Great Heaven Territory. The swordmaster can only use the Great Heaven Palace to manage the Great Heaven Territory."

"Authority 5: In the Great Heaven Territory, within the tolerance range of the body and soul, the swordmaster can utilize a small amount of the Great Heaven Territory's world strength for simple applications."

"Because there is no formal integration with the Great Heaven Territory, once the swordmaster leaves the Great Heaven Territory, the swordmaster will not be able to utilize any world strength outside of the Great Heaven Territory."

"Authority 6: Within the Great Heaven Palace's associated space (the Trial space), the swordmaster has absolute control over the Sword Servants and the swordmaster's bodyguards."

"Only within the Great Heaven Palace's associated space does the swordmaster have absolute authority. Upon entering the Great Heaven Territory, this absolute authority will be weakened. Therefore, the swordmaster must elevate his combat strength as soon as possible to obtain full control and authority over the Sword Servants."

"Authorization 1 means I can return to the Great Heaven Palace at any time, which is equivalent to an extra survival measure.

"Authorization 2—at my current authorization level, I only have control of the Sword Servants with numbers above Sword300. My combat strength is still too low...

"Authorization 3 means I can bring the people of Great Heaven Territory to the great world, but the people of Great Heaven Territory may not be loyal to me, the new domain master. It's even possible that some of them were not loyal to the previous domain master, Great Heaven. Therefore, this function should be used with caution.

"Authorization 4—this teleportation is a good thing; unfortunately, it can only be used within the Great Heaven Territory.

"Authorization 5 means I can use world strength—this is not a bad level of authorization at all. Unfortunately, it can't be used outside of the Great Heaven Territory.

"Authorization 6 means I only have absolute control over the Sword Servants and the bodyguards within the Trial space. It's also specifically emphasized that after leaving the Trial space my authority will be weakened. This indicates that these Sword Servants are not absolutely loyal either, otherwise it wouldn't be necessary to set controls in place. Great Heaven very likely used this authority to restrict these people... So, it's still necessary to increase my combat strength as soon as possible to obtain more control over the Sword Servants!"

After reading the authorizations, Lin Huang interpreted them one by one.

Initially, he was not very satisfied with the fact that he could only control the Sword Servants with numbers higher than Sword300, but when he thought about it carefully, he realized that even the Sword Servants who ranked after Sword300 were actually quite terrifying.

One had to know that in the Competitive Trial, the Sword Servants were not just restricted in their Combat Levels. They were even more restricted in their ability to use their Rule Bending Powers and their Sword Dao strength was limited to peak level-6.

Even under such dismal circumstances, the ability of an unbelievable genius like Unrivalled God in the Competitive Trial was equivalent to Sword Servants ranked 200 or so.

The Sword Servants controlled by Lin Huang had all unsealed other aspects of their abilities to a certain degree except their combat strength. Not only were their Sword Dao levels unsealed up to True Martial Level, but they even had access to nine types of Rule Bending Power. They could almost be said to be at their peak.

If it came down to a fight, the accumulation of nine types of God Rule Power and Elemental Enlightenment in addition to True Martial Level Sword Dao meant that even Lin Huang—whose Sword Dao had elevated to True Meaning Level—would have had some difficulty taking them on one by one and winning.

"Although these Sword Servants are ranked after 300, with this level of authorization at present, their abilities would be no worse than Sword1 in the final Trial." Lin Huang briefly glanced over the available authorizations for the Sword Servants. He then realized that he might have an additional 68 people whose abilities were comparable to Sword1.

"The Great Heaven inheritance has been obtained; I already have the scabbard on hand, and I have also obtained authority over the Great Heaven Palace..." Lin Huang glanced out the window. "I have basically achieved my purpose in participating in the Great Heaven Trial, which means it's time for me to leave the Trial space..."

After murmuring to himself, Lin Huang suddenly spoke again.

"Everyone, assemble in front of the Great Heaven Palace!"

All the Sword Servants in the Inheritance Dimension heard his order clearly.

It was no surprise to all the Sword Servants, because a few minutes ago when Yin Yin transmitted the Great Heaven inheritance to Lin Huang, the Great Heaven Palace had already informed them that the new swordmaster had taken office!

Everyone had been waiting for the new swordmaster's summons for the last few minutes.

Most of them already knew who the new swordmaster was.

Earlier when the Competitive Trial had ended, the news that Lin Huang successfully initiated the final Trial had spread to all the Sword Servants. Moreover, more than two-thirds of the Sword Servants had fought against Lin Huang in the Competitive Trial and knew what he looked like.

As for the swordmaster's ten bodyguards, Lin Huang had passed by through each of their stages one by one.

After hearing the new swordmaster's order, more than 360 Sword Servants all set off at the very first instant and hurried to the Great Heaven Palace...


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