Monster Paradise
1426 Sword Alliance
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1426 Sword Alliance

The eleventh wave of invaders arrived. Their combat level was already at Virtual God rank-8 although their numbers remained at thirty for each tunnel. 

It was also in this wave that the other summoning beasts began to reach the limits of their capabilities, except for Ku Rong, Bai, and Grimace.

With their combat levels suppressed at Virtual God rank-9, it was not a problem for Charcoal and Tyrant to eliminate thirty Virtual God rank-8 monsters. However, it was slightly harder for them to execute instant kills since their combat levels differed merely by a rank. 

In dealing with this wave of invaders, the overall killing speed of the summoning beasts slowed down significantly. In the previous wave, Lancelot and the rest eliminated their opponents in less than two seconds. However, in this wave, Lin Huang knew at a glance that it would take them at least seven seconds or more to kill their opponents.

Mr. Fu and many Sword Servants who were present at the scene also noticed the anomaly. 

Mr. Fu's brows furrowed slightly. He knew that his abilities were slightly inferior to Lancelot and the others; even if he joined in the fight, he would not be able to greatly alter the outcome. 

"Lord Swordmaster, do you want us to make a move?" Sword101 asked, snapping his head around to glance at Lin Huang. 

"No need for that." The moment Lin Huang's words escaped his mouth, around a dozen scarlet gleams of light shot out from his sleeves like lightning. 

They were the telekinetic weapons that had evolved from the God Weapon not so long ago. Their level was akin to a god rule relic. 

In truth, the God Weapon was not concealed in Lin Huang's sleeves but within his inner world instead. Lin Huang had just gotten used to unleashing his telekinetic flying daggers from his sleeves. 

The red gleams sliced across the sky like lightning and hurtled into the area of battle where Bai and the rest were. Before anyone could react, the red gleams pierced through the invaders' bodies one after the other like small, slithering scarlet snakes. 

In less than half a second, nearly half of those close to a thousand Virtual God rank-8 monsters were disposed of, leaving less than a hundred for Lancelot and the rest to continue practicing on. 

After the red gleams had shot out and killed their targets, they shot back and disappeared into the depths of Lin Huang's sleeves. 

Although all of this happened in a flash, the crowd of Virtual Gods saw everything.

"Was that Lin Huang who just made a move?!" 

"Those dozens of red gleams should be telekinetic flying daggers!" 

"Isn't he a Virtual God rank-3? How did he manage to kill off so many Virtual God rank-8s so easily in a matter of seconds? We're not talking about one or two invaders; we're talking about nearly a thousand of them!" 


For most people present at the scene, this was the first time that they had seen Lin Huang in action. When they saw what unfolded, they were utterly astounded. 

Even though Dongfang Bai, Guan Zhong, and everyone else from the Union Government had already had anticipated Lin Huang's abilities, the expressions on their faces showed only disbelief.

"I always thought that Lin Huang's power was due to his strong summoning beasts. I never expected that his own abilities would be this terrifying.

"Now that I think back on it carefully, his details actually seem to have mentioned that he is a psychic as well. But I never expected his telekinesis to be this powerful," Dong Fangbai could not help lamenting, "To be able to pierce through the bodies of dozens of Virtual God rank-8s… I believe that his set of telekinetic weapons is on par with a god rule relic, at least." 

"His abilities have grown far too powerful in the past two years." Guan Zhong's expression appeared rather convoluted. When he was spying on the Wei family two years ago, Guan Zhong had already witnessed Lin Huang's strength. The current Lin Huang was goodness knows how much stronger compared to what he had been in the past. 

However, the stronger Lin Huang's real abilities were, the less worried the Union Government was about him. The stronger he was, the less space he would have for advancement in the gravel world.


Nevertheless, everyone did not know that Lin Huang's attack this time was far from an actual display of his true abilities. 

Lin Huang did not compound these flying daggers with any rule powers, elemental enlightenments, or Sword Dao true meaning. Neither did he activate the flying daggers' innate rule power, nor even imbue them with Divine Power. The only thing Lin Huang used was the power of a Virtual God rank-9's Divine Power to manipulate the flying daggers, and his attack was completed with ease. He depended mostly on the kinetic energy produced from his mastery of telekinesis, as well as the flying daggers' innate sharpness and durability. 

However, even an attack as simple as that was sufficient to astound all the Virtual Gods who were present. 

Mr. Fu vaguely managed to guess that Lin Huang had yet to go all out but he was not sure what percentage of real strength Lin Huang had utilized.

Only the Sword Servants and Lin Huang's imperial monsters knew that Lin Huang had yet to lift even a finger. 

Lin Huang's demonstration was just the tip of the iceberg, but it was sufficient to impress everyone there. 

Those who initially thought Lin Huang had ascended to his position only because of his summoning beasts now realized that this Emperor from Dynasty had grown far more powerful than they had ever imagined. 

The crowd began surreptitiously discussing heatedly among themselves as they tried to guess how powerful Lin Huang's real abilities were. 

Meanwhile, after recalling his flying daggers, Lin Huang remained seated on the spot with an expressionless face. He closed his eyes and continued his rejuvenation as though nothing had happened. 

Before the intrusion of the twelfth wave of invaders, the Abyss Brink saw the arrival of yet another two waves of reinforcements. Most of them were Sword Servants. Taken together, both waves added up to a total of fifty-six Sword Servants. 

In addition to the seventy over Sword Servants who were already in the Abyss Brink, the total number of Sword Servants present had now reached a hundred and thirty-three individuals. This meant nearly half the full contingent of Sword Servants were already present in the Abyss Brink.

In truth, other than the Union Government's camp, other camps started to notice the existence of this group of strangers too. 

Despite not having a databank as complete as that of the Union Government, most top-notch organizations had their own intelligence systems and therefore had access to the information on most Virtual Gods. Moreover, there were not many Virtual Gods in the gravel world to begin with, so they were bound to encounter each other much of the time. 

However, these Sword Servants had suddenly appeared out of nowhere. They did not just have unfamiliar faces, they had never interacted with the other Virtual Gods before. If it had merely been a few dozen unfamiliar faces, nobody would think too much of it. Yet, the most crucial point was that the number of people from the Sword Alliance's camp had exceeded one hundred. The total number of Virtual Gods in the entire Abyss Brink only came up to three hundred and seventy-one people and those from the Sword Alliance's single camp alone were already one-third of that number. 

It must be noted that even for the Mystic Butterflies who specialized in collecting intelligence, the Virtual Gods who had data records in their intelligence network numbered only three hundred and sixty-one individuals. (There were not as many Virtual Gods before Lin Huang's departure. Nearly half of these were Demigods who had elevated to Virtual Gods in the past year, all thanks to Mr. Fu.) Virtual Gods whose data records were stored in the Union Government's Agency EA were even fewer—only three hundred and fifty-three. The data collected by other top organizations was even less—their records averaged around only three hundred Virtual Gods. 

However, the addition of one hundred and thirty-three Sword Servants increased the number of Virtual Gods present in the Abyss Brink to three hundred and seventy-one. This surpassed all the numbers in all the organizations' records.

Excluding the nineteen Sword Servants from Dynasty and Misery, fully one hundred and fourteen Sword Servants had gathered under the banner of the Sword Alliance. 

Seeing more than a hundred unfamiliar Virtual Gods congregating in an unfamiliar camp, everyone's minds were full of uncertainty. The current number of Virtual Gods present was almost more than all the Virtual Gods in the Union Government and the Hunter Association combined. 

Curiosity got the better of some organizations and they attempted to acquire more information on this peculiar occurrence. The only information they managed to obtain was that this group of people belonged to a new organization named the Sword Alliance. Other than that, they had no luck finding out anything else. 

Noticing the lack of response from the people of the Union Government while Dongfang Bai and the rest seemed unfazed, many people assumed that the Sword Alliance was related to the Union Government, or even that the Sword Alliance was a secret organization formed by the Union Government. 

A small number of people noticed that individuals from the Sword Alliance greeted Lin Huang as well, leading them to guess that the Sword Alliance might be connected to him.

The crowd murmured among themselves in a heated discussion. 

Somebody even let his imagination run wild and joked that perhaps these were reinforcements that Lin Huang had summoned over from the great world. Yet, nobody knew that this joke of his was the closest thing to the truth.


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