Monster Paradise
1421 The Eighth Wave
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1421 The Eighth Wave

"He summoned eleven more summoning beasts?!" 

"All eleven of them are high-level Virtual Gods!" 

"A few of them look like humans. They're not Protosses, are they?!"

Everyone started chattering about it. They were quick to notice that Ku Rong, Bai, Grimace, Tyrant, Witch, and the others had appearances that were mostly similar to humans. 

Based on the "knowledge" that they have, they immediately concluded that Bai and the others were Protosses.

In actuality, a Protoss had three forms and possessed a human form. However, not all that possessed a complete human form were Protosses.

Protoss was the general name for a group of several tribes who were jointly referred to by that name. Tribes that met the criteria and were willing to join the Protoss could be called a Protoss.

Even so, there were some tribes in the great world that possessed three forms and met all the criteria for joining the Protoss, but did not do so in favor of maintaining the independence of their tribes.

There were even a few tribes that had existed long before the establishment of the Protoss. Although they did not join the Protoss, even the most pure-blooded Protoss tribes would still pay extreme respect to them. 

For example, the Observer Tribe, who had existed since the archaic epoch, also possessed complete human forms. No one knew if this was for the sake of convenience or for other reasons, but practically every Observer looked like a middle-aged man with a bald head. Even their facial features were all seventy to eighty percent similar. The only things that differentiated them were their heights and body shapes. 

There was even a legend in the God Territory which claimed that a bald-headed human cultivator once accidentally arrived at the God Territory and received courteous reception due to being mistaken for an Observer. 

However, the people in the gravel world did not know all this. Aside from Lin Huang and the Sword Servants, everyone that was present, including Mr. Fu, probably had never seen the real appearance of a Protoss. The news that a Protoss looked like a human was only passed around through hearsay. 

On top of that, they did not know that most members of the two sword cultivator troops from Dynasty and Misery that were currently part of the battle formation to fight against the enemy alongside them were real Protosses. There were even two pure-blooded Protosses among them!

Lin Huang chose to ignore everyone's comments.

"The eleven of you, guard one space tunnel each. Immediately kill anyone that gets teleported over. It doesn't matter how many of them there are, spare none. If you notice any space rifts that are missing, repair them at once."

Upon receiving the instructions, Ku Rong, Bai, and the others each promptly chose a space rift to guard.

The two waves of summoning beasts that were summoned by Lin Huang occupied twenty-one spots, and everyone present had no qualms about it. 

This was not the time to fight for resources. Everyone did not have enough manpower, and the explorers would only increase in number and strength. The appearance of the summoning beasts relieved a big load of everyone's burden, which was what everyone had hoped for. 

The thirty-one contingents of troops swiftly assigned themselves to guard the remaining twelve space rifts. 

However, Lin Huang furrowed his eyebrows slightly while looking at the twelve space rifts that were not guarded by the summoning beasts.

Among the thirty-one contingents of battle troops, three of them had Virtual God rank-4 cores, and the power of their battle formation was almost equivalent to virtual god-level rank-6. The remaining twenty-eight contingents had Virtual-God rank-3 cores, and their battle power was barely equivalent to Virtual God rank-5. 

With such a deployment, if they were to face a virtual god-level rank-6 explorer, they would collapse on all fronts. 

Lin Huang hesitated. Should he just summon the bug beasts to fill these twelve spots, or expose the Sword Servants' strength? 

The reason he was hesitant to summon the bug beasts was because a regular Imperial Censor had no way of controlling the Bug Tribe. 

Bug Master might have been regarded as a subdivision of the Imperial Censor a long time ago, but had long become independent and developed a different professional system. 

Under normal circumstances, no Imperial Censor would waste their time learning the Bug Master matters. They would rather utilize their time to find a few more imperial monsters to elevate their own strength.

Another less prominent reason was that people from not only the great world, but also the gravel world, had a very bad impression of the bug tribe. That was why the number of Bug Masters was much smaller than that of Imperial Censors.

Lin Huang was also deliberating on whether he should expose the Sword Servants' strength. 

After all, once the Sword Servants' strength was exposed, it would definitely garner widespread attention, and it would be inevitable that certain people would notice the new virtual god-level sword cultivators in Misery. If they were to dig a little deeper, it would not be difficult for them to discover the relationship between Lin Huang and Misery. 

If this was any other time, Lin Huang would not have cared too much even if such things were exposed. 

However, this was a time of war, and Lin Huang did not want to arouse the suspicion of the Union Government, Hunter Association, and other forces at a time like this and cause disharmony within the Union Government army.

While Lin Huang was still deliberating if he should summon the bug beasts or expose the Sword Servants' strength...

The eighth wave of invaders had arrived! 

There were once again thirty-three space tunnels that simultaneously transmitted spatial fluctuations. 

When Lin Huang sent forth his Divine Telekinesis to sense the number and strength levels of the invaders that came through the thirty-three space tunnels, he could not help frowning slightly. 

The explorers that were teleported over this wave were Virtual God rank-5s, which was an upgrade compared to before. However, the bigger difference was that the number of explorers that were teleported through each of the thirty-three dimensional gateways increased from one to ten! 

The second Lin Huang detected this, Mr. Fu also noticed the abnormality. His expression shifted slightly, and his figure immediately rose into the air and hung above the heads of the twelve groups of battle troops, ready to help at any time.

When he saw this, Lin Huang opened his mouth to stop him, but ended up not saying anything and let Mr. Fu go.

After seeing Mr. Fu taking action, the many Virtual Gods present gradually sensed the severity of the situation regarding this wave of invaders, and their faces turned pale.

Some of them also noticed that Lin Huang had been sitting still this whole time, looking like he did not have the slightest intention of making a move.

However, everyone had no objection to his behavior. After all, he had already dispatched twenty-one summoning beasts to join the battle. For an Imperial Censor, controlling such a large number of summoning beasts of such high caliber would tremendously drain them in all aspects.

Besides that, there had long been a tacit consensus among the people that those who were in the Imperial Censor profession had no real strength of their own, and they mainly relied on imperial monsters in battles. Therefore, on the battlefield, it was normal for an Imperial Censor to summon imperial monsters to join the frontlines of a battle while they themselves took a backseat. 

Even for Guan Zhong and the others, who knew about Lin Huang's strength, when they saw that he had not joined the battle, the thought that came to their minds was, 'As expected, summoning twenty-one virtual god-level rank-9 imperial monsters at once is a bit too much even for Lin Huang.'

Of course, Lin Huang was unaware that he had unwittingly added a layer of drama in the minds of the others. 

He was not even a real Imperial Censor. He relied on monster cards to summon imperial monsters, which did not cause even the slightest burden on him.

The reason he did not make a move himself was that he knew very well, even if the thirty-one battle troops from the gravel world were not there, Bai and the others were more than capable of coping with the arrival of the three hundred and thirty explorers!


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