Monster Paradise
1361 Sword1’s Questioning
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1361 Sword1’s Questioning

"You are also a traveler?!"

Sword1's words made Lin Huang quake inside.

'So this fellow noticed the anomaly…'

However, Lin Huang only dwelled on it for an instant before he regained his calm. He looked at Sword1 in silence without acknowledging or denying his identity.

They glanced at each other and it did not seem that Sword1 was going to probe any further. 

"Let me experience for myself how strong a legendary traveler is!"

As Sword1 spoke, a long narrow white blade slowly formed in his hand and his aura began to rise frighteningly.

Lin Huang grasped his sword hilt tightly and unleashed his soaring Sword Dao without holding back.

He was now facing Great Heaven's strongest sword cultivator; he did not dare to be reckless.

Sword1 patiently waited for Lin Huang's Sword Dao to rise to its peak. The moment it did so, Sword1 tapped his toes on the ground and he vanished from his place.

"So fast!"

Lin Huang's pupils narrowed slightly. Including Seraphic Speed, he had mastered a total of four types of rapid speed rule powers. Including the multiplier on ultimate dao-type, it was almost equivalent to the effects of five types of rule multipliers.

Even though Sword2 specialized in rapid speed sword skill, his ultimate speed was only slightly stronger than Lin Huang.

However, although Sword1 in front of him had clearly specialized in cultivating ultimate dao-type, he was still one level faster than Sword2 in rapid speed sword skill.

He was so fast that Lin Huang's Divine Telekinesis could only catch traces of his afterimages.

Almost at the same time that Sword1's figure disappeared, Lin Huang vaguely saw a residual image approaching him and his body instinctively initiated four types of God Rule Power, including Seraphic Speed, to evade it.

Even so, he was still a bit too slow.

A white sword gleam skimmed across his left shoulder, and sliced not only the sleeve of his robe but also left a sword cut his left shoulder.

With just one attack, Lin Huang had been injured.

'His ultimate dao-type would have amplified his rapid speed sword skill to at least the effect of a level-3 rule...' Lin Huang knew from Sword2 that Sword1's rapid speed and force-type were restricted to level-3 rule power at most. However, even in the current situation where Sword1's rapid speed sword skill was restricted by the Trial rules, it still gave his rapid speed sword skill an amplification of a level-3 rule effect. 'If all goes as expected, his force-type will most likely receive the same level of multipliers.'

Lin Huang instantly understood the kind of opponent that he would be facing—not only was Sword1's rapid speed sword skill and force-type amplified to a level-6 rule, but he was also head and shoulders above Lin Huang in ultimate dao-type.

'Right now I'm only slightly stronger than Sword1 in force-type. I've mastered level-6 rule power for force-type, on top of the multiplier on ultimate dao-type, which is almost equivalent to level-7 rule power. So if we go head to head, he is not as good as me...' Lin Huang quickly analyzed his situation. 'In rapid speed sword skill, I've only mastered level-4 rule power. Even if I include the multiplier on ultimate dao-type, that's only equivalent to level-5 rule power which is one level below his. The biggest disparity between us though is not in rapid speed sword skill but in ultimate dao-type...'

'For now, I think there are only two ways to counter this situation.

'One is to master another rapid speed rule to completely eliminate his advantage in rapid speed sword skill, then force him into a direct confrontation and use my advantage in force-type to make up for my shortcomings in ultimate dao-type.

'Another way is to achieve another breakthrough in Sword Dao. If I can just elevate my Sword Dao from True Martial Level to True Meaning Level, even if Sword1 has a substantial background in ultimate dao-type, I'll be able to pressure him!"

Although theoretical there were two ways to counter the current situation, Lin Huang also knew that he could only rely on luck for the second method. He himself had no idea when his Sword Dao might have another breakthrough.

'From the looks of things, I can only work from rapid speed sword skill...'

After considering this, Lin Huang directed some of his attention to his skill panel.

Previously, Kylie's Lightning Lord skill had enabled Lin Huang to gain two types of rule power—one was Instant Flash in rapid speed, and the other was Heaven's Punishment in force-type.

Thunder's Lightning God skill, however, only enabled Lin Huang to gain insight in Lightning Enlightenment—Lightning God in force-type

Lin Huang only gave it a moment's thought and silently crushed an Epiphany Card.

In the next few days, Lin Huang kept using the Lightning God skill in rapid speed.

Sword1 also noticed Lin Huang's attempts. Having monitored his battles, it was very clear to Sword1 that Lin Huang was trying to comprehend new rule powers.

He was also curious about how long would it take for Lin Huang to master a new rule power this time.

In the blink of an eye, eleven days had passed.

A push notification suddenly popped up in front of Lin Huang.

"Congratulations to the host on mastering the new Elemental Enlightenment—Traceless!"

The moment Elemental Enlightenment—Traceless came into being, Lin Huang suddenly noticed that Sword1's speed had slowed down.

Initially, a second ago, he could only vaguely track the residual images of Sword1's movement. Now, however, he could clearly see Sword1's movement path and his sword trajectory.

Within these eleven days, he had been slashed by Sword1 at least a thousand times and could only evade with difficulty when his opponent attacked. This time though, he could finally wield his sword and block Sword1's white blade.

"Huh?" Sword1 raised a brow, not only because Lin Huang had managed to block his attack, but also because he sensed the change in Lin Huang's aura.

"It only took you eleven days to master a new Elemental Enlightenment... To be honest, although I spied on all of your previous battles and even re-watched some of them dozens of times, I still feel that your speed in comprehending rule powers is completely unreal." Sword1 suddenly retreated and sheathed his sword. He appeared to have no intention of continuing the fight. "If I hadn't seen this happening right before my eyes at present, I might not believe that it was true."

"You've sheathed your sword. Does this mean that I've passed the assessment for this last level?" Lin Huang still held on to his sword. He felt that this level would not end so easily.

"I have no way of giving you an answer to your question right now." Sword1 shook his head slightly. "I do have a question though. If you can answer it, I can immediately let you past this level."

Lin Huang was puzzled when he heard that.

Just when he thought Sword1 would test his knowledge about Sword Dao and he began to feel anxious, Sword1's voice came slowly. 

"Have you heard of a group called the Raiders?"

Lin Huang was stunned when he heard the question. He then narrowed his eyes slightly and looked at Sword1.

Usually, only travelers were aware of the existence of the Raiders.

He did not really want to admit that he was a traveler in front of Sword1. After all, this kind of thing was a great secret and so far, he still did not know what Sword1's purpose was in probing his identity. Even if the other party was already very sure of his identity as a traveler, as long as he did not admit it himself, there was no way for the other party to be 100% sure.

However, in the current situation, if he denied his identity as a traveler and said that he had never heard of the Raiders, how would the other party react? Would it affect him in his quest to obtain Great Heaven's Inheritance?

After much thought, Lin Huang looked up at Sword1 with a blank expression.

"This question that you're asking now—I don't think the swordmaster would have allowed you to ask such a thing, right?"

"This question is something that I want to know." Sword1 glanced at Lin Huang with keen eyes. "If you know anything, please do share whatever information you have about the Raiders!"

Lin Huang was silent for a moment. After careful consideration, he nodded.

"I don't know much about the Raiders, I've only heard some rumors…"


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