Monster Paradise
1419 Don’t Forget, I Am A Imperial Censor
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1419 Don’t Forget, I Am A Imperial Censor

As the spatial fluctuations spread, a group of Virtual Gods who were in the Abyss Brink immediately returned to the area that they were guarding, formed a battle formation, and entered a state of readiness for battle.

Lin Huang used Divine Telekinesis to sweep the area. The intensity of the auras behind the spatial fluctuations was only at beginner-stage virtual god-level, so he was not bothered.

When he arrived, there were a total of twenty-eight battle formations. Even after the seven individuals had pulled out, after reorganization, there were now twenty-six teams, which was enough to deal with eight invaders.

Mr. Fu had not taken any action either but watched silently on the sidelines with Lin Huang.

A few moments later, explorers teleported over through the eight space rifts almost simultaneously.

The twenty-six teams that formed the battle formations did not hesitate; they made their move immediately and killed the eight explorers within seconds.

This wave of danger could be considered to have temporarily passed.

The expression on Mr. Fu's face did not relax at all, however.

"There are definitely more explorers today compared to yesterday. Yesterday, at most, there were teleportations from three dimensional gateways; there were eight today."

"That's because they're increasing the intensity of their tests." Lin Huang was no stranger to this type of invasion. There had been extremely detailed descriptions in the information Bloody had provided.

"Most of the 30 over space tunnels here have been used multiple times. Under normal circumstances, the space tunnels that have been exposed to Space Rule for a long time are unlikely to have any internal spatial stability issues. Even if there were any problems, they would be small ones.

"What they did yesterday was not to test whether or not the space tunnels are effective, but to run trial tests. Yesterday they tried more than 30 tunnels one by one; some even tried more than once, and all the explorers were killed within seconds. In terms of the probability of damage to the space tunnels, this is extremely unlikely. They must have realized by now that it's not a problem with the space tunnels.

"If I don't miss my guess, they'll have probably guessed that someone on our side is running interference. Therefore, today they should be running a series of trials to determine whether or not someone is killing their explorers on our end.

"From the looks of things currently, the leader of the invaders is quite cautious in terms of character.

"If I were the leader of these invaders, I would increase the number of explorers and the level of combat strength in turn. At the very least, I would first locate a tunnel that I am sure is 100% alright. Once I find a tunnel like this, I will use it as a breach and initiate the first round of invasion as a test!"

When he heard this, the expression on Mr. Fu's face became even more serious.

After a moment of silence, he asked, "Do you want to call for reinforcements?"

Lin Huang thought for a moment. "We can call for them now, yes. Barring any surprises, this war should officially start within the next two days."

When Mr. Fu heard this, he immediately contacted the Union Government.

Lin Huang also sent a message to Huang Tianfu and Zhi Ji.

About half an hour later, the Union Government sent a notice to all the organizations with virtual god-level guardians, informing everyone that the situation in the Abyss Brink was critical and inviting them to join forces against the enemy.

When most of the Virtual Gods saw the news, they immediately packed up and set off directly for the Abyss Brink as fast as they could.

Of course, there were still a handful of people who chose to wait and see.

On Dynasty's end, apart from Huang Tianfu and the Sword Servants guarding Lin Xin, as well as Xiao Mo who was still in closed-door cultivation, all the other Virtual Gods were despatched.

On Misery's end, apart from Zhi Ji who stayed behind, as well as the remaining five Sword Servants, the rest of the Virtual Gods were also despatched.

However, in the half-hour between the Union Government receiving the news from Mr. Fu and their announcement, three more waves of invaders arrived on the Abyss Brink.

All three waves happened simultaneously across eight or nine dimensional gateways, and none of them overlapped with the initial wave from before.

A total of four waves of intruders arrived, and all 33 space tunnels were tested.

Lin Huang guessed that the other party might have had more than 33 probes in the great world, and there should be a few space tunnels that were genuinely damaged, resulting in unsuccessful teleportations.

After these four waves of tests, everyone was on full alert and ready to deal with the arrival of a new wave of explorers at any time.

Fortunately, before the fifth wave came, more Virtual Gods began to arrive on the third level of the Abyss Brink.

Many Virtual Gods had already pinpointed the entrance location of the Abyss Brink. Some had only taken daily necessities, put them in their storage rings, and set off right away—naturally, they arrived very quickly.

These newly-arrived Virtual Gods also very quickly got into a state of battle readiness and formed a new battle formation team.

When the fifth wave of explorers arrived, the original twenty-six teams had increased to twenty-nine, one more than the twenty-eight teams that had been there when Lin Huang first arrived.

However, in this wave, the number of space tunnels with spatial fluctuations occurring doubled from eight to sixteen.

The next moment after the spatial fluctuations occurred, Lin Huang raised his brow slightly.

"The explorers have gone from Virtual God rank-3 to rank-4!"

His Divine Telekinesis had detected that the combat level of this wave of explorers was higher.

However, he was not too worried. Except for the two teams of Sword Servant, most of the twenty-nine battle formations currently had Virtual God rank-3s as the core, and the strength of all the formations was close to Virtual God rank-5. There were even three teams whose cores were Virtual God rank-4s, and their battle formation strength was close to rank-6. Moreover, the number of battle formations was almost double the number of explorers.

Lin Huang's judgment was correct. This wave of sixteen newly-arrived explorers was quickly eliminated by the twenty-nine formations on the spot.

When the sixth wave of explorers arrived, the twenty-nine battle formation teams in the gravel world had increased to thirty-one.

Seventeen explorers from this new wave were also easily killed.

It was fairly easy to resist a further six waves of invaders one after another.

However, the expressions on everyone's faces did not relax, because they knew that the next wave of the invasion would be even more intense.

"We haven't got enough manpower..." Mr. Fu was about to get up to join forces against the enemy but was stopped by Lin Huang.

"Teacher, have you forgotten about my occupation?" Lin Huang asked with a smile.

Just as Mr. Fu looked a little surprised, Lin Huang crushed a handful of Monster Cards.

One after another, imperial monsters automatically coalesced and formed in front of him.

Lin Huang summoned a total of ten imperial monsters in this wave—Bloody Robe, Malachian Fiend, Imp, Eclipse Boa, Death Knight, Fallen Knight, Herculean King, Bing Wang, and two Dark Crescent Snakes.

These ten imperial monsters were not considered to be in the first ranks of Lin Huang's command, but their combat strength was already at third-rank true god-level. (After achieving true god-level, Monster Cards below the rank of Supreme God no longer elevated their combat strength alongside their the host; they needed to hunt on their own to increase their combat level.)

Sensing the rejection of the world will along with Lin Huang's secret voice transmission, the ten imperial monsters immediately sealed their combat strength to Virtual God rank-9.

The sudden appearance of ten imperial monsters immediately attracted the attention of almost all the Virtual Gods present.


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