Monster Paradise
1417 90% Certain
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1417 90% Certain

The third layer of the Abyss Brink.

Watching Dongfang Bai of the Union Government leading a group of people into Dynasty's tent, almost everyone knew that the meeting was more than just them having a cup of tea.

Many were secretly speculating on what the vice chief of the Union Government and the Emperor of Dynasty might talk about.

What astonished many more people was that Dongfang Bai and the others walked out of the tent less than ten minutes later. All their expressions upon coming out were extremely sour.

"What's wrong? Why are the people from the Union Government wearing such unpleasant expressions?!"

"Those expressions—could it be that something went wrong with the negotiations?"

"According to legend, vice chief of the Union Government Dongfang Bai never displays his feelings. Even if he encounters something extraordinary, his face won't show anything unusual. What did Mr. Fu and Lin Huang say today that made him completely abandon control of his facial expression?!"

When they saw the expressions of Dongfang Bai and the others, everyone wondered what happened.

Afterward, people saw Lin Huang and Mr. Fu coming out later, looking as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. Everyone's curiosity was suddenly piqued further and they secretly speculated about what had happened in the tent.

The Heretics were also talking about it.

"Boss, go and ask what happened." A purple-haired girl in pigtails elbowed the Presiding Judge, Sun Zhuo, in the waist.

"I won't go!" Sun Zhuo immediately shifted his gaze from Dynasty's camp.

"You're obviously bursting with curiosity, why don't you go ask?" The girl, Cao Ya, was persistent.

"I'm not curious." Sun Zhuo turned and walked toward his tent, his face cold.

"The look in your eyes just now betrayed you; don't think I can't see it just because you're wearing a mask. That look is obviously saying, 'What happened, I really want to know!'..."

"Shut up, if you want to know, you can go ask yourself!" Sun Zhuo kept walking—out of sight, out of mind. He went straight into his tent.

Seeing that she could not bother the Presiding Judge any further, Cao Ya smiled and turned to look at the Vice Presiding Judge, Zhou Tong.

Before she could say anything, Zhou Tong dug out a booger with his pinky. Lifting his eyes, he met her gaze and flicked his pinky with a bland expression. "Can't you see that I'm busy? Go ask them yourself!"

After he finished speaking, he put his pinky into his other nostril.

Cao Ya was a little discouraged. She shifted her gaze from Zhou Tong, then looked in Lin Huang's direction.

Perhaps because he sensed someone staring, Lin Huang turned his head a fraction and caught sight of Cao Ya looking at him.

Cao Ya was taken aback for a moment when their eyes met. She hesitated, then walked slowly over toward the Dynasty contingent.

"Your Majesty, can you tell me a little about what you said to Dongfang Bai just now?" Cao Ya decided to ask anyway when she went over to Lin Huang. "I'm just curious. If you can't say anything, then just forget about it; treat it like I never asked."

She did not use voice transmission when she said this so everyone heard her words clearly. They immediately pricked up their ears and waited for Lin Huang to answer this question.

Lin Huang glanced at the retreating silhouettes of Dongfang Bai and his party. Dongfang Bai had just said that after reporting to the Union Government headquarters, the news would be announced as soon as possible. If they continued to conceal the truth, people would be taken by surprise by when True Gods of medium or even high-rank descended from the great world.

If it was announced now, although it would hurt morale, it could also give everyone a few days to make more adequate preparations.

"The Union Government will make an announcement in the next two days." Lin Huang did not use voice transmission either and glanced past Cao Ya at the people behind her. "I can only reveal one thing. If we want to deal with the upcoming crisis, everyone must be more prepared."

Although Lin Huang had not said anything specific, the majority of people fell silent when they heard those words.

Even Zhou Tong, who was picking his nose in the distance, paused his hand briefly.

There had been a lot of discussions previously because many people thought this matter was mere gossip, and probably only related to the Union Government and Dynasty.

However, Lin Huang's remarks meant that everyone was involved. In other words, the issues discussed between himself and Dongfang Bai in the tent just now were closely related not just to everyone present, but perhaps even the entire gravel world.

Recalling the expressions of Dongfang Bai and the others earlier, it was not difficult for everyone to guess that what Dongfang Bai had learned from Lin Huang was most certainly not good news.

Cao Ya had originally come in a spirit of curiosity, but she too fell silent when she heard this answer. Without further questions, she nodded slightly, then turned and walked toward the Heretics' encampment.

Most of the people present knew that Lin Huang had been in the great world for a year, and his understanding of it was far more in-depth than everyone in the gravel world. Since he had mentioned a matter like that, he must have known something; it would not be baseless chatter. Besides, there was also his status as Emperor. As the leader of one of the six organization giants, his words would carry a lot of weight with everyone.

Many people immediately contacted their headquarters to report what Lin Huang had just said.

On the Union Government's side, Dongfang Bai and his party entered their tent, returned to the palace, and immediately dialed the number of Chief Jiang Shan.

After a while, the call connected.

Seeing the expressions of Dongfang Bai and the others on the video projection, Jiang Shan's heart thudded hard for a moment.

"What happened?! The intruders have officially arrived?!"

"Not yet."

When Dongfang Bai said this, Jiang Shan breathed a sigh of relief, but then he heard the next sentence.

"There's worse news!"

The chief of the Union Government's heart suddenly began racing again.

"Lin Huang said that in order to avoid unnecessary panic, he concealed something in the information that he gave us. The invaders' highest combat strength is not that of the third-rank True Gods that we estimated previously, but ninth-rank True Gods. There may even be several ninth-rank True Gods arriving at the same time..."

Upon hearing this, Jiang Shan's face suddenly turned bloodlessly pale.

At the same time that Jiang Shan was having this conversation with the Union Government, Mr. Fu was also talking to Lin Huang through voice transmission.

"It seems that your combat strength has not improved following your last closed-door cultivation?"

"There is indeed no improvement. This round of closed-door cultivation was mainly for mastering more Rule Bending Powers," Lin Huang nodded and admitted.

"How about the elevation of your abilities? You said before that if a ninth-rank True God really arrived, you could not guarantee that you would win. How about now?" Mr. Fu asked again.

"It shouldn't be a big problem now." Lin Huang smiled.

"How sure are you?" Mr. Fu asked insistently again.

"90%." Lin Huang was entirely confident in himself.

"It's really 90%?!" Fu Xian asked rather uneasily. He was afraid that Lin Huang was deliberately deceiving him to give him peace of mind.

"As long as I don't encounter someone with half a foot across the heavenly god-level threshold, I should be able to handle it." Lin Huang did not hide anything from Mr. Fu.

"That's good!"

Mr. Fu finally felt relieved when he heard these words. He knew his apprentice, and if Lin Huang had said so, then he must have absolute confidence in himself.


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