Monster Paradise
1415 Lin Huang Comes Out Of Closed-Door Cultivation
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1415 Lin Huang Comes Out Of Closed-Door Cultivation

Time in the outside world passed by one day after another, and Lin Huang's time in the Time Cabin was a hundred times faster due to the time flow. With every day that went by in the outside world, he had cultivated in the Time Cabin for 100 days.

Through the acceleration of the Time Cabin, the number of Rule Bending Powers that he had mastered skyrocketed almost every day.

It took him eight days to master 86 new Elemental Enlightenments, then another two days to master 24 new God Rule Powers.

At this point, the total number of Rule Bending Powers that he had mastered soared to 120.

A True God's mastery of Rule Bending Power was divided into four levels: First Glimpse, Adept, Control, and Fullness.

Lin Huang used Epiphany Cards to advance all 120 Rule Bending Powers to Control level, which was also the current limit of an Epiphany Card. To reach Fullness level, Lin Huang estimated that at his current standard, every Rule Bending Power would need at least one additional Epiphany Card. It might even take two or three cards to reach Fullness.

In fact, a complete Rule Bending Power was the foundation for forming a god sequence chain.

However, any True God who managed to comprehend Rule Bending Power at Fullness level was the equivalent of having half a foot over the threshold of heavenly god-level. Among True Gods, this was definitely the penultimate in abilities.

Lin Huang was quite satisfied with his current ability. All 120 Rule Bending Powers were at Fullness level and his comprehensive abilities were already very close to the top-tier True Gods of the great world. Even if he was not as good as a handful of peak-level individuals, he was at least one rung below the highest level.

Although the Crow God Primordium had mastered 108 kinds of Rule Bending Powers, based on his general ability, Lin Huang guessed that most of the 108 Rule Bending Powers mastered by the Crow God were probably at First Glimpse level. Not many of those powers were at Control level.

After ten days of closed-door cultivation in the Time Cabin, Lin Huang's overall ability skyrocketed again, and his previous sense of insecurity was finally reduced.

"It's a pity; if I had another Time Cabin card, it should be possible to advance my Sword Dao to True Self Level." Lin Huang still felt that it was a pity, but he had only five four-star card draw chances left, which were not enough to be exchanged for a Time Cabin card.

As he watched the Time Cabin in front of him gradually disintegrating and transforming into endless fragments before dissipating in the void, Lin Huang shook his head and collected his thoughts.

Right at this moment, his communication ring began to vibrate non-stop.

Since communication signals had been blocked by the Time Cabin, messages from before had been accumulated until now and were currently being sent through.

Lin Huang immediately clicked on the communication page and discovered that three days ago, Mr. Fu, Zhi Ji, and Huang Tianfu had tried to reach him on his number.

The first missed call was from Huang Tianfu around 8 a.m., the second missed call was from Zhi Ji from around close to 9 a.m., and the third was from Mr. Fu. The missed call showed that it had taken place around 12 p.m.

Lin Huang frowned slightly; he guessed that something had happened three days ago.

Seeing that there were still many unread messages in his inbox, he quickly clicked on them to check. 

The first message had been sent by Mr. Fu at 5:15 a.m.

"Apprentice, the seal at the Abyss Brink has just experienced abnormal fluctuations. We suspect it might have been ripped by external forces. I have already notified the Union Government. Please come out of closed-door cultivation as soon as you see this message!"

The second message had been sent by Huang Tianfu at 8:22 a.m.

"Your Majesty, the guardians at the Abyss Brink have already sent news that the seals of three space rifts have been ripped, and the spatial fluctuations from these three space rifts are getting stronger and stronger. I have summoned all the Virtual Gods of Dynasty and a meeting will be held later to discuss preparations."

The third message had been sent by Zhi Ji of Misery at 8:41 a.m.

"Your Majesty, the seal of the Abyss Brink has been broken. I have summoned all the virtual god-level Red Robes in Misery. We await your instructions."

The fourth message had been sent by Mr. Fu at noon.

"Apprentice, I will go to the Abyss Brink to investigate the situation with people from the Union Government. I will inform you and Tianfu of the specifics when the time comes."

The few messages after that had all been sent by Mr. Fu. Each message had attached photos and videos.

Lin Huang immediately clicked on them to check them out; the more he looked at them, the more he frowned.

In the photos sent by Mr. Fu, the number of space rift seals being broken kept increasing.

In the beginning, only the seals of three space rifts had been destroyed. The next day, it became seven, and on the third day, it became twelve...

On the third day, virtual god-level explorers started being teleported over through the space rifts.

Fortunately, the Union Government was well-prepared. Together with Mr. Fu who was a Virtual God rank-9, they immediately formed a battle formation and instantly killed the explorers.

After quickly browsing through the videos and photos sent by Mr. Fu, Lin Huang got up without hesitation and pushed open the door of the Emperor Palace.

Sword101 and Sword102 greeted him immediately at the entrance of the Emperor Palace.

"Both of you, summon all the Sword Servants and hurry to the third level of the Abyss Brink as soon as possible!"

Once he had given his orders, Lin Huang made a sweep with Divine Telekinesis and appeared in Huang Tianfu's office the next second.

"Your Majesty, you've come out of closed-door cultivation?!"

Upon seeing Lin Huang, Huang Tianfu finally breathed a sigh of relief.

"What's the situation now?"

Although he had received front-line news from Mr. Fu every day, Lin Huang still wanted to find out about the situation on Huang Tianfu's side.

"It's not going well. More and more seals have been destroyed, and over the past two days, the great world has begun to teleport over to try and probe." Huang Tianfu's expression was not pleasant and shook his head.

"Yesterday, I asked Sir Baiyu and Tufu to take half the Virtual Gods to the Abyss Brink as backup. There were also seven Sword Servants who went with them."

Lin Huang also noticed that in addition to Sword101 and Sword102 who were guarding his hall, there was also a Sword Servant keeping watch on Lin Xin's roof.

"How about on Misery's side?" Lin Huang asked again.

"They are more or less in the same situation as us. They have also sent half their Virtual Gods," Huang Tianfu explained, "Only yesterday the Union Government publicly announced the news to the cultivation world, and the organizations with Virtual God guardians sent people for reinforcements."

"Good enough; I understand." Lin Huang nodded.

"Lin Xin and Xiao Mo haven't come out at all?" he asked again. Using Divine Telekinesis, he found that they were still in his courtyard.

"No, they have been in closed-door cultivation all this while and have never left the courtyard." Huang Tianfu shook his head.

"I'll take a trip to the Abyss Brink. If I don't give orders for it, there's no need to send additional manpower from Dynasty for the time being," Lin Huang finished speaking, and sent another message to Zhi Ji of Misery, giving injunctions of a similar nature.

After closing the communication page, Lin Huang immediately summoned a dimensional portal and looked up at Huang Tianfu, "You only need to take care of the Dynasty headquarters for now. If there's really a need for reinforcements, I'll notify you."

As soon as he finished speaking, before Huang Tianfu could respond, Lin Huang had stepped into the dimensional portal.

Huang Tianfu opened his mouth to say something but saw that Lin Huang had already entered the dimensional portal. The portal slowly closed; Lin Huang stood on the other side of it and waved at Huang Tianfu with a calm expression as if he were just going for a short trip...


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