Monster Paradise
1414 Continuing Closed-Door Cultivation
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1414 Continuing Closed-Door Cultivation

"Time Cabin?"

"The Time Cabin Item Card is a four-star Limitless Card that can only be activated after you advance to virtual god-level; its lowest rank is also four-stars."

"A Time Cabin will form after the card has been used. This Time Cabin can only be seen and used by the card user. Others will not be able to see or touch it, or even be aware of its existence."

"In a four-star Time Cabin, the slowest adjustable speed of time is one percent that of the outside world, and the fastest is one hundred times that of the outside world. However, the adjustment must be completed within the first three minutes of entering the Time Cabin—once set, it cannot be modified." 

"Each Time Cabin Item Card is valid for 24 hours of use. It will disappear automatically after the valid period is over. However, Item Cards can be compounded one on top of the other and each additional card will increase the valid period by 24 hours."

"The lowest rank is four-stars, so is there a five-star card?" Lin Huang asked quickly, "Is the time flow of a five-star Time Cabin Item Card faster?"

"For a five-star Time Cabin, the slowest adjustable speed of time is one-thousandth that of the outside world and the fastest is one thousand times that of the outside world. All other aspects are identical to a four-star Time Cabin."

Upon hearing this, Lin Huang took a moment to consider.

Since advancing to virtual god-level and activating the four-star card pool, he had not killed many True Gods. He had only accumulated a total of 115 four-star cards. To seal the Demonic Buddhist Holy Son, he had also used up 10 cards specified for the exchange of a Seal Card, leaving him with 105 cards remaining.

In other words, specifying an exchange for a Time Cabin Item Card could only be used ten times at most. Each use was equivalent to one hundred days of cultivation, so ten times would be one thousand days.

"Fortunately, I'm only virtual god-level so I only need to use a three-star Epiphany Card. The four-star cards specified in exchange for the Time Cabin will give me one thousand days of cultivation time, which should be enough."

Once his thoughts had reached this point, he immediately took action and said to Xiao Hei, "I'll specify an exchange for 5 Time Cabin Item Cards first."

"Do you confirm the use of 50 four-star card draw chances for the specified exchange of Item Card "Time Cabin" X5?"

"Yes, I confirm this!"

"Using four-star card draw chance X50, converting …"

"Congratulations to the host, you have obtained the Item Card "Time Cabin" X5!"

Lin Huang immediately took out a Time Cabin card and inspected it.

On the front of the card was a simple wooden cabin floating in the starry sky. It evoked an odd sense of intangibility and the absurd.

Lin Huang turned the card around and checked the information on the back of it.

The description was consistent with what Xiao Hei had mentioned.

However, there was one thing that Xiao Hei had not brought up, which was that the Time Cabin also had a confinement function.

This function would directly raise the speed of time to one hundred times the normal upper limit of the card's time flow. In other words, the confinement function of the four-star Time Cabin could increase the flow of time to 10,000 times that of the outside world.

However, under the confinement function, all living beings would have all their sensory powers blocked except for their sense of time. This meant that they would be aware of the passage of time but nothing else. Even their sense of their own Divine Power, Divine Fire, and various Rules Bending Powers would be blocked. In other words, it was impossible to cultivate under these conditions.

"This confinement function is a method of punishment, right?" Lin Huang could not help asking after reading the card's detailed description.

"The Time Cabin was originally an item created based on penalty. The very first Time Cabins were used to punish the wicked."

"In other words, I can also lock people in and use the card as an item to trap people?" Lin Huang immediately found a new use for this card.

"Yes. But a four-star card can only trap a True God at most, and a card is only valid for one day. Once its period of effectiveness has passed, the Time Cabin will disappear on its own and the other party will be released."

"Uh, that seems rather costly." Lin Huang was rendered somewhat speechless.

Although the other party might feel they had been detained for 10,000 days, in fact, only one day had passed in the outside world.

Using this kind of card to trap the enemy was indeed rather ineffective.

Upon considering that he might not even have enough to use for himself, Lin Huang gave up the idea of using the Time Cabin to trap his enemies.

Lin Huang felt too lazy to continue chatting with Xiao Hei and immediately crushed a Time Cabin card.

The card turned into little points of starlight, which condensed into a simple wooden cabin in front of him, less than two meters away.

The cabin looked similar to the image on the front of the card—extremely simple and crude. From outside, the interior could be estimated to be around only ten square meters, which could fit a bed at most.

However, based on Lin Huang's experience, although it looked dilapidated and small from the exterior, it was not necessarily the same on the inside. After all, many dimensional items looked mediocre externally, but they often contained a great deal in their internally.

Lin Huang did not think too much about it; he pushed the door open and went in.

As soon as he entered, he was immediately taken aback.

A look around revealed that the cabin's interior was also laid out like a simple small cabin, which appeared to be almost exactly what was seen from the exterior.

The entire space was just over an estimated ten square meters and did not even have a bed, let alone a table, chair, or bench. It was just an empty room with a floor and ceiling. Except for a wooden door, the walls had nothing, not even windows.

"This cabin is worse than the room I stayed in when I graduated from college... At least that place had a window and a bed." Lin Huang did not expect that the cabin would be consistent both inside and out.

However, he calmed down quickly. After all, he only had three minutes to set the speed of time in here. If he did not do so within three minutes, the time flow would be the same as the outside world by default, which was equivalent to wasting a Time Cabin card.

"Set the speed of time."

As soon as Lin Huang finished speaking, a translucent dial suddenly appeared in front of him.

"Speed of time."

"Outside World: Time Cabin=1:1."

Lin Huang moved his finger to the number behind and began to swipe up.

The numbers quickly jumped one by one; 1, 2, 3...

Lin Huang dialed to 100 before he was unable to swipe up any further.

Right now, the time ratio on the dial had changed.

"Outside World: Time Cabin=1:100."

After he had finished the adjustments, a translucent dialog box popped up in front of Lin Huang again.

"Lock in the speed of time?"

"Yes." Lin Huang thought for a moment and still decided to say yes.

"Set the current speed of time as the default speed of time?"

"Yes." Lin Huang thought about it for a while and chose yes.

After the time had been set, the dial in front of him quickly disappeared. Lin Huang suddenly discovered that there was a clock on the wall opposite the wooden door; he had no idea when it had appeared.

He was very certain that when he entered just now, there were no decorations on the walls at all, merely four blank white walls.

However, he also quickly noticed that the wall clock was not displaying time—rather, it was counting down.

"The countdown has begun?"

Lin Huang raised his eyebrows and immediately sat down with his legs crossed. He regulated his breathing, calmed down, and then took out an Epiphany Card. After crushing it, Lin Huang closed his eyes and began a new round of Elemental Enlightenment cultivation...


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